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   | The Olympia Times                                       issue g2-124 |
   | June 29, 1999                                                        |
   |                                                                      |
   | turn 124  309 players                            http://www.pbm.com/ |

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Olympia PBEM

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Player-contributed press

Greetings Olympians and a special hello to all Drassans.

As undoubtly all of you have seen in last month edition of this Times, the Inner Circle Liberation Front has made a serious accusation to the House of Lords. None of their conjectures are true, but we were, and have been, in fact scrying the Land's End penninsula. Our recent treaty on Atnos has given us control over new land and therefore a need to expand our traderoutes in order to provide this new territory with gold for development. We contacted who we believed were in control of the territory nearest to this new land and asked for their permission to scout the Land's End penninsula and look for coastal cities from where we could setup new traderoutes. The Lords of the Crown, proclaimed rules of this territory have given us their permission. We were unware, at that time, that this territory was involved in a protracted struggle, or we would have attempted to contact everyone involved. I will take the opportunity to, once again, let you all know that the House of Lords as always remained neutral, as wishes to continue so, in the current conflict between the Lords of the Crown, and their enemies, the Rimmon Musketeers, PLATO and the ICLF. We are annoyed at the fact that the ICLF chose a public, rather than a private venue to express their questions. We hope they will show better tact in the future.

If you are in the northwestern region of Olympia, please take a moment to look at our web household at: http://www.ip.pt/~ip231870/HoL.htm

It includes a map of the Kingdom of Cragstan and the surrounding area as well as important information for anyone wishing to visit our territories in Cragstan, western Cipheria or southern Atnos.

Live long and prosper, Lord Ralek Arkham Speaker for the House of Lords Kingdom of Cragstan

-- House of Lords [tq9]

Looking for adventure, excitment and the challage of a lifetime? Do you wish to test the very limits of you potential? Be all you can be.....and more. The BoRG are currently hiring Nobles from all parts of Olympia, from all walks of life. No experience nesseccary, we're just looking for a few good (and ruthless) folks to add to our growing and very successful team. Any and all interested applicantsshould forward there resume to the Hearld at : asgardian@bigfoot.com

Please visit our web site at http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/1843/borg.html or contact us at asgardian@bigfoot.com

May the Red God smile upon you. The Herald of the Brotherhood of the Red God

-- Wodan [d987]

On behalf of the Greater Northern Atnos Traders, I am pleased to confirm the announcement of the House of Lords last month. Peace now reigns on Atnos and the GNAT claim rows cm and everything north of it on the island with the sea defining our north, west, and east borders. Our HOL neighbors to the south share a mutual defense agreement with us thus helping to ensure the security and safety of the entire island.

All wartime restrictions are officially removed. If you have a need to traverse our lands, please contact us.

On behalf of the GNAT, I am

-- Zaltazar [1413]

Read me...

-- The Rules [3910]


Whats wrong Battlehammer? Afraid to reply? Dont worry I will turn off my mind control powers before your messenger arrives. Okay you can reply now.

Sailor: Land Ho Captain. Captain: Finally, I just hope our contact is waiting like he said he would be. Sailor: Sir,something strange ahead. Captain: What (Looks). A city. Who put a city there. That's not on my maps. How did we miss that. Now how am I ever going to find my contact in that place.

I wonder if Greg Lindahl pays for this game?


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