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   | The Olympia Times                               times@olympia.rt.com |
   | April 10, 1992                                                  v3n4 |
   |                                                                      |
   | Turn 19  Circulation 99                                 "Send money" |

Turn 20 orders due: Friday, April 17, 1992 Turn 21 orders due: Friday, April 24, 1992 Turn 22 orders due: Friday, March 1, 1992

Orders are due 6:00pm EDT, 22:00 GMT.

Questions, comments, bug reports, to play: olympia@rt.com

Password security -----------------

There have been some indications that players may have been sending in orders for ignored PC's, apparently to steal money, gain illicit votes, etc. I won't be following up on these cases; this is, after all, a playtest.

However, to help prevent such abuses in the future, I will require password security for all orders from now on.

Your faction's password will appear at the beginning of your turn report. You must supply this password with your orders or they will be rejected. If your faction didn't have a password, a random one has been generated for you.

Passwords may be changed with the PASSWORD command.

Remember when submitting orders to include the entity section for your PC first with the password following your faction number:

entity 501 secret # note password here ...orders...

entity 1058 # orders for second unit ...orders...

Note that this is not the "new password each turn" proposal which I posted on the net. Your password won't change from turn to turn unless you issue a PASSWORD order. The only time a password will be generated for you is if you don't already have one.

Guild elections ---------------

Guild elections took place this turn and were highly successful. Guild members received the tabulation of votes for their particular elections.

guild master ----- ------ Warriors Guild [3101] Evor [511] Brotherhood of Night [3105] D'Arc Shadowborn [535] Guild of Magicians [3106] Arhhain [1101] Academy of Engineers [3108] Thorlief Larsen [1199] Beastmasters Guild [3110] The Shadow-Spawned [1137] Traders Guild [3111] Laughing Jack & Company [1132] Performers Union [3113] Dancing Mammoths [1141] Order of the Curators [3125] Potre [1108]

Elections will occur spontaneously if a guildmaster position becomes vacant. Otherwise guild elections will occur at the end of the first month of every new year (month 1, spring, "Fierce winds").

To Post or To Mail ------------------

Consider posting less specific proposals for Olympia to rec.games.pbm. This will give other players an opporunity to comment on and develop vague but promising game suggestions. Thank you to all who have contributed their ideas to this forum, or to me personally through email.

Roving Reporter's Column ========================

Murderer runs riot in Chardia =============================

The obituraries of this last month, read like a slaughterhouse roll-call. Apparently 'The Black Company' [1301] went on a killing rampage, massacring 15 innocent inhabitants of the area.

If there are any left alive in Chardia, quivering in terror deep in the basements or hiding out in the forest, I urge you to join together to drag down this murdering menance before his bloodlust consumes you all !!

If you do not act, his poison will corrupt the very fabric of society. Mad dogs like Zyzak [513] are bearable (just) as they are not usually such depraved killers. But this type of slaughter cannot and must not be condoned ! The surrounding provinces of Habyn, Camaris and West Habyn must all send deputised members to arrest this maniac, grant him a fair and unbaised trial to find the provocation causing this slaughter, and then tear the bastards limb from limb as a warning to all others similiarly inclined !!

And if the guiding force who set the Black company on their slashing spree can be identified, they also should be strung up as a signal to all Olympia that wanton murder is not needed ! Not now ! Not ever ! Anyone who may have information to identify this person or persons, should forward their information or address to the 'Roving Reporter' column of this paper, and our investigative reporter shall see what can be uncovered.

Speak now ! Later you may be DEAD !!

Gertan Dryder, adventurer extraordinaire, wakes up from a good night's sleep and stretches. He proceeds to the dining area of the inn in which he has been staying. Sitting down to a heary breakfast of eggs and bacon, he grabs a copy of the times. He turns to the riddle section. "Hmmm," he says, shoveling some egg into his mouth, "this is a good riddle. I wonder what 'Within a fountain crystal clear' means." He realizes something he has eaten isn't tasting very good. "Hey! This egg isn't fully cooked - look at all this clear goop on it! Take it back!" He dips a piece of bacon into the yolk of another egg and reads on. "A golden apple doth appear. Wow, this riddle is going to be tough!" he stammers as he chomps the bacon coated with runny golden yolk. "Maybe I can get one of these d*mn lines!" He forks another piece of egg and crunches it. "Wait, eggs aren't supposed to be crunchy! What is it with this place! There is shell in my egg! Aaargh! Well, I might as well enjoy the paper while I can. Let's see, 'No doors there are to this stronghold'. Who would be stupid enough to build a stronghold with no doors? I can't believe that this was even printed!" he says with disgust. He accidentally drops the paper in his anger at being unable to solve the riddle. As he bends to pick it up, he hears some noises coming from the top of the table. As he looks, a canine runs off with the rest of his breakfast. "Thief," he yells. "Stop that dog! Oh well. I might as well read the rest of the paper". He sighs and watches the dog hungrily gulp his eggs.

Woe to that most vile of beasts, the murderous Black Company. Ye have spread a mantle of blood upon the land. But the blood of innocence stain not ye hands alone, for it is Dr. Pain [814] who have provided the Company with information on the peaceful population of Chardia. Arggghhhh... wickedness beyond comprehension... Murder most foul... Divine retribution I demand... My breath... My blood... My life...

A grave injustice was done to members of the Magician's Guild and the Academy Engineers. Three apprentice magicians and two apprentice shipwrights were brutally murdered in Chardia. I humbly ask the Magician's Guild and the Academy to sanction all involved in this brutal massacre of innocents, including but not limited to expulsion of and refusal of service and instructions to all who had a hand in this bloody mass murder.

It is common knowledge that the Black Company [1301] was involved. However, they are surely under the commands of others. Furthermore, the efficiency with which this brutallity was carried out indicates that an advance scout must have been in Chardia before this massacre. I ask that the Magician's Guild and the Academy act decisively at once against all of these murderers for both the honor of the dead and the safety of the living.

Those of you who missed the first round of the party in Chardia are hereby invited to the second. Although Chardia was once a place full of poor peons, rumor has it that a rather wealthy fellow has taken up residence in the Castle, with substantial monetary resources but relatively small military might. Those desiring to partake in the monetary resources should remember: lack of haste makes waste. If you want allies, consider asking the 11 players killed in round one.

-- The Center for Disease Control, Black Death Division

Hao wondered the land, a hunted man. "Why? Why am I a hunted man?" He asked himself. "And how am I supposed to think with all this gold jingling in my pocket?" He looked to the sky for a moment; then he began to spend.

Fellow Mages gather round, for our Librarim grows heavy with knowledge. Many of you have been most forthcomming with your hard won secrets, but many more of you are yet silent.

We must band together, within the tomb, I hold twelve of the thirteen enchantments currently known. But I equire more than that. I am interested in how long various of you took to discover the said enchantments, I am interested in how long said enchanments take you to cast, and I'm interested in the length of time you have devoted to your research efforts.

Become part of this great sharing of knowledge, tell me what you know, and I will tell you more in return, and we are both the richer for it. As some of you seem to be tempted by cash, I still offer that substance. If you can beat me to learning the thirteenth spell, then I will pay you a full hundred pieces of gold. For other information, I will pay as follows:

Casting time for a spell at a level 20 gold

Time to learn a spell (at research level x) 5 gold

Time to reach x ability with a spell 10 gold (at research level y)

If I already have the information, then I will still trade you new information for it, but I won't pay gold. This really only applies to casting times (which I *think* are set, rather than learning times which seem pretty random). If it turns out that casting times do vary, then I'll pay full money for them too.

Let us gather together as one.

And let us put our minds together to avenge the death of us brothers in the south, for three of us :

Bastrestric the Archymonaged, Seldon the Avatar, and Bogey

were amongst the dead.

Our guild NEEDS protection, and we NEED a strong leader.

>< M ><

Twelve pears hanging high, Twelve men came riding by Each man took a pear and left elven hanging there.

The Chronicles of Pain Part II

Then came the Dark Prophet to a lush land, a seaport with fine orchards, places of learning and understanding, and a mighty castle. The Dark Prophet stood on a hillside and looked down upon the city and there awoke in his heart a dark desire to crush this place. His eyes burned with inner pain that awoke the twisted passions of his cruel army.

He pointed, and his army poured down upon the peaceful city like a cloud of stinging scorpions.

Many died that day, run down in the streets by the Dark Prophet's horde, or festooned with arrows and run through with swords. The markets were destroyed, the merchants driven from their stalls and into the bay. The Towers of Learning were pillaged, the scholars killed, and the books made into huge bonfires.

Alone amongst the carnage walked the Dark Prophet, his dark robes swirling about him, hiding him from the gaze of the common man. He stalked through the smokes and fires to the mighty gates of the Castle. There he called out the Baron's name, and when the Baron came forth, he struck him down with a dagger that changed to a serpent in the Baron's breast.

Without a glance at the Baron's treasures, the Dark Prophet climbed the Thousand Stair Tower to the Seat of Vision and sat down, looking across the smoking city. For the Dark Prophet had been directed to this place, to this tower above a ruined city. The One Who Waits was coming.

Dr. Pain [814] is an evil tyrant who must be killed! He shamelessly attacked and killed ten players last turn! If you want to put an end to this tyrant before he kills you, join up with me in Pesbrand [667]. Swear your units to me and I will kill this tyrant and rule peacefully in his place.

-- Someone claiming to be Oleg the Loudmouth [810]

Beware, new players seeking revenge against Dr. Pain. There is a traitor in your midst.

Where is the mighty Sheriff now? Hiding from a real evil? I guess it's a lot easier to backstab an innocent, unsuspecting player than to do the job he was elected to do. Find the Sheriff! Kill him now!

A Friend of the Russian People

A pestilent plague has been loosed upon the fair realm of Olympia in the form of Dr Pain and his mad dogs, the Black Company. These fiends in human form have overrun the city of Chardia, looting and slaying as they please. It is only a matter of time before they bring their twisted "crusade" to other parts of the continent, bringing death and destruction to all they meet. Recruit and build your militias now, for later, you may not get the chance.

The Brothers Hecatoncheires

The mage looked up from the heavy tome, "Erik! Dang blast that boy he's gone again. Where does he disappear to? I told him to have my travelling cloak cleaned and pressed and prepared." As he turns to rummage through his closet, he notices a cleaned, pressed cloak gathering dust in his closet. Boy time sure does fly. He dresses, and heads to the common room to break his fast. He smiles cheerfully to the chamber maid as he passes, "Have my things packed and ready for travel when that slug-a-bed Erik wakes. I shall be partaking of the inn's fine fare. Do not bother to wake the poor lad. I'm sure he had a busy night." With a wink and a nod, he continues down the passage and enters the common room. The innkeeper greets him with a smile, "A fine morn to ye milord. What is thy pleasure. I've got some mutton and fresh bread or for a little extra some fresh fine eggs and a bit o'bacon." "The eggs would be divine. Also, have the kitchen prepare me some food that will travel well, mayhap a few of those biscuits with the sausages baked inside, and whatever else you have that will be travel worthy. I plan to depart the moment my things are packed." A week later Erekosse left Pactra at a brisk pace.

Don't have time to worry 'bout riddles. Sounds like an egg to me. Where's my gold? Saragin Bellewood

Time seems to be flying by these days. Hardly a moment to draw breath. Still they have been quite productive even if the riddler has disappointed us all. I mean everybody knows that one about the egg. Robs the gold indeed. We have enough of that around here with the likes of "The Truth" around. Ah well, back to the books...

Blood flowed down the alley and into the sewer. The torn bodies lay strewn everywhere. Why had this happened? Who was the great host that had caused all of this? The only warning had been the thud of cold steel hitting flesh. The first victim stood staring at the sword in his chest like a deer in your headlights (headlights? In a fantasy world?). The rest had been too dumbstruck to move, slashed where they stood. Now, all that remains of this fair city, our Chardia, is a gutted ruin. The once great Guild halls have been desecrated, the market closed. All that remains for visitors are the words scarred into the gates of the once great city: "You who seek to keep your lives, flee here at once."

It was a windy day in Chardia when the young man entered town. Instead of the crowded streets he imagined would greet him, he found a city living in terror. Few would deign to speak with him. The most he could extract out of the normally friendly folk was that he should remain indoors lest he be robbed by the Guard.

Being young, curious, and a but foolish, the young man continued on in search of his goal in the city. As he rounded a corner he spied a group of soldiers surrounding a man in simple armor. The surrounded man was empty handed, and appeared to be arguing with the soldiers' leader. Letting his curiousity override common sense, the young man walked closer to the scene, finally stepping into a doorway to watch. The sergeant of the guard stepped back from the man, and without warning, a soldier standing behind the man went into action. With one smooth move, the soldier drew his sword and plunged it into the unarmed man's back.

Shocked at the sight, the young man watching the scene did not think to pull back into the doorway. As he continued to watch, the soldiers looted the still bleeding body now laying in the street. His senses returning to him, the young man pulled back into the protection offered by the doorway, and waited until the guards were gone.

With the realization that the warning about the guard extended to even those that were not in the criminal element, came the decision to leave Chardia as soon as possible. With this in mind, the young man set off to the market to buy some items for his trip. Chardia was best left to those that had the force to defend themselves.

MAPS MAPS MAPS (Now under new management)

Tired of finding out about routes one province at a time? Wondering just where the heck Aerondor is, and how to get there?

For the price of forming one single man, you can own a complete map of the Old World! Find the fastest route from Port Aurnos to Mt. Norgar! That's 32 provinces, and over 60 different routes! With every purchase, you earn free updates every turn. That's right, buy once, and we'll keep you up-to-date from now until doomsday!

Maps for sale. Complete maps of the Old World, in the arcane language PostScript. Price: 500 gold.

Note: if you don't have an interpreter for the magic language, we can provide you with the route information in textual format. However, because the visual format is so much more informative, we're sure you'll want it.

Contact Sajac Map Company to order.

To people of Drassa : Are you interrested in fine nice ships ? Then contact Bohor [554], or come to see him in the port. He can show you what a good ship his, and we can talk about making one for you. His employees, The proud Sea Workers, are among the most qualified people for the job, as they proved when they were the first team to finish a ship. Oceans, that's the way...

First, hither, then thither, and now yon. My poor aching feet. I never though the Northern provinces could be so distant. If Erekosse sends me out exploring again, he damn well better give me a horse. I'm finally going to see Laughing Jack again, even if it is only in passing. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to have a reunion with my brother Elgoth. It's been over a year since we last met. I think I'll suggest to my lord that I have some time off to pursue my thesbian skills which I picked up in my travels. That roving gypsy band taught me quite a bit of the art, and its proved quite profitable in my travels. What are you thinking, Erik me lad, more than likely milord Erekosse will throw you into a saddle, hopefully, than off again. What a life, well at least he pays reasonably well.

The former Sheriff of Drassa paced the floor of his cave, sipping his morning coffee and reading the mail. "Death in Chardia...revenge... proposition..." He read on; it was a letter inquiring as to his willingness to lead a force in retribution against the evil Dr. Pain, the Dark Prophet who was attempting to single-handedly depopulate the new lands.

"Chardia," he thought. Something stirred within him, a memory of a far-off land, and another time, another life. "Gotta stop reading those Shirley Maclean novels," he thought to himself. Still, the nagging feeling would not go away, and he could hear a voice repeating within his mind. "Kosar," it said. "Kosar the Indefectable, Prince of Chardia."

"Prince of Chardia," he said, rolling the phrase around his tongue, savoring the sound of it. He tried his current title. "Rocko 'The Truth' Zigarelli, Big Boss of Sythnar's Cave, ex-Sheriff of Drassa, and abdicated Protector of Hothras and Pactra." He had to admit, that "Prince of Chardia" business sounded a lot better, as well as being easier to say. "Kosar, Prince of Chardia," he muttered. "Kosar the Indefectible."

This would take some thought.

-- 2181 commands queued for 287 units.