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   | The Olympia Times                                       issue g2-123 |
   | June 22, 1999                                                        |
   |                                                                      |
   | turn 123  309 players                            http://www.pbm.com/ |

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Olympia PBEM

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Player-contributed press

Well, originally I was going to thank the Lords of the Crown for their generousity. Due to their untiring effort, a former Inner Circle faction is in the process of returning to Provinia. The ICLF has, as a direct result of LotC policy, now doubled in size to two factions.

But then I received information of LotC raids on a nuetral settlement. In this case, an apparantly honest case of mistaken identity. IC lands were named [by me] as Land's End because they were bordered on three sides by water [and apparantly we were up a creek on the fourth]. If my surmise is correct, a city named Land's End was attacked on that basis alone. So I have to thank the LotC for their comradely good fellowship towards their neighbors, and not neighbors as well.

This is tempered by a recent discovery that the House of Lords on Cragstan is apparantly a "cadet" branch of the Lords of the Crown. Either that, or like BoRG, they have hired out their services as mercenaries. Or perhaps they have been infiltrated by a LotC mole like the Musketeers were. See below: ===== 30: Sir Conrad of Cragstan [4465] scried Land's End [cv82] from Solaris 30: Castle [1752], in province Logres [cc09], in Cragstan. 30: Sir Conrad of Cragstan [4465] scried Land's End [cv82] from Solaris 30: Castle [1752], in province Logres [cc09], in Cragstan. ===== I give the House of Lords an opportunity to explain themselves. Giving aid to an enemy by means of Visions, Scries, or Locate Character is an act of war.

So I guess I also wish to thank the Lords of the Crown for tipping me off as to who some more of their allies are. For all the press we read in the Times and the posturing on the g2-list, if my insignificant [to date] activities have forced you into these moves, then perhaps PLATO has hurt you more deeply than they tell me.

-- ICLF [hu8]

Greetings Olympians and a special hello to all Drassans.

After several months of continued hostilities, the continent of Atnos has found peace again, as the armies of the Greater Northern Atnos Traders have prevailed over those of their enemies. As the last of the enemy bastions in Atnos surrenders, the House of Lords and the Greater Northern Atnos Traders have signed a treaty granting the HoL all territory in Atnos south of row cm. This territory shall henceforth be called the Barony of Glantri and all HoL laws apply in full to this land. All other territory in Atnos is under GNAT control and their laws apply to it. In addition, the HoL and the GNAT have signed a mutual defense treaty and any attack on GNAT holdings or nobles in Atnos will be treated by the HoL as an attack on our own holdings or nobles.

If you are in the northwestern region of Olympia, please take a moment to look at our web household at: http://www.ip.pt/~ip231870/HoL.htm

It includes a map of the Kingdom of Cragstan and the surrounding area as well as important information for anyone wishing to visit our territories in Cragstan, western Cipheria or southern Atnos.

Live long and prosper, Lord Ralek Arkham Speaker for the House of Lords Kingdom of Cragstan

-- House of Lords [tq9]

Erigadorn Stables & Co.

We buy every Animal, Beast, Monster, ugly bastard, etc... State thy price and let business start.

For, Eric of Erigadorn.

-- Erigadorn [xy3]

Looking for adventure, excitment and the challage of a lifetime? Do you wish to test the very limits of you potential? Be all you can be.....and more. The BoRG are currently hiring Nobles from all parts of Olympia, from all walks of life. No experience nesseccary, we're just looking for a few good (and ruthless) folks to add to our growing and very successful team. Any and all interested applicantsshould forward there resume to the Hearld at : asgardian@bigfoot.com

Please visit our web site at http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/1843/borg.html or contact us at asgardian@bigfoot.com

May the Red God smile upon you. The Herald of the Brotherhood of the Red God

give p000 61 move e attack garrison move n attack garrison

-- Wodan [d987]

The Bazaar comes to Greyfell! Longbows, longswords, pikes, plate armor, crossbows, mithril, avinia, mallorn, flying horses, nazgul Prepare yourself for the world beyond the Haven!

-- Raven [8864]


Something is Going on, somewhere, I just can't remember... As soon as I do remember whatever is going on I will try not to forget it again.

Am I a good friend or what?

Who needs to build ships when the Lords leave them lying around??

As if misplacing a mine wasn't bad enough. Now I misplaced the wizard. What else can I lose, let me see........

bye, bye, little birdie, fly far away

Pig Fouls brains sure will taste good. A pinch of salt, a bit of pepper.

"This rumor, too, has no point. That's how things are in the Pointless Forest"

Just a pointless rumor to fill out the rather lackluster Times.

Haaa! Thought you could taunt me into publishing another message, didn't you! Well, it will never work, Never!

You know who I am


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