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   | January 13, 1992                                                v2n1 |
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   | Turn 8  Circulation 60                         "BLISS is ignorance." |
                   Orders due:  Sunday, January 19, 1992

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o Study begin costs are back, but they are charged per-unit, instead of per-man.

Thus, the costs to a learn combat for a 10 man unit will be the begin cost (50 gold), plus 10 times the daily cost (10 times 2 gold per day = 20 gold per day).

o Skill dilution when recruiting, impressing or transfering men is now more lenient. Previously, dilution was based on the simple average of the skill levels. A level 6 combat unit with one man which recruited one more man would be reduced to level 3. This imposed a harsh penalty on highly trained units which acquired more men, since progressively longer study times are necessary to achieve high skill levels.

The new formula takes this into account when merging men into units. The level 6 unit above would only fall to level 4 with the addition of one recruit. Although some small amount of skill points may be lost to "friction" (integer round-off), effort spent on study will be mostly conserved across recruit, impress and transfer.

o The MESSAGE order no longer has a 25 gold charge.

o I've changed the WAIT command back to its original usage. The WAITFOR command is gone. There is also a new wait option, "stack", which will wait until two entities are stacked together.


Wait for a particular event to occur or for an amount of time to pass. Characters will execute their set IDLE command, if any, while waiting. When waiting is complete, the idle command will be interrupted, and normal order processing will resume.

wait TIME Wait for the specified number of days to elapse.

wait LOC Wait until arrival at the indicated location.

wait CHAR Wait until the specified character arrives.

wait STACK Wait until the unit issuing the wait order and the specified entity are in the same stack.

o SWEAR (0 days)

Give a unit to another faction. The unit issuing the SWEAR order will be owned and controlled by the indicated faction.

o TRANSFER [have-left] (1 day)

Transfer men from one unit to another. At most, all but one man may be transfered from a unit.

If the specified number of men is zero, all of the available men in the unit except one will be transfered. If the have-left parameter is specified, at least that many men will remain in the original unit.

The skills, health and loyalty of transfered men will be averaged into the new unit. Transfering a highly skilled fighter into a unit with a highly skilled magician will result in a unit with two members, each moderately skilled in both magic and combat.

o GET, GIVE and PAY all now will interpret zero quantity as meaning "all". So PAY 501 0 means pay all of your gold to [501]. Also, each of these commands now has a [have-left] parameter, so you can guarantee that some items will be left over. Example:

PAY 501 0 100 # pay all gold but 100 to [501]

o The "number of men" argument to RECRUIT and IMPRESS is now optional. If not specified, they will attempt to obtain as many followers as funds and the local population will allow.

Last Month a cry was heard for D'Arc Shadowborn to offer his services to Drassa as Mayor. When D'Arc was found to ask his opinion on this subject, he immediately left town. The comment was heard that D'Arc had gone to Pactra to meet the bodiless voice of his accusser Alan Mooresson. He said that the format of the News article and the mention of Pactra, left little doubt as to who was behind the liable. When asked by the New Sheriff Rocko, if his trip to Pactra would involve blooodshed, D'Arc was heard to say that his mission was only to put a ghost to rest. Free thought and speech should be allowed, but when fear causes a man to hide his words behind false names, he must be shown that truth has no meaning when spoken by a phantom. D'Arc will return to Drassa to answer the election for Mayor, but it is generally understood that he is likely to decline the position because of his duties to his goddess.

Availiable for any mass battles for a share of the loot: Merliniums riders. This small (12 man) band comes fully equipped with armour and weapons. They require twelve shares of any loot that may be gained. Recompences for losses are also expected, but this is negotiable.

Such battles as the one facing the orcs they are very interested in.

Write to bill@comp.vuw.ac.nz if you want their services.

>< M ><

After a long week of research He was getting angry, nothing, nothing. A wasted week, what could have gone wrong? With a snarl The Mage went for another walk along the docks, barely avoiding a small crowd that was trying to either lynch Rocko or declare him a local hero, Oh thats right, that stupid election, oh well, let the lesser mortals have their fun.

Returning to His home He noticed that the workers repairing the road seemed to have grown in number. Oh well, let the lesser imortals have their fun too...

Motioning out the window for the Seven (or should that be 12) to keep the noise down, once more He settled into His studies, refining His craft still further. One day, One day....

Comrades! Good citizens of Drassa! Are you tired of being manipulated by capitalist bourgeoise factions? Join the glorious revolution! Become a member of the worker's elite union! Become a SLAV! All new members receive a bonus of 50 gold JUST FOR JOINING! You can't lose! The hours are short! The pay is good! The work is rewarding! And remember, you be taken advantage of by greedy unfeeling Olympian expansionists!

Comrades! Fellow capitalist players! Are you tired of being despised and ignored by lazy, disgruntled Drassan laborers? Are you fed up with recruiting an army, only to end up with two men? Recruit no more! The Perestroikan Trade Association is pleased to present its newest service: SLAV TRADING. We will deliver, ON DEMAND, healthy young loyal workers for a low, low fee of only 150 gold per worker. This is quite reasonable considering the cost of training and equipping this worker can run you as much as 250 gold, and the cost of a horse can run almost SIX TIMES as much! Direct hiring saves you time and money. "Recruit"ing takes 7 days, is unreliable, and ties up your money in a stagnant place. Our men are delivered to you THE SAME DAY, and you know exactly how many men you're receiving, and how much money it will cost you, so that you can free up that excess capital and invest it in some REAL money-making pursuits. Never be understaffed again! Reserve you workers now! Just visit the Perestroika booth at the Drassa Bazaar, and fill out form number vmahc@cunyvm.cuny.edu. Be sure to specify the quantity of men you are ordering, and the group to whom the slavs should be delivered. Your order will be responded to promptly, but hurry! Supplies are limited, and they're going fast! Limit 5 slavs per customer. Void where prohibited by law.

Remember, that's form number vmahc@cunyvm.cuny.edu! Don't be afraid to ask us any questions about the transaction!

To my Lord Erekosse, Having examined the travesty of a missive sent by LJ last month, I have taken it upon myself to transcribe Jack's words for you. Jack and myself have diligently been studying that new play that you gave us while we were in Drassa. We will continue to study our lines in the hopes that we shall be ready to perform in Pactra. The number of lords residing in this city increases daily. We hope this is indicative of a good turn out for our performances. I regret the need to notify you of our situation via this public forum; however, after the recent rate increase by the messengers' guild, it has become economically infeasible to send many messages via there post riders. I hope we will be able to switch back to guild messengers after the successful, and hopefully profitable, performance of your play a month hence. Until next we speak, I am ever your servant. By my hand and seal, Juliano for LJ and Co.

Rocko sighed. The whole escapade with the wolves had been harrowing, and now there was new trouble with orcs in Pactra. He hastily wrote missives to the faction leaders that had collaborated in the attack on the wolves; it looked like their services would be needed again. He handed the notes to Westley, his right-hand man.

Shortly thereafter, a loud knock came upon the door. "Who is it?" he asked.

"Bernad, captain of the Fighters of Pelenth," came the reply. "We seek audience with the one known as Rocko 'The Truth' Zigarelli."

Rocko opened the door to his chamber and ushered his visitor in. He studied the soldier, a man the years had used well. He was just under six feet in height, somewhat thick-limbed and gray-haired. "I am he," Rocko said, "or is that 'I am him?' I never could get that straight. Anyay, I am me, who is Rocko...or is that whom?"

"Ahem," interjected Bernad, "You need not continue this deception. When I saw the ease with which you vanquished the wolves, I knew you had returned to us. Hail, Master! Long have we awaited your return; forgive us that we toiled for a span in the employ of Osswid. You were gone so long, and we had to work for room and board."

"Deception?" queried Rocko. "What deception?"

"Come, Lord, this subterfuge need not continue. We recognize you, and would have you claim your birthright. Admit thy lineage, and receive us again as your servants."

"Lineage? I'm an orphan!" responded Rocko. "My mother died in childbirth, and my father died in battle when I was but a bairn, as he slew the dread Wyrm of Cnossa."

"Aye, I know this," replied the grizzled veteran, "and do you know the name of thy sire?"

"Pelnor, he was called," replied Rocko, "but what difference does that make?"

The soldier sighed. "I see I shall have to fill you in on family history, although you have unwittingly begun to follow in your father's footsteps. Your father, Pelnor of Pactra, served as Royal Protector for Drassa, Pactra, and Hothras, and had the Tower of Darkness as his abode. He served well, slaying any foul creatures that dared invade the territory, and keeping the King's law in these lands."

"His fame as a magistrate and soldier had spread to far lands, and so it was no surprise when the emissary from Cnossa arrived, begging him to rid them of a dragon that was menacing the populace. Your mother was descended of the mountain folk of Celenth, the province to the north of Cnossa, and thus your father felt obliged to accept the entreaty. He took you and rode away, up the river Asart, charging us to guard the tower against your return. Thus we have, to this day, awaited you."

"Pelenth son of Pelnor, will you accept the service of I and my company?" asked Bernad, as he knelt before Rocko, hereafter to be known as Pelenth. "If you will swear an oath to fill your father's role as protector, we will swear loyalty to you."

"You know what this means, don't you?" asked Westley, who had returned partway through Bernad's story.

"No, what?" said Pelenth.

"It means from now on, you're the straight man, and I get all the good lines. This oughta be loads of fun!"

Pelenth the Grim, Sheriff of Drassa, pondered his situation as he peered out of the high Tower of Darkness. One of his minions had discovered a foul beast some 2 months' ride away, and a band of orcs had been seen in Pactra. He considered his alternatives, then called in his underlings.

"Westley, you take my Guard and head out to help Dominic. I hereby deputize you and declare you fit to handle the job of hunting down monsters. Study up on the military leadership, and see if you can beef up the ranks some while you're out. I'll keep an eye on the home front." Westley saluted and went to collect the supplies necessary for the trip.

Pelenth picked up a quill pen and scratched a note on a sheet of parchment. "Dominic--hold tight, reenforcements coming. Study hard, and hope to see you soon. Rocko (now known as Pelenth)." He handed the note to a servitor for delivery via the instant magical means widely used in Olympia.

Suddenly, handbills began appearing in Drassa and the surrounding provinces:

dd WW WW tt dd WW WW tt dd WW WW tt dd WW WW nn tt dd WW WW WW aaaaa nnnnnn ttttttt eeeee dddddd WW WW WW aa nn nn tt ee ee dd dd WWWWWWWW aaaaaa nn nn tt eeeeee dd dd WWW WWW aa aa nn nn tt ee dd dd WW WW aa aa nn nn tt ee ee dd dd WW WW aaaaaa nn nn ttt eeeee dddddd

For murder, robbery, and poor choice of name, one Murphy, Master of Bad Luck [515]. Please report any information on his whereabouts to Pelenth the Grim, Sheriff of Drassa [505]. Reward offered in the sum of 100 gold if your information leads us to him.

Pelenth, Sheriff of Drassa [505]

* Wanted *

Top quality mages to establish a school of magic in Drassa.

As soon as our illustrious programmer creates a method for mages to teach other mages the spells they have learned, the House of the Grey Cat suggests forming a Guild of Magic in Drassa. Thus, we may share our resources, our results, and make a code of ethics to regulate magic in Olympia.

Proposed administrative structure: Skill levels 0-2: Apprentice, 3-5: Journeyman, 6-10: Master. Remilai du Chat Gris has the special title of 'Founder', conferring no special privileges, and incurring all necessary administrative duties other than Guild decisions. Decisions shall be made by a majority vote of Masters in the guild (over e-mail).

This Guild is not being founded at this moment, as we are unable to teach each other spells. Would any interested magi please contact ender2@husc.harvard.edu, and give their entity number, that we may contact the group when the programmer has added this feature.