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   | April 17, 1992                                                  v3n5 |
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   | Turn 20  95 Players                "The finest in PBM entertainment" |

Turn 21 orders due: Friday, April 24, 1992 Turn 22 orders due: Friday, May 1, 1992 Turn 23 orders due: Friday, May 8, 1992

Orders are due 6:00pm EDT, 22:00 GMT.

Questions, comments, bug reports, to play: olympia@rt.com

Boy, did I screw up. A coding mistake trashed all of the passwords. Sorry, the game picked new ones for everybody, unless you happened to set your password this turn. Please set them again if you have a preference.

The TEACH command is gone. It has been replaced by a skill, Teaching [126]. Use of skill [126] is equivalent to the old teach order. The rate at which units learn is proportional to the teacher's skill in [126].

The name of skill [114] has been changed from "gold mining" to "mining". This skill should be more or less operational.

Osswid the Constructor surveyed the realm through his crystal orb. He noted the avarice among the people, and the violence towards each other that idleness had spawned.

His hands slowly circled the sphere, causing it to shimmer with an eerie blue light.

"Anul ne-thrak, oos vas be thud, dochiel tien-ve'"

In the neglected and unexplored regions of the land, trolls crawled from the mud and began searching for roads to bar. Faeries sprung from the summer blossoms of the forests. Savages with hate for the works of man emerged from their rank caves. And the ancient ships of the Sea Kings landed on a distant shore...

The carnage in Chardia continues. This month, four more were slain, this time by the Cohort Mirhys, obviously another pack of Pain's rabid dogs. If left unchecked, he will bring his message of anarchy and destruction to the whole continent. Woe betide those who ignore the call to arms!

Trying to build up some troop strength in a hurry but don't want to or can't afford to wait around for your units to inch up the combat skill level ladder? Then call us, the Brothers Hecatoncheires, and we'll gladly whip your raw recruits into shape. It's far too expensive for ALL the members of a unit or faction to join the Warriors' Guild for the beneits of faster learning, but for a low, low fee, we'll TEACH your men combat and increase their learning rate by 25%. Archery is also available as an option. Contact moakler@remus.rutgers.edu for details.

-The Brothers Hecatoncheires

First the black compnay, now some sort of other Cohort. Those southlanders are most barbaric.

Still He had had a profitable month, climbing ever higher into the realms of power. Sonn all would acknowledge him as Arch-Mage of Olympia, soon.

Opening His study door He crossed the hall and noticed His name at the top of the list for guild master. But what was this? Some obscure guild regulation stating that ties were won by the reining guild master? Hah, He guessed who instigated *that* rule. What of skill?

Oh well, it left all the more time open for studing of the fine arts of spell craft.

>< M ><

They say six of one and half-dozen of the other but I say six for two and two for nothing and six for free. For all. For free for all.

We are the Merry Pranksters We sing a merry song We're coming to your town soon In not too very long.

We juggle in the markets We prance upon the stage No target shall escape our wit Neither warrior nor mage.

Amoungst the carnage is one named Pain He stands around the ones he has slain. And while he rejoices in his new found fame, He will soon experence his own name.

FOR HIRE: Labor Force [1462]

Do you need that extra wing on your castle, but haven't had the time to do it? How about the peeling paint on your ceilings? Do you need extra help to get that pesky boat finished and delivered to your customer?


We will work for cheap! Just tell us where to go and we will show up ready for work. Order us around. Do what you like. NOTE: We charge a LOT of money for killing or maiming us, so just hire us to do work and we will get along fine.

"Hmmmm," wonders Gertan as he searches the riddle section again. "I wonder if they will enjoy sharing that pear they somehow all grabbed at once".

When rulers die...

When the frail shall writhe in pain...

That time is nigh...

When Chaos shall rise again...

Answer to the last riddle: "Eachman" was the man's name.

The Riddlecorner! =================

One of the very few mathematical ones, this time:

A dwarven king has a mine in wich work 100 slaves. They melt goldbars for the dwarven king, but there is one bad guy amongst them (right!, our (ex?)-sherrif). This bad guy also melts goldbars, but from every bar he makes, he keeps 1/100 of the weight for himself. Such a small difference can not be noticed from the outside, but lickily, the king has a pair of elven scales. They weigh precise to 1/100 of the weight of a gold bar (coincidence?). THE CATCH:(ofcourse) you can only weigh once with this magical device! Hint: You can weigh any ridiculous amount of goldbars you desire to weigh!

How must the king find the traitor, so that he can decapitate him?

The answer in the next edition of the glorious, free ditributed OLYMPIA TIMES!

=>The riddler

Pesbrand in the cold morn you stand by the sea overcasting clouds clinging to the sky the sun has no sight upon the swirling waves the wind stings your eye silvered with mist whipping sails the ship rocks against its bonds silver lightning strikes within its wooden work

it smells the smoke on the wind

(as was sung by the bard Sahn Dree)

Fellow Mages gather round, for our Librarim grows heavy with knowledge. Many of you have been most forthcomming with your hard won secrets, but many of you are silent. Though you may not be members of the guild, still am I willing to deal with you, and you in turn could learn much from me.

I have knowledge of all the spells of olympia, but I seek to know more of the workings behind them, particually with respect to the learning of them.

One aspect people have been less than forthcomming about is the casting times for spells. How many people have got spells to level 1 or higher? How many of you have tried to cast them? People have also been less than entheusastic about telling me how long they took studing to get to certain levels of magic research. Come on folks, out with it!

Become part of this great sharing of knowledge, tell me what you know, and I will tell you more in return, and we are both the richer for it. As some of you seem to be tempted by cash, I offer yet more of that substance. For information, I will pay as follows:

Casting time for a spell at a level 30 gold

Time to learn a spell (at research level x) 10 gold

Time to reach x ability with a spell 15 gold (at research level y)

If I alredy have the information, then I will still trade you new information for it, but I won't pay gold.

>< M ><

Roving Reporter's Column ========================

Sherriff's abdication leaves Drassa Lost ! ==========================================

Now that Sherriff Pelenth of Drassa has fled the land and handed power to his deputy, I belive that the time has come for a full election of all those in Drassa to appoint the Sherriff they wish to lead and protect them in the coming turmoil.

As we have all seen, the murder and chaos of other lands is still continuing. Zyzak [513] continues his murderous rampage, slaughtering innocent travellers for fun or money. The carnage in Chardia continues with Cohort Mirhys [1319] and Dr Pain [814] massacring travellers, citizens and bystanders indiscriminately.

If this death and murder were to spread beyond these more distant realms, the citizens of Drassa and it's surrounding protectorate would be seriously at risk unless they have a Sherriff that ALL have faith in, and are willing to support. i.e. a Sherriff elected by the popular vote !! All current citizens of Drassa MUST be allowed to vote fairly for their candidates. And let the democratic process have it's way ! Just because some wally known a 'Rocko' hands power to a random person does not reflect any form of democracy and is no basis for government !!

Nominate your candidates NOW ! (And maybe this will also silence the Drassian Liberation Organisation who seem to be so vocal in the area.)

Your ship in 2 months... yes ! it IS possible ! Contact Zafol NOW !

THE BLACK CASTLE NEWS "All the news we're permitted to publish."


(Chardia) -- The Dark Prophet himself attended opening ceremonies this month at the Magicians' and Engineers' Guilds in Chardia. The Guilds, which had been temporarily shut down following the unfortunate slaughter of their entire staffs, have been re-opened this month with new local Deans.

Bastrestric the Archymonaged [801] is the new local Dean of the Magicians' Guild. Bastrestric is a well-known master of the Dark Arts, and proved his suitability for the Guildmaster post by returning from the dead to claim the position. Bastrestric's first action after being installed as Dean by the Dark Prophet was to announce the forming of a protective guard unit that will reside in the Magicians' Tower. The lack of such a guard unit has resulted in a number of deaths, the most recent occuring when the barbarian Cohort Mirhys [1319] rode through, slaughtering four.

In the same ceremony, Dave Smith [1494] was promoted to Dean of the Shipwrights' Academy. Although new to the area, Dave Smith was deemed most qualified amongst all the candidates interviewed by the Academy's Board of Regents. Echoing Bastrestric's remarks, Dave Smith has also vowed to form a guard unit to protect the Shipwrights' Academy. Standing on the still-bloodstained steps of the Academy, Dave Smith also vowed to advance the art of shipbuilding ``beyond what they know in hamlets like Drassa''.

Local admission fees to both Guilds were set at 500 gold, to be paid to the Dean of each school. Fees will be used to fund guard units, research, and will pay for a safe-conduct from the Dark Prophet's forces. ``Yes, the fees are high,'' commented Bastrestric at a press conference following the opening ceremony. ``But you get quite a lot for your money. Protection from random violence, and safe-conduct to live and shop in Chardia, one of the nicest of the New Land seaports. And of course, special rates are available to vassals of the Dark Prophet.'' Asked about the possibility of students refusing to pay the local tuition, Dave Smith said ``Our policies on these matters are quite strict. I'd rather not dwell on them beyond saying that they involve retribution against the student and three generations of his kin.''

Direct inquiries to srt@aerospace.aero.org, cedman@golem.ps.uci.edu.


(Chardia) -- A barbarian group named Cohort Mirhys [1319] and numbering seven people arrived in Chardia and stopped briefly at the market before advancing on the Magicians' Tower and slaughtering four students who had arrived early for the Fall term. Spirited defense by the students resulted in the death of one of Cohort Mirhys's number, leading war experts to speculate that Cohort Mirhys was relatively untrained.

Cohort Mirhys left town on the 30th, apparently headed towards Camaris. The Black Castle made no official announcement concerning the killings, but as one of the four students killed (Mandrake [830]) was known to be under the protection of the Dark Prophet, it is assumed that the usual policies of retribution will be in effect.

Laughing Jack put the quill down as he set down the last needed copy of the guild report. He walked down the steps to take a leisurely breakfast in the common room before proceeding to the messengers' guild to dispatch the reports to the members of the guild. Just one of burdens of guildmastership as he sighed contentedly over his large breakfast. After consuming a healthy portion of the fare, he strode to the messengers' guild. The clerk looked quite annoyed at the prospect of having to deliver so many items to so many diverse locations; however, his disposition improved immediately as Laughing Jack shook his coin pouch. After completing the transaction, he began to leave, but rethought this action turning to the clerk. "My good man, let it be known throughout your land that submission of classified advertisements are being accepted for the monthly traders' guild journal. No fee is being charged for such inclusion; however, such submission should be about fifty words maximum describing the relevant items or services provided and the rate for such. Advertisement proved to be false or misleading will be viewed in the most harsh light." With this task complete, he gathered his belongings at the Royal Lion Inn and set off down the road to Rimmon.

Dang blast the man, can't he remember anything. It was great seeing him again and all, but I'm beginning to remember why I had such problems with coping with him. I often wonder how Laughing Jack, for a man so devoted to detail, can be so forgetful of the little things. Look there at the desk in his room at the inn, he's gone off without bothering to collect his quill and ink. Oh well, so much for seeing Pactra in the near future; I'll just have to pick these up and follow along behind him to Rimmon. Well, he won't be able to say Erik the Explorer has never done him a good turn. I certainly hope that pedantic patron of mine doesn't change his directions to me yet again. I guess tracking after LJ is a good move in that light. It might give Erekosse pause in finding me to send me off and yet another long voyage. I hear he's been muttering about sending me off to Kircarth-ooh my feet just ache thinking about it.


I, Erekosse, will be recruiting a band of entertainers to travel and perform. I do not discriminate based on race, creed, religion, or sex. All are welcome to apply. The only necessary requirements are a keen mind, a quick body, and a good sense for gauging audience reaction. Applicant should be free of dependents since a good deal of travel will be involved as part of the job. Interested party should contact Erekosse during the second week of the month at the recruiting tent to the Company of the Amber Griffin. During the third week interviews will be held by my delegated officer.


Gee, I'm honored that I seem to be so popular that people put fake articles in the Times allegedly from me. For those of you who care, not that it's really important, that article last month from the critter "Someone claiming to be Oleg the Loudmouth" was not written by me. I do have a big mouth, but it is my own and I charge a high price to rent it out. If you ever have a question about something I've allegedly said, you know how to contact me directly.

-- Someone who actually is Oleg the Loudmouth [810]

The Chronicles of Pain Part III

As the summer passed, the conquered city of Chardia came back to life. The merchants washed the blood from the cobbles of the marketplace, those who had hidden in basements and attics came fearfully back into the sunlight, and the doors of the Guilds, scarred by the fires that had raged about them during the Spring Madness, opened again.

The One Who Waits had brought a new ruler to this conquered city. He was a slight, bent man with one eye larger than the other, and the bland face and voice of a child. He was called Despair, and he ruled from the Castle on the hill, sitting in the gloomy half-dark of the throne room and rarely speaking to any but the commanders of his personal guard, who were called the Red Company.

Malcontents who defied the power of the Dark Prophet were quickly crushed by the Red Company, but merchants and students were not harassed, and Despair and his men were rarely seen on the streets. In the City, the dark mood of the Spring slowly lifted.

In the taverns they said that it amused the One Who Waits for Despair to rule a city where Hope was born again, and they wondered where the Dark Prophet had gone, and when he would return.

Attention all in Caburh!

As many already know, I have set up a defensive league in Caburh in response to Dr. Pain and his minions. Everyone is welcome to join me [stack 1380]. I do not promise anything except that I will not attack or move without giving everone a chance to leave. Remember, there is strength in numbers!

Greenbeard the Dwarf [1380]

ps I am also actively recruiting men interested in attacking Pain directly. Feel free to get in touch with me if you are willing or planning to attack.

Er,...well, so it seems my ardent plea has gone so far unheard of. O.k... Let's change it a little bit...:


When the wolves' herd plagued our rich countryside , I warned you : the True Lord, He-whose-mere-name-should-send-shivers-down-your-unbeliever's- spine-were-you-not-so-blind-to-the-the-plight-you-deserved-due-to-your-lavish- selfish-definitely-unfaithful-way-of-life (well from now on let's call him The Lord, O.k ? ), well the Lord should not be denied... My call has been ignored. My words fell like helpless raindrops in the endless Wells of your self-induced Oblivion.

Now I have returned . And I will preach tonight in our proud city so that we may praise together He-who-...er , The Lord. First my brave Altar Boys (tm) will perform for you, chanting the Glory of Our Lord will all the grace and self-abandon of those marvellous gospel songs we all cherish.

Then I will preach...(and maybe enact some miracle if my schedule is not too tight). Then I will collect your various gifts and offerings ( scarce as they may be ; nothing will be refused...).

Then I will depart...But I shall came again soon to rejoice with you in the various prayers and blessings (not to mention offerings...) we owe Him...

Derek Holyblast [530] the Wise

Chardia, poor Chardia! Once a fair city, now a befouled ruin. The castle guard corrupted, turning a blind eye to every form of corruption. Now everyone with a sword assaults the citizenry and rapes the guilds. Where is the vaunted master of the Magicians' guild? Is he unwilling or unable to defend his own? We, the people of the new land, demand justice from the Magicians guild. Protect your own, or get someone in power who can! Retaliation or revote! Restitution or recall! The new world cannot sustain more bloodshed.

As the sun rose this morning I knew this would be a special day; my first day in my new lands. New people to meet, regions to explore, roads to travel...

Imagine my dismay at reading a copy of the Times and seeing the reports of "The Black Company" going throughout the land and KILLING newcomers! Gladly, I noted that they were more than two months away from me, but that distance was not enough to quell all of my fears. I realized that for all my wonderment at the land and it's inhabitants, that violence would always be present, and pro- tection would require more that a good shield. Sometimes the best defense is an arrow at the ready, or a stiletto in the dark...

Aaron Middleson wishes to great the Heros and Heroines of the land of Olympia. I hope to meet you all later on a more personal scale, but for now "Greetings!"

On a more specific note, I am interested in finding a tutor and mentor. I am an aspiring bard/merchant. As such, I am hoping to find someone willing to teach me either skill (or others perhaps) for a price.I am presently in Pesbrand, and would perhaps need directions to wherever you might be. Respond to my thought channel (bonar@math.rutgers.edu), I'll be listening. :-)

A new life, a fresh start To hope, to learn, to explore To talk to and meet new people and old friends in new garb. Most of all to dream (and scheme).

-- 2159 commands for 333 units