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   | The Olympia Times                               times@olympia.rt.com |
   | April 7, 1992                                                   v3n3 |
   |                                                                      |
   | Turn 18  Circulation 99                              "Booga, booga!" |

Turn 19 orders due: Friday, April 10, 1992 Turn 20 orders due: Friday, April 17, 1992 Turn 21 orders due: Friday, April 24, 1992

Orders are due 6:00pm, EDT. I believe this is 22:00 GMT.

Questions, comments, bug reports, to play: olympia@rt.com

So no one knew what I.K.B. stood for in last week's _Times_??

It seems that almost every new player, and many of the old ones, have written me wondering where the lore sheets are for the skills which they learned last turn. Patience! Lore sheets for skills you know will appear in your turn reports as soon as I write them.

_________________________________________________ / \ | Whew! Although many players would like turns | | faster than once per week, it's a bit fast even | | for myself. Some players have also said that | | a few days isn't enough time to study their | | turn reports and contact other players for | | diplomacy and intrigue. | \_________________________________________________/

I have fixed a number of bugs related to stacking, attitudes, and guild membership.

- Characters with loyalties opposed to the stack leader can no longer "sneak into" a stack by stacking with a friend which belongs to or joins the stack.

- Units at the top of a stand beneath a guild tower may no longer force other members out of the stack with DECLARE.

Because of these changes, some units were forced out of their stacks at the beginning of the turn. Sorry if this caused you any inconvenience.

>>> There were some inconsistencies in the new part of the map. If have corrected these. You may have noticed some links shifting about. Don't be alarmed. <<<

Last turn I made some changes to the movement system. Previously, while a unit was moving it remaining the location it was leaving until the time necessary for travel had past, then it was moved to the new location.

Some have pointed out that interaction shouldn't be allowed with units which have left the province 19 days ago on a 20 day journey. Also, these movement commands could be halted with CANCEL 1, thus bringing the unit immediately back to its starting location.

I have made two changes to correct these problems:

- Units which issue a MOVE order immediately leave the province. They may not be interacted with in the province they have left, and will not see what happens in either province when they are in transit.

- CANCEL 1 will not interrupt movement orders. Units must reach their destination before executing new orders.

Here is a timeline of how movement works:

1: > MOVE 1: Journey will take 20 days. 19: Arrival at destination. 20: > ...next command to be executed...

Note the the TRANSFER and GIVE commands now require that the receiving unit be declared friendly or cooperative toward the unit which issues the command.

The formulas behind PERSUADE and TERRORIZE have been changed this turn. TERRORIZE may also now be used against members of other factions than your own.

New commands: -------------

ASSIST [days]

Assist a unit in a work or construction task. Unit will assist for the specified number of days. If days is zero, the unit will assist until the project which is working at is complete.

The assisting unit and must be in the same stack.

For example, Osswid [501] may wish to build a ship. He would employ the use of his shipbuilding skill to begin construction. Fighters of Pelenth [1058] could stack beneath Osswid and issue:

assist 501 0

to work on the ship until it was completed.


Promote the position of the specified unit within the stack. The unit will be raised so that it is stacked immediately beneath the character issuing PROMOTE.

Characters may only promote units which are stacked beneath them.

Cc: olympia@rt.com

Some players have been copying me on interesting private game-related messages (diplomatic messages, collusions, etc). I appreciate this since I'm not really playing the game myself, and I like to hear about what the players are up to. If you copy me on your game-related mail, I promise not to divulge any of your plans!

[ What kind of fool am I, asking for even *more* email... ]

Guild elections! Guild elections!

Guild elections will be postponed for one more turn to allow last minute campaigning and to give the new players a chance to participate. Remember:


to vote!

To: Those Rabid Sheriff-haters From: Pelenth, Sheriff of Drassa, Protector of Pactra and Hothras Re: Slavering Rabble-rousers

My good Drassans,

Many of you have been running about, screaming that I am a tyrant and a fascist. I am intrigued to know what you would have me do; I have been elected, by the people, to protect Drassa. Yes, I did take it upon myself to protect Pactra and Hothras also. I publicized the laws which held in these lands, and made it quite clear that the only option I had on arrest was to ATTACK a unit, and noted that this would most likely result in a death penalty for anyone who broke the law.

Where were the cries of "Fascist!" and "Tyrant!" when I avenged Murphy's attacks upon Evor and his other victims? Where were the angry mobs when I defeated the orcs or the wolves that threatened these fair lands, and chased Zyzak and his Roughnecks into the wilderness?

Some of you claim that I have no evidence for my arrest of Gorbachev, and that I did not warn him. Piffle. How many of you have trained observers to watch the goings-on in the Protectorate? I do, and I can tell you that one of the things such observers can report is the faction loyalty of a unit. That aside, what proof would you accept from me? I could easily construct a false report of the loyalty switch, and display it for you. It would prove nothing. Those people who say I did not warn Gorbachev are flatly wrong. I warned him repeatedly through private communication to mind his manners; he obviously thought I was bluffing. I was not.

In short, I have done nothing beyond uphold the law, as I was elected to do by the citizens of Drassa. If you feel that I have done a bad job, on balance, then call another election and oust me! But, while I can understand your anger over the Gorabchev incident, why not direct it at the lawbreaker? He was *not* an innocent bystander; he knew the laws, had been warned, and proceeded to break them. Would you have there be a class of citizens that is above the law? I do not run a corrupt administration; if you desire to have a sheriff who lets the rich do as they will, then by all means, find another man for the job. If you wish to have a sheriff who will hold all people within under his protection to the same high standard of behavior, then I have shown myself to be the man for the job.

In the meantime, I will remind you that there is a huge world out there, just waiting for exploration. Beyond the bounds of Pactra and Hothras, you are free to do as you will; within those bounds, I am charged by the citizens of the region to uphold the law and keep the peace. If you can't live within the laws, don't live within my Protectorate.

-- Pelenth, SoD, PoPaH

Here ye, here ye, here ye!

The ship "Wrath of Zeus [2206]" has been spotted docked in the port of Habyn, along with the Ghost of Captain McCook [503]. Good gentles knowing of this mysterious ship and personage are encouraged to contact me, Oleg the Loudmouth [810], so that we may trade information and perhaps consider plans of mutual benefit.

-- Oleg

Roving Reporter's Column ========================

Murder abounds in Olympia =========================

As a believer in peace, understanding and man's humanity to man, I always read the Obituraries, just in case I find mention of a trusted friend or loved one. The deaths reported in last weeks Times were not (fortunately) acquaintances of mine in any way. However, I couldn't help but notice the name of the person who killed them. Zyzak [513] killed both goups in Nallos. This is the SAME Zyzak [513] who was recently offering his services as a freelance assassin for the termination of contracts.

Were these deaths some of his contracts or merely a couple of people or groups who annoyed him ? Is he really the cold-blooded murderer these acts show him to be ? And were the deaths politically inspired ?

There is much happening in Olympia that you, the people of Olympia, should know about. But one thing I do know, Zyzak is obviously a person to keep well clear of, and the sooner such scavengers on the heels of society are put down like the mad-dogs they are, the better for all of us !!

Is this where the Sherrif has gone ? Is he even now closing with this murderous villian, determined to bring him to justice and hang his head on the Portcullis of Drassa as a symbol to all wrongdoers ?

(Probably not, but it was a nice thought !) Beware Zyzak !! The honest citizens of Olympia have your measure !! And justice is in the air !!

Gahh, the riddler had finally pulled one over on Him, it must have been those four units of ethenol :->

For now He resolved to spend the time studing, but what was this, a near empty purse? Oh well, perhaps he would just have to brush up on some spells.

Whats more at last He had the means of penetrating the secret of the amulet, and with that power, none would stand before Him.

Let it be known that Guges the soon-to-be-famous wandering minstrel will soon be beginning his tour of the outlying provinces of Olympia. Reserve your tickets at Olympia Ticketron now.

SHIPS !!! contact Zafol [1154] or gaja@clipper.ens.fr to receive our complete brochure...

Zafol, the man you need.

Bohor, merchant of Drassa, is proud to announce that the magnificent ship L'incroyable, build by his proud workers, has been christened and is ready to explore the seas. Bohor himself has helped to build the plans of this very modern ship. The adventure begins !!

Darn. Just when I thought we were in for a regular supply of good puzzles we get something as easy as this. It's obvious that all they have to do is ride the other persons horse. I mean even the sheriff could figure that one out!!!!!

Ah, a trick riddle, of course I can help the poor sherrif. I poison he and his stupid brother, take their horses and gold, and leave town. Of course, if I were kind, I would but suggest they ride each other's horses. Fortunately, I'm not.



I, Laughing Jack ([1132]), humbly submit myself for your consideration as a candidate for the leadership of our guild. As such I promise to make decisions for the guild in as fair and equitable a manner as I possibly can. Further, I would endeavor to place the interests of the guild ahead of my own when such came into conflict. I feel that my experience for lo these many months as a horse trader aptly qualify me for the post. As guildmaster I will do my utmost to run the guild as efficiently, and profitably, as within my power. Therefore, it is my hope that you will cast your vote for me, Laughing Jack, in the election by issuing the "SET 0 PROXY 1132" command at the ballot box. Even if you do not feel that I am not qualified for this exalted position, I urge you to cast your ballot for one of our worthy brethren, for the right to vote in the guild is both a priviledge and a duty.

Your guild brother, Laughing Jack ([1132])

To those of you not members of the Traders' Guild, I would also express my sincere hope that you participate in the elections for your respective guilds for as I stated above voting in your guild's election is your priviledge and responsibility. Take part in deciding who will run your guild for the upcoming year.

The Chronicles of Pain Part I

In the far reaches of the Empire a prophet arose.

He came out of the wilderness, preaching a dark message of pain and despair. Those who saw him and escaped said his eyes burned with evil fires and that his voice was like a serpent's.

Where he went, villages were consumed by his evil. Brother rose against brother; mothers killed their children; houses and fields lit the night sky as they burned. Where he passed, greasy smoke filled the air and the stench of the dying and dead hung over the countryside like a funeral pall.

But with each village consumed a few men joined his cause. He took the men already broken by life, with twisted souls and little understanding, and turned them to his own purposes. He bound them to his soul with fell magics and armed them from the ruins of the villages he destroyed. These men became a menacing army, worshipping Death and striking without fear and quarter.

They marched under a black standard with no other markings, and the sounds of their drums awoke fear wherever they went.

Seldon the Avatar looked up from his books and said, "The answer to the ridder is simple. Just have the two men exchanged horses and race their heart out."

___________________________________________________________________ /\ \ / \ \ / __\ \ \ \/___________________________________________________________________/ | | | Honorable Adventurers Near and Far, | | | | I, Jack of the Keen Eye, have had the pleasure to acquaint | | myself with the fair regions of Chardia, Habyn, West Habyn, | | and Ociera. | | | | I am particularly eager to learn of the following regions: | | Aethelarn, Bayarth and Camaris, and any other regions in | | their immediate vicinities. For each location description of | | the above regions mailed to quoc@cco.caltech.edu, I will mail | | in return *two* location descriptions among those that I am | | acquainted with of the sender's choice. | | | | For other location descriptions, I will send in return *one* | | location description among those that I am acquainted with | | of the sender's choice. | | | | Again, the location description should contain all information | | known, excepting perhaps the current aligned (i.e. factional) | | population, and the month and year which the information was | | obtained. | | | | Again, please forward all contributions to quoc@cco.caltech.edu | | or send a message to my friend Tersus [826] at the Magician's | | Tower in the lovely port of Chardia. | | | | Regards and Thanks, | | | | Keen Eye Jack | | | | _______________________________________________________________|__ / /\ \ \ /_/ / \ / / \/_________________________________________________________________/

Awakening on another fine and sunny day, I wrap my new found body in a bathrobe and head down to get my morning cup of tea, and read the latest edition of the Olympia Times. Opening to the riddle section, my favorite part, I read the riddle. After reading it and having a chuckle over it's ease, I continued with my morning ritual. This answer was, to put it bluntly, swap horses. Have the Sherrif ride Faldred's horse and visa versa. Therefor if the Sherrif wins the race, Faldred, on the Sherrif's horse will come in second. Thus will the Sherrif's horse cross the finish line second, thus will he win.

The Quick Olympia Crossword ===========================

The editors would like to apologise for the lack of a crossword this week. Pressures of life in another world ensured that time was unavailable. However, as I have had NO entries for the last 2 crosswords, hence no-one attempting to claim the prize for the most answers or complete crossword, I am unsure whether anyone has actually even been looking at it at all..

If people wish the crossword retained, please mail me (rob@ccc.govt.nz). No responses will mean I will no longer collate it. Thanks.

Quick Olympian Crossword Answers (3) ===================================== Across ====== 1) & 3) West Habyn 8) Ash 9) Aerondar 11) Omit 13) Started 16) So 17) Nor 18) Pentara 20) Mail 22) Do 23) Illness 25) Tollus 27) Sea 28) Hue 29) So 31) Antresk

Down ==== 1) Weaponsmith 2) Sardis 4) Asart 5) Nap 6) Chardia 7) And 10) Trot 12) Toil 13) Sip 14) Annalist 15) Trades 19) Rose 21) Isle 23) Is 24) Sack 26) Our 30) Or

"The pathetic whiners!" snarled the angry man, pounding his fist against the cave wall. "Bitch and moan, that's all they do. 'The Sheriff is a tyrant.' Bugger them! For months I've tried to protect them, and keep their lands safe. Did I receive any pay? No! Did I receive any benefit at all? No! I had to chase one friend out of the Protectorate, and attack another after warning him not to break the laws. Hell, if they think I enjoy this job, they can stuff it up their collective arses! I quit!"

He snorted, and turned to talk to his guard. "I don't believe these jokers. Since I first became Sheriff, I've referred to the lands of Hothras, Pactra, and Drassa as my Protectorate. I never claimed an empire, and have no plans to. I almost hope someone takes the time to go in and squash all the little wailing twerps."

Smiling, he turned to the mouth of the cave, to face the new day. "Rocko rides again," he smiled.

Darkness walks the Land, but the sea holds the key to enlightenment. Build your ships well, and take men a'plenty. For the People of the other continent seem quite barbaric, Not at all like the civilized citizenry of Drassa.

Very soon my friends, the temple grounds are being cleared and sanctified. The works gather and the architect has been found. Plans are being drawn and stone is being quarried. All praise the Twilight goddess.

A new Service is available. Would you rather capture those lothsome beasts to bolster your troops, than sacrifice your troops in killing them? Well it is possible to capture rather than kill. But only to those with the knowledge and the Skills. Join the BeastMaster Guild to find the knowledge, or seek out MoonShadow if you would rather Hire a Beast-Master.

Let's see if the riddle masters can solve this one:

Within a fountain crystal clear, A golden apple doth appear, No doors there are to this stronghold, Yet theives break in and steal the gold.

The mage closed the book he had been studying. Finally, I am able to cast it. He looked over his shoulder at the stack of books yet to be read and integrated into his arcane knowledge. He looks evaluates his current abilities. The question before him, "Do I hone my current skills even further, or expand my researches down other avenues?" The mage scratched his bearded chin. Bearded! When did that happen? I must have been in here studying longer than I thought. "Erik! My man! Where are you dang blast it!" "Here, milord." As the servant rushes up to his masters chambers at the Drunken Unicorn Inn in Pactra. "How long have I been up here?" "I know not milord. I have but recently returned to this fair city." "Well, my boy, I'd say it's high time I got out and about again. I haven't worked out at the training grounds in many a moon. How about sparring a few round?" "I must respectfully decline, milord Erekosse. You are quite beyond my limit skills. I would hardly be a worthy opponent." "Well, if such is the case. Mayhap you should attend in the hopes of learning more. Oh no, that's what I forgot." As the mage turned back to his books and began rummaging through the collection. Erik closed the door quietly as he left his masters chambers knowing full well that a trip to the training grounds had completely slipped his master's mind. He went down the steps pausing with a matronly server saying, "I believe milord Erekosse will be taking his meal in his room again this evening..."

-- 1869 commands for 238 units.