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   | December 31, 1991                                               v1n7 |
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   | Turn 7  Circulation 60                                      "Wousy!" |
                       Orders due:  January 10, 1992

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Wow, no core dumps this run. I must not have coded enough over the holidays.

Happy New Year -- 1992 !!


- Comments are now allowed in orders. A comment extends from a # to the end of the line:

# Orders for Foobar entity 501 move 1032 # Head into the mountains

- Some changes have been made to combat. In general, the results of last turn's battles would have been the same, although the attackers in each case would have suffered more damage with the new system.

- Study begin costs are gone.

I haven't quite decided what I'm trying to do with the study system yet. I'm thinking of only allowing characters to study a subject if the location teaches it. I'd also like to have stackable region features offer subjects for study, so as to have Magician's guilds, the Academy of Engineers, etc.

Election Results: -----------------

Voter turnout in Drassa was weak, probably due to limited campaigning by the would-be Sheriff Rocko, and the poor timing of his campaign during the Winter Festival. No doubt the lack of an opposing candidate also caused apathy among the voters.

In any case, while few voted for Rocko, none voted against him. Thus the first freely elected official of Drassa is Rocko! Congratulations.

Whether this office is merely a title or actually carries some significance remains to be seen.

Letters to the editor:

Dear Sir:

Last issue of the times, Mr. D'Arc Shadowborn issued a statement to the effect that he desires the head of my good self, for the alleged slander of himself and Mr. Zigarilli. I would reply with, "Dear sir, if you have a problem with my saying that you are evil, then you just may have something to hide. If I am incorrect in accusing you of evil-doing, then so be it, but you should not threaten me if you intend to remain the quiet, law abiding citizen you portray." My accusations against Mr. Zigarilli seem to have been unfounded, however, for which I apologize to Mr. Zigarilli in this public forum. His decorum in dealing with the wolves in Drassa has been noted here in Pactra by many a citizen.

Alan Mooresson

#### Danger in Pactra! ####

Greetings to all in this world of Olympia! As I stand here in Dorenth, I receive word from the Synthesists in Pactra of a band of 53 orcs maurading in that fine city. Perhaps there is some way of convincing those involved in the removal of the wolves in Drassa to head to Pactra to see these marauding beasts to the hell they belong in. Unfortunately, my finances are tied up, or I would offer them as a base to finance the expedition to do this task, but I offer my small talent as an organizer to start the ball rolling. Please reply to any member of my faction or, preferable, email me at hobbes@hpb.cis.pitt.edu. Thank you. Gabriel Synthon

He smiled to himself. Soon the chaos gate would be opened and his master would be free again. Soon, very soon...

The crowd gathered to look on in awe at Rocko and D'arc. The pack of wolves - a menace for so long, had finally been destroyed. As one the people began to shout "Rocko for Sherrif". But what of D'arc? What are his motives they wondered. "D'arc for mayor " someone shouted. Soon everyone was shouting "D'arc for mayor, Rocko for Sherrif "

Phoenix came into the room. Elanor and Irianna quickly became silent. He watched the way they moved, admiring how their movements had changed from those of two akward young women, to those of two finely honed dangerous warriors. The time had come to send them out into the world. "The time is at hand, ladies," he said in his soft voice. "Irianna, buy a boat and head upriver to Pactra. Elanor, head for Hothras. Be careful, both of you. Once you get to your destinations, look around, and send me word of all you find. Now go." They left quickly to do his bidding. Phoenix then went to find his men. No common louts these two, but large powerful men, with quick, sharp swords. "Go seek more to join you, and ensure they are as yourselves. I will not have fools working for me." They left quickly. Having sent his minions about their business, Phoenix went into his private chambers. Once there, he sealed all the entrances, making sure none could enter, or leave. Carefully, he unlocked the metal container on his desk, and cautiously lifted out the tome which lay within. "That fool Rocko hopes to enlist my aid to combat the wolves. He merely concerns himself with this small town. Once I obtain the dark arts once more, then no man's help shall I need. Osswid, beware, for the Phoenix will once more arise from the flames!" He carefully opened the book, and set to work.....

From a concerned citizen:

The Idea of having a MURDERER as our town sheriff discusts me. Sure, he got rid of the wolves at Drassa, but what about the orcs at Patra; What about them, hmmm? We've heard LOT's of talk about Drassa's wolves, but nobody's even mentioned Patra. And how is our good sherrif going to deal with violence when he has less than two men. And once he finally get's the power to deal with crime, how do we know he isn't going to use it against us. (Like Cap. McCook) DOWN WITH ROCCO THE MURDERER

Hire your own Mercenary company! For only 5 gold per day(30 hazzzard pay, special deals available for long periods of hire)the sunhawks will stack with you, helping your attacks and defending you from wandering bands of monsters, not to meantion other players.

Don't build your own, hire the Sunhawks! All offers accepted, no job to big(though large groups of monsters could take some time) no job to small. If interested, contact Conundrum

Dearest Mumsie,

So sorry for not writing more often, my studies have been particularly arduous these last few months. It would seem that that ruffian Rocko is good for something after all. He finally got rid of those wolves. My bodyguards seem especially enamored of him. I suspect he is giving them money to help support his political schemes. I have cautioned them about such endeavors, but you know how the commoners can get so caught up in such things. How are the grapes coming in? I wish I could be there to taste the first vintages. Say hello to Petronius for me.

Your Loving Son,


Comrades! I must warn you most urgently about this false notion you are in possession of! This great land must have its law-keepers, but a sheriff must be chosen on the basis of merit, not in the heat of a populist movement! Free elections are dangerous! The quality of your leadership may be corrupted by popular support. I suggest we form a committee to look into the matter.

President Mikhail S. Gorbachev (Ret.)

How could this happen? These so called wolves manage to destroy one of the Seven. Ha, well it was only the newest member who suffered that fate, but still, it was a weakening of his power, and as such could not be allowed.

And to add to the insult, the amulet would not be turned over to him. Outragous.

Still, his studies were progressing well, and that teleport spell, well, that may just come in handy. Quickly he summoned the leader of the Seven, and had the swords and shields used in the battle brought to him. soon, Soon, SOON.

Outside, the Seven were back at the road works, looking out the window the mage noticed that there were once more seven of them...

To my Lord, 'Tis been a terrible month for us. We attempted to carry out your instructions; however, due to dramatic market fluctuation, we were unable to act as per your commands (I had me bucko help with that line: it sounds quite good if I do say so meself which I does). I do appologize greatly for the slip up. Well youse knows how bad your servant does read. There be only one letter differ'n betwixt what you wanted and what we got. You know rug has er... three letters, and boat has, hmm let me see, four letters; don't yah know. Learnin' is not my strong suit so maybe we'll put on a show in a month or so; so youse'll see me real talent. Youse's humble servant, LJ

(PS I am quite dismayed and ashamed of our actions this past month. We will endeavor to do better in the future, and I'll be sure to read your missives over Laughing Jack's shoulder just to be sure. Your servant - Juliano.)

The Battle of the Wolves

Rocko looked about him. Early morning mists drifted off the River Asart and scudded across the ground. His horse, Pokey, danced beneath him, eager for battle. "Calm, boy, there'll be plenty of time for that," he reassured, patting his mount's neck affectionately. For the hundredth time that day, he checked the list of troops and their dispositions.

He looked to his left, where the 7 stood calmly, their faces devoid of emotion. One of them idly dressed his longsword with a whetstone. Beyond them were Zyzak's Roughnecks, a motley collection of thugs and ruffians. 'Still,' thought Rocko, 'I can use their large number to my advantage, and they do have some training in combat.'

"Stay here," he told his guard, "I go to check the other troops. Westley, you'd better get back into town. Your value to me lies not in the area of combat." Westley nodded and struck off towards Drassa. Rocko turned his mount and proceeded down the line of troops.

"That's good lads," he complimented the Schuchrak killers. They had immediately volunteered for the oncoming attack, even before Rocko had offered payment. They cheered as he rode on to meet Prenola's People, who had just arrived from Drassa. "What's this?" he asked. "I received no message from Prenola to expect you."

"He sent us out at the last moment," one of them dissembled. "Do you have weapons and armor for us, and some money?" In the back someone snickered, and Rocko barely caught a whispered message, "...great fool...money...Prenola...surprised." Rocko peered quizzically at him, then handed down a purse filled with gold. 'Men are men,' he told himself silently, 'and we need all the help we can get.' He pointed the band over to where Blimph the trader had a stack of swords and shields.

Next he greeted Faldred and his Raiders of the East. "Hail, friend," Rocko saluted, "It is most kind of thee to lead thy own troops."

"I'll not send them where I won't go myself." said Faldred. He was a man of few words, and his stern demeanor and bravery had quickly earned Rocko's respect. The Valheru and the Synthetics rounded out his small army.

He looked across the field where the pack of wolves roamed. Neither they nor their human opponents had any idea what was in store for them this day. He sighed, then turned back to his army. "Roughnecks, you hold the center of the battle. Faldred, you and your mounted troops flank on the west; take the 7 with you for ground support. Killers, Valheru, and Synthetics take the east flank. I'll lead up the middle with my guard. Wait for my signal, and may Atnerks, the god of Olympia, bless us."

He waited for a few minutes, until the units were in position. He gauged the wind; it was light, allowing the use of archery. The lone crossbowmen stood out beside Rocko, and as the leader raised his sword, the archer let fly. With a throaty yell, the human army rushed forward.

It was all over rather quickly. The superior combat ability of Faldred and his Raiders, equalled only by that of Rocko's guard, threw the wolves into turmoil. The overwhelming numerical superiorty of the men proved the difference, and Rocko's military leadership minimized the human death. When it was all finished, one of the 7 had died, the lone human casualty; all the wolves lay dead.

Rocko collected the available booty, and they all headed back in to Drassa to share the wealth and get drunk.

Dominic the Sly traipsed wearily along. He'd been logging miles since the first day his master had recruited him, and he was ready for a break. With his sharp eyes, he spotted a nearby cave, and started to make for the shelter. As he was approaching, he heard loud slithering sounds, and a huge serpent unwound itself from the mouth of the cave and glared at him balefully.

"Nice snake. Good boy!" he encouraged it, as he slowly backed away. When he was out of range, he paused to relax his nerves, then reshouldered his pack and took to the road again. It was off for the coast, and he'd be glad to see the ocean again.

Rocko returned to his campaign headquarters, and dutifully began to parcel out the rewards to the men who had participated. He separated the gold he had collected into several piles, carefully counting each. Westley re-counted everything just to make sure, since Rocko was widely known for his inability to do simple mathematics.

"Faldred, my good man!" he cried, as that worthy strode through the door, leaving the Raiders of the East waiting impatiently outside. "Here's your portion. 25 shares, at, uh, 18.75 sheckels a man-level, equals...hmm...sign-extend and divide by two..."

"469 gold, rounding up," injected Westley crisply.

"Yes, I was just going to say that," said Rocko, as he shot Westley a withering glance. "You know, right hand men *are* replacable," he commented dryly, as he tossed a bag of gold to Faldred.

Wordlessly, Faldred saluted and left, shaking his head. A few moments later, there was a general cry in the street. "Murder most foul!" someone screamed. "We demand justice!" cried another. Rocko ducked under his desk, afraid to face the angry mob. "Jeez, I kill the wolves, and they're still after me!" he whimpered. "Westley, send them away, will you? Tell them I've come down with a severe case of hypochondria and won't be well for at least a month."

As Westley strode to open the door, the howling mob burst in. "You must stop the killing!" they cried, "This has gone too far."

Rocko peeped out over the edge of his desk. "You don't like it that I killed the wolves?" he asked, perplexed.

"There he is!" cried a townsman. "Rocko, there's a murderer loose out there! A fellow by the name of Murphy went on a killing spree, and then left town. You've got to go get him."

"Me?" replied Rocko weakly. The man nodded, and Rocko continued, "Let me get this straight. You're not here to yell at me about some killing I've been doing, but instead some killing this other bloke, Fermi, has been doing?"

"Murphy," corrected Westley, cleaning his nails in boredom. "Cut three people down in the street while you were off playing tag with the lupines. I had a great view of it, but since he had 10 men with him, I didn't see any point in getting involved."

"If you would be sheriff, then catch this Murphy." cried the townsman. "You have shown some small worth to us by ridding us of the wolves, but prove your true value and hunt down this miscreant." He thumped Rocko's desk for emphasis.

"I'll do it!" Rocko screamed, nursing his hand that the townsman had inadvertently pounded. "I will assemble my forces and we shall go hunt down this Murphy."

The crowd cheered wildly and then dispersed, leaving Rocko alone to balance accounts with the other wolf hunters.

-- 504 commands were submitted for 92 units.