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   | The Olympia Times                               times@olympia.rt.com |
   | December 15, 1991                                               v1n6 |
   |                                                                      |
   | Turn 6  Circulation 58                  "Familiarity breeds attempt" |
                  Orders due:  Friday, December 27, 1991

Questions, comments, bug reports, to play: olympia@rt.com

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Ho, ho, ho! Happy Holidays from Skrenta-Claus! May you all have a wonderful winter vacation!

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The December 27th deadline for orders may slip to January 3rd depending on whether or not enough players send in orders. Do send in orders if you can.

There is a new order entry format starting next turn. The 'player', 'begin' and 'end' commands are all gone. Instead begin your commands for each unit with the 'entity' command:

entity [password if you have one] ... commands for the player character ...

entity ... commands for this unit ...

entity ... commands for third unit ...

Note that there are no ENDs or DONEs after the orders. I thought that my last order format was pretty simple but since many players keep making mistakes it must not be simple enough. This is just about the simplest format I can think of. Don't use the old format!

Some of you may have noticed the automatic order acknowledger functioning this turn. It worked, but I hated it. I would rather collect all of the orders and have a chance to manually fix typos and syntax errors than to have your last minute orders be bounced by a machine.

The attack on the wolves and Murphy's Rampage of Death revealed several weaknesses (okay, bugs) in the combat system this turn. I hope to rewrite much of the combat code in the near future. Adjustments to the outcomes in this turn will not be made, however.

New command (many of you have asked for this):

set IDLE Set a command which will be executed by the unit if it has no other pending commands.

Example: set 0 idle "work"

The unit issuing this order would perform the "work" order if it had no other commands to execute.

set 0 idle "use 113"

The unit issuing this order would make use of the entertainment skill to earn money if it would otherwise be idle.

Note that there is no default idle command. If you want a unit to work if you don't send in any orders for it be sure to do a SET IDLE on it.

Not counting Osswid's hoarded riches and players who haven't spent any of their initial purse, this turns leaves Rocko with the most wealth, followed by Gabriel Synthon. Rocko would be bankrupt if it weren't for his coalition victory over the wolves. Gabriel is making a comfortable living as a savvy, hard working merchant.

To The Editor :

Last Issue, one Alan Mooresson, fled town with shouts of Terror, crying "Evil breeds in Drassa".

I must say his comments about the well established citizens of Drassa are very disturbing. In tracing the writer it was found that no Alan Mooresson ever resided in Drassa. Understanding that the comments were written under a false name. The question then arrises as to who felt it necessary to slander Rocko and D'arc. These are apparently working to rid Drassa of the Wolf problem, if other articles of the Times can be believed. And this is act will be none too soon, as you all know Jean-Michel Coeur was killed by the wolves just last month. If the larsenous instigator of these insinuations can be discovered, I only hope that he will recieve the rewards of his actions, and that the Truth may be revealed.

Lightworn watched the boat, "Pinafore", he thought, "sounds familiar". He watched some more. He waited for someone to act like they owned it. Across town he heard a muted scream, someone shouted, "Captain McCook is dead." Still he waited. He nipped out for a moment to buy some rugs and a small boat (it seemed in vogue). He noticed a small man standing nearby, also watching the boat. "Nice boat", the man said. Lightworn nodded. "You know", said the man, "If I had a patron, a couple hundred gold pieces and work crew, plus a little skill, I might think about building a boat like that." Shortly thereafter, Smythe-Winston entered into the employ of Lightworn and set off to learn shipbuilding. Lightworn watched the boat. After about a month of no result, he daringly entered the boat, overloaded to 125% capacity or so, he found no crew or cargo. "Hello", he called. "There's no one here", no one answered, metaphorically speaking. Thus reassured, he leaned over the edge of the boat. "Hey, you." The man looked up. "Yes, you. Want to be Captain of a boat?" The man thought for a moment and considered the job options in Drassa. He could go to work for Rocko and be hated and despised. He could fight wolves. Or he could be the Captain of this fine boat. Being a bit slow, he went over these options several times before deciding that this sounded like a deal. "Ok", he said incisively. "Good", responded the new owner of the boat, "I'll stay here and guard my new 'acquisition', you go find a crew." "Aye, sir", said the newly promoted Reginald, and off he went.

A few days later, Smythe-Winston and his happy crew of shipbuilders showed up. "Things are moving slowly, Sir." he reported. "I need more men to build ships." "Forget it. Abandon your lifes ambitions, and go into horse training, got it?" Smythe-Winston was taken aback. THen he shrugged, "Oh, well. Can I build ships later?" "Maybe, was the reply, first get some capital." Smythe-Winston shrugged again and left.

Another few days passed, while Lightworn looked over his new ship. He found the cargo, it had been invisible but suddenly became clear. He was rejoicing in his good fortune when he heard a knock. He stepped out to see Reginald, freshly armed and looking quite spiffy in a Captain's uniform, surrounded by a bevy of females of all ages. "What's all this then?" said Lightworn, aghast. "Our crew", was the response, "My sisters and cousins and aunts." The crew got to work. It was quickly determined that none of them knew how to sail, Lightworn included. A month was wasted (literally as Lightworn had recently purchased some Opium for medicinal and trading purposes) as they tried to get out of port. Finally, they raised sail and set off into the Gulf of Drassa, high and in high spirits.

The mage looked worried. Who had ever heard of wolves with skin as thick as the best plate mail? Oh well, if they couldn't be tamed, then they must be eliminted.

Staring into the flames, he noticed for the first time the self appointed 'sherrif'. Yes he would prove to be a useful tool. And to 'help' he'd send along the Seven. That of course posed dangers but danger was the life blood of a Mage.

Sending a messenger to this Rocko was easy, and to avoid arousing suspicion, the Seven would be outfitted with weapons and armour. Sure that would lessen their effectivness, but their greatest strength was their secrecy.

Rocko was busy scrawling another "Rocko for Sheriff" poster when he heard a stealthy tread outside his door. He looked up to see a dark, foreboding man slip into the shop he had rented for his campaign headquarters. The stranger looked around, apparently sizing up the place. He apparently came to a decision, walked to the desk where Rocko sat, and slapped a piece of parchment down.

"You Rocko?" he asked.

Rocko nodded vapidly.

"This handbill says you're looking for help, to go fight the wolves. How much you paying?"

"That depends, Mr..." he trailed off, hopefully.

"Shadowborn. D'arc Shadowborn," spat the stranger.

"Yes, Mr. Shadowborn. Pleased to meet you. What might you need in payment? I can offer a small amount of gold for each man, or perhaps some goods would be more to your liking?"

"You make one attack," said D'arc, "And I get one longsword for every guy that survives."

"How many do you offer?" asked Rocko, patting his purse warily.

"6 for now. Maybe more later."

"Fair enough!" said Rocko. "And remember, it's in both of our interests to recruit more people. The more of us that attack, the more evenly distributed the dying."

"Uh, yeah," said D'arc, not liking the turn of the conversation. "Dying? I'm not so sure about dying."

"Worry not! I'm an able military leader, and our stout lads will send those curs running."

D'arc seemed somewhat reassured, and the two sat and made plans.

* * *

Sometime later, Rocko and D'arc were again going over tallies. "Let's see, Faldred promised his Raiders, and the Synthetics should join in...Add the 7 from Merlinium, and, uh...hmm...With the roughnecks that makes...hmm...carry the 2...plus 7...divide by 3..."

"72 figures, dolt!" muttered D'arc. "Are you *sure* you know how to lead us in battle?"

"But of course. 72 figures, eh? And I've outfitted most of them with longswords and brass shields. My, but I'm going to be bankrupt if there is no reward for this service. But that is the way of true public servants, putting duty above private concerns."

Dear Farnol,

You know you are my only trusted servant. It's been a long time since we last saw each other, and I didn't get a word from Drassa since I left Pactra, but I'm sure your military instruction is nearly completed.

When I left Drassa, a few months ago, I thought I would just look for a good place to buy and sell goods - you know my dear father wanted me to become a merchant. But Farnol, I discovered this great pleasure of life: travelling! Going through cities and villages, meeting people... I haven't seen a single Drassan for about two months, but I don't miss my country!

You must have met this young man I hired to trade im my name, Hindur. When you decide to stop learning the fighting arts, ask him for some money and come along the Asart river to Cnossa. It's a large city, just where the Asart meets the Estil. I will meet you there when I am done exploring the Estil, and we will travel together.

Your master and friend, Hyren.

Yawn! Yet another dull day at either the academies or the practice yards. I definitely feel the need to change my surroundings and get some fresh air. Oh drat, I've got reservations for a match at the yards in a couple of days and an interview with that pompous master merchant next week. Ah but after that, I should be free to escape the confines of this over-crowded city. I've been receiving such wonderful dispatches from my various servants that I've got to see things first hand. It time for me to move on. I think I'll head off after meeting with that rogue rom Laughing Jack in a fortnight. I could use his latest reports. Reports.....I knew I had to do something today. Off to the messengers' guild to check for any recent dispatches. It's amazing how much information passes through so small an edifice, although I must admit they have execellent taste in furniture. Just take a look at the head clerk's desk. "My good man have you received any dispatches for Erekosse."

Stockholders Report Bonny Trading Company

First Quarter

Capital Fund 0 Capital Investments 1280 Equipment investments (90) Net gain from operations 328 ---- Standing Capitol 1608

**** Auditions **** Auditions **** Auditions **** Auditions **** Bonny Trading Company The Golden City Theatre Company is holding auditions for play A Gentlemans's Demise, written by the famed playwright William O'Thames. Two leading roles, one male, one female. 26 supporting roles.

Also needed: Stage hands, lighting master, 2 seamstresses. Inquire in Drassa Bazzare.

n <~~] H < ] HU/ ) | \ / O | / \__ \\ // | /| \ // \ ___---___ / / \\ / \\__ // // | \ / / ~\___/~/ // / | __//~| \_ // | /\ __/ // \\ \ // | / \_ ___/ /| /|_ // 0 | // \ // \\ _/ /// |\ /~~~_\ / / | |\ ~\_ __ //| / | ~| |~~\ | // | |\ \\_ \ /| | \\ \ > < \ /// \ |\ /~ ~~\ \ /| |_\\ \> < ) // | |\\ // |_ | _/// \| | \] // / \\ /| || \ \\ ///~ /| \ /| |\ //\ /// ~'\ // ~~ // | / | \\_ /// |/~\\ | <~ | \ / | > \\ /| \ _ ~~~---_____-, // |_ | / ___/ |\ /// | ~~~---____-__h| //__h~) {~ //| _-~~ ___/| /// / ~ ~~-~ \-^-~~~~ /// | \_ /// / \_____ |\ _-// / \ _// \ ~~~ / // \\--~ \\--____/