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A Dictionarie of the French and English Tongues

Compiled by Randle Cotgrave

Printed by Adam Islip
Anno 1611

Assembled from two scans in the French National Library by Greg Lindahl

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You can download the entire facsimile as one huge .PDF file, 111 megabytes.

Note that there are two more French/English books online from this era: An Introductorie for to Lerne to Read, To Pronounce, and to Speke French Trewly and Dialogues in French and English.


This facsimile was assembled from two facsimiles (one and two) in the French National Library. Two is a much cleaner copy, so missing pages from two were filled with pages from one.

In addition to the numerous proverbs in this dictionary, a couple of entries give an indication of the cultural information contained in this dictionary:

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Nique. faire la nique. To mocke by nodding, or lifting up of the chinne; or more properly, to threaten or defie, by putting the thumbe naile into the mouth, and with a ierke (from th'upper teeth) make it to knacke.

Les maux terminez en ique font au medecin la nique: Prov. Such be Hydropique, Hectique, Paralitique, Apoplectique, Lethargique, &c, because they are hardly, or never, cured.

Search for: Palemaille

Palemaille: f. A game, wherein a round box bowle is with a mallet strucke through a high arch of yron (standing at either end of an alley one) which he that can do at the fewest blowes, or at the number agreed on, winnes.

Search for: Per Per: m. as Pair; A Peere, or Paragon; also, a match, make, fellow, companion; also a paire, at game; also, a game at Cards wherein foure rewes be laid; one for a paire; the second for most of a suit; the third for flush and the fourth for a sequence.

Per ou non per. The game called Euen and odde.

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