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   | January 26, 1999                                                     |
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Olympia PBEM

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Player-contributed press

Be aware that the United Terrorist may be commiting some activities in the near future. Please don't get angry with us....it is simply our nature and fully out of our control. If you are inconvienced by any of our actions we apologize before hand and offer you this...you are helping the beast serve it purpose. So watch for weird things happening in your neighborhood and have a nice day. unit 4214 claim 1 275

-- United Terrorist [hb5]

Be it known that the Realm of Khazhad-dum doth be in search of goodly folk to assist in the growth of mine Realm. Be ye a Mason, Forester, Trader or other peaceful sort, an be near to Harn or Port Aurnos, send thee a missive an we shall endeavor to entice thee to come hither.

-- House of Aekinskald [hj8]

Hear ye! Hear ye! House Aekinskald hath been commissioned to sell at auction the priceless Artifact know as the Skull of Bastrestric [403]. Those Houses wishing to bid for this item should send a courier to hj8@g2.pbm.com by the end of Harvest. Highest bidder doth possess the greatest Artifact of Magick known to Olympia!

-- House of Aekinskald [hj8]

Greetings to All Olympians,

I wish to comment on recent posts refering to Cheating in Olympia.

The Vulture and other unnamed individuals seem hell bent on the idea that LOTC is a group of gamers who are cheats with each player running several faction.

I am not a member of LOTC. My character is Saggar Stormchaser of the alliance SOA. I am speaking here from personal experience.

I made friends with several of the factions in LOTC. So last year I visited Belgium and spent 4 excellent days there with all the guys, who showed me the utmost of courtesy and friendship. I even went to their "Council Meeting". I met over 20 of the guys involved in the game. Furthermore, since then, I have met up with the guys in Londan and also some have visited me in Ireland (and more visits are planned, both LOTC to Ireland, and me to Belgium..It is just a $200 flight away)

In Belgium AD&D is a very popular game. So when Codric and a couple of mates found olympia they were very interested. Soon they told their friends, and they told their friends...the snowball started.

Soon the group of AD&D gamers got together and formed their own alliance. What better way of forming an alliance than by forming it with friends from RL? This both allowed LOTC to grow in efficiency and strength very fast indeed...and soon they became one of the superpowers of the Olympian World. The strength of LOTC is in their ability to sit down together and plan out the turns. As any experienced gamer will tell you co-operation and dividing out tasks allows a alliance to grow for more rapidly.

SO I feel I am in a unique position of knowing the Alliance. Now I can address the issue that I feel needs to be clarified.

Rumours of LOTC players running multiple factions are completely false. The reason there are so many .be address in the game is because the game is so excellent that members in LOTC got their friends into the game as well.

These rumours of cheating is just an attempt to slander LOTC, who have many enemies...and fine! Great! Everyone has enemies... but people, please keep the spirit of the game alive. Rather than being reduced to mere name calling just because your faction or alliance is being defeated/attacked by another.

I enjoy the game of olympia too much to let a handfull of disgruntled players destroy the atmosphere present in this wonderful game.

I will now get of the soap box....

Prosperity and Peace to All,

Cliff Lynch.

aka Saggar StormChaser, Speaker of the House, Southern Ossicus Alliance.

-- Brotherhood of Red [mg5]

It has come to my attention that certain G1 Vets have mistaken meas the "Lord Foul" of G1 fame. Although Honored I must pointout I have never resided in G1 and only arrived here in Olympia G2 about the Season "Dark night", month 8, in the year 5. So if your on a Holy mission of vengange you,ll need to recheck you facts.

-- Lord Foul [4172]

The Brotherhood of the Red God is currently unavailable for major work due to the large number of contracts we are engaged in. The Brotherhood is looking for new Warriors and other nobles who wish to take the Oath of the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood accepts individual nobles as well as whole factions into the order. If you are looking for a life of action and adventure then join the Brotherhood and see the world maybe even other worlds. Promotion for brave and resourceful men is quick and the spoils of war are large.

Distance is not an object as we are currently operating in most areas of Provinia and some of the other continents. Transport can be arranged.

Please visit our web site at www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/1843/borg.html or contact us at asgardian@bigfoot.com

May the Red God smile upon you.

-- Wodan [d987]


In conjunction with the Traveler's Guide, we have published Maps showing the size and position of the twelve regions of Olympia and the claims made on these regions. They can be viewed on the Encyclopedia Olympia pages at:


Any who wish to report errors or clarifications to their territory should respond to the address below.

Gate Crystals and other rare items:

We have received several requests to discuss some of the lesser used and/or harder to find items in Olympia. We will list the item, where it may be found, and possible uses:

Gate Crystals Occasionally found in mines when mining for iron, gold, or mithril. One of the rarest items in the game. Used with the skills Teleport [861] and Forge palantir [894]. Some cities in Faery buy gate crystals for 1000 gold each, but better deals can probably struck with the various alliances and factions in the main world.

Mithril Found in mines through use of Mine mithril [723]. Can be used in the skills Forge auraculum [881], Forge magical weapon [887], Forge magical armor [888], and Forge palantir [894]. Cities in Faery generally buy mithril for 500 gold each.

Mallorn Found in mallorn groves through use of Harvest mallorn wood [705] and for sale in many Faery cities. Used to make drums for use in the skill Summon wild men [658]. As most savage stacks carry a drum, any landowner probably has a large collection that might be available. Mallorn is also used in the skill Forge magical bow [889].

Lana bark Found in circles of trees through use of Collect rare foliage [704] and for sale in many Faery cities. Used by Alchemists to make blank scrolls and in the skill Brew potion of death [694].

Avinia leaf Found in mallorn groves through use of Collect rare foliage [704] and for sale in many Faery cities. Used in the skill Brew healing potion [693].

Farrenstone Found in caves through use of Collect rare elements [696]. Used in the skill Turn lead into gold [697].

Spiny root Found in swamps, bogs, and pits through use of Collect rare foliage [704]. No known use. Rumored to have been a required ingredient for skills in playtest that have since been removed.

Pretus bones Found in sand pits through use of Collect rare elements [696]. Rumored to have been a required ingredient for skills in playtest that have since been removed.

-- Encyclopedia Olympia

Next: Breeding

Submissions or suggestions may be sent to encoly@hotmail.com. Do not expect a reply, as the editors wish to remain anonymous.

I wonder who the LotC will invade next?

Nifft of the Black Claw and Freebootin' Frank Freek are closing in...

Hear the Vulture:

My imitator is quite humorous. He or she is actually bothered that he or she is imitating me. That's a clear case of cognizant dissonance. My imitator also uses the "I'm not biased, but the Vulture is" line. I can only hope that he or she is being ironic. Further, unlike my perhaps insane imitator, I am simply amused by detractors.

I will however follow my imitator's lead and grant the readers an analogy. I was playing this board game, Civilization, with my tactical advisors. You've probably played it or at least heard of it. I was controlling the lands of Mumble, while my advisors were controlling such mythical cultures as the Greeks, Chinese, Carthaginians, and Celts. Anyway, I'd compare the Lords of the Crown to the Mumbles, while . . . . jeez, this is a forced analogy. Forced like my imitator's analogy.

I would like to stay and relish my readers with additional thoughts, but I spot some corpses; they are very foul corpses, but they will do.

The REAL Vulture (tm)

We are the Lords of the Crown. We will be the overlords of Olympia. We are God's! You will bow before us! Those found kneeling may be spared.

This week in a tavern near you "A day in the life of Bolt" Brought to you by Bruce the Bard.

9: vision of Bolt [z990]: 9: Location: Cave [d349], in province The Shadowlands [dd70], in 9: Provinia 9: Loyalty: Oath-1 9: Health: 100% 9: Combat: attack 80, defense 30, missile 0 9: behind 0 (front line in combat) 9: Break point: 50% 9: 9: Current aura: 78 9: Maximum aura: 23 (3+20) 9: 9: Skills known: 9: Combat [610] 9: Stealth [630] 9: Magic [800] 9: Perform common tasks for gold [802], journeyman 9: Tap health for aura [806], journeyman 9: Heal [807], apprentice 9: Modern magic script [808], apprentice 9: Shroud abilities from scry [809], apprentice 9: Detect ability scry [811], apprentice 9: Dispel ability shroud [812], apprentice 9: Advanced meditation [813], apprentice 9:Artifactconstruction[880] 9: Forge auraculum [881], apprentice 9: Advanced sorcery [920] 9: Teleport items [922], apprentice 9: 9: Partially known skills: 9: Survive fatal wound [611], 0/28 9: Sneak intostructure[639],0/21 9: Conceal self [641], 7/28 9: Hinder meditation [814], 0/21 9: 9: Inventory: 9: qty name weight 9: --- ---- ------ 9: 600 gold [1] 0 9: 1 Banner of theSkeletons[k360] 0 9: 1 orb [q629] 1 9: 1 Magic potion [z201] 1 9: ====== 9: 2 9: 9: Capacity: 2/100 land (2%)

Come back next week for a tale about a clown called Bobo.

Oh, for a still. I could make my own Scotch.

Well, Well....There appear to be a lot of Vulture wanna'bes out there. They say that imitation is the highest form of compliment. In that case Thank you to all those who think I am so great.

Well there appears to be a lot of activity for the coming turns. Several Armies are on the move, and my friends and I shall dine on the most delicious of corpses soon.

On Provenia, It appears that the Rimmonettes are in for a little suprise. Their war with the pressured Lords is going well enough, but a key faction on the Rimmon council is ready to sell out his allies. So much for All for one.

Camaris, LOTC are showing their aggression again by launching strikes on PLATO. Sources in PLATO however reveal that LOTC have bitten off more than they can chew. AS PLATO are preparing the mother of all counter attacks...Watch This Space!

Also the Bandit Lords appear to be ready to do what they do best. Provide me with dinner! They are poised to destroy the puny Island of Ossicus and they are rumoured to be already to break their long standing treaty with Jackel, despite TIBS dissaproval. Will Eric sit by and watch his old allies be destroyed or will he come to the aid of Jackel against his good friend Snakeman?

And finially, I have saved the best till last. It appears Cendage is unable to keep his troops in line. Yes friends you have heard it here first. A "serious" disagreement has arisen in the Dragon Leadership. Cendage supports Crodric, but the long standing truce prevents him from joining in the attacks. His senior advisors both disagree on this matter. One is said to be "ready to kill the PLATO scum", while the other is ready to split from the group. Cendage is trying his best to balance both views. But me thinks that the Crimson Dragons will become mere puffs of hot air.

Well my friends, I must fly. My dinner awaits but I have far to fly before I can feast...Camaris awaits.

The One and Only Vilture.

Something is rising from the ashes

The Vulture Speaks:

I've been circling Cormyr for months now, and I'm damn near starved. I'm not sure where PLATO and the LotCees get thier gold, but they must have a big account to keep that many pikemen sitting around on thier helmets.

Now up north I hear it's a different story, dead critters all over Mount Olympus, and big armies marching around fighting everything but each other. I think I'll head up to Provinia and see what there is to eat up there. If that doesn't pan out, I hear that there'll be some Couchkateer Tartar in the north and I'd love some of that.

The Vulture (flapping north for all he's worth)

Fellow Olympians, Well it seems the BORG are some real battle-hardened mercenaries. They have 1 enemy who has less then 200 troops and all of the sudden they have too much work. Suppose I have an enemy, maybe even a small alliance that I want to defeat and I hire the BORG, what do you think will happen ?? It will cost me a lot of money and the BORG will get kicked of this planet. I just want to wish Maddog lots of luck and kills. And 1 question, do you have newbie manual or something because I really like your style.

The Raven

The news at hand

Reports have a Lords of the Crown force in Central Camaris marching on King Oleg's mythical castle of Camelot. The force is said to number over 1,000 men with more reinforcements flooding across the Straits from Holith.

In other news from the Lords of the Crown, it seems the Muskateer juggernaut has started rolling with two castles captured and another under serious threat. This reports have not been confirmed and as usual the only media interviews the Lord's leaders were prepared to grant ONN was puff pieces on Ashley's Birthday party.

Further north TIB's seems to have successfully squashed Lord Bane with no further resistance expected. Reports close to the Icy Black President say the recent war has whetted several important members of TIB's appetite for blood. Small nations surrounding TIB's have reported quiet diplomacy from the cold Black Ones asking if they are being threatened by anyone and could TIB's lend a hand. ONN predicts TIB's will be back in battle very shortly.

Stay tuned for an ONN special The Northern Continents: Quiet and Peaceful or just Quiet??

ONN - Olympia News Network - Keeping you up to date

I'm a bit disgusted with the latest Vulture's comments. Lets begin with the quotes.

>The recent discussion on the list has been >interesting, with certain folk going out of character >and accusing others of cheating. That term is probably >too strong, if all they are doing is absuing game bugs. >Not particularly honorable, but not actual cheating.

According to the rules as I remember them, abusing bugs for fun and profit is explicitly cheating. On the other hand every group that has done anything of note seems to have abused bugs, so maybe there's a sad fairness to the whole tawdry affair. Another quote:

>Now if the Lords are running multiple positions as some >suspect that would be a different story, but that is probably >impossible to prove and therefore not worth discussing. If >our Absent God Atnerks were to take notice and investigate >that would be a Good Thing (thanks to fellow carrion bird >Martha Stewart for the rights to use her material--ARE YOU >PAYING ATTENTION PEOPLE?) but in light of His recent lack >of involvement don't hold your collective breath.

Actually, it's fairly easy to prove this false, since the Lords hold regular meetings and IRC chat sessions, and other stuff where you can meet them individually. In other words, the reason that PLATO and the RM are getting the stuffing kicked out of them is that they badly underestimated the size of the opposition. That's what you get for relying on a single vision too much. There are others who have made the same error. Atnerks, on the other hand, has the credit card numbers in his Big Book of Players, which is why he is the All-Knowing One. Onward.

>Lots of rumors about action on Camaris, but no reports >of any signifcant actual battles. One wonders where >the BEagles will land on this question. Will they continue >to support the LotC, who have grown to become vastly >larger than Eridanus and his pals, or will they jump >to aid PLATO and preserve some semblance of the balance >of power.

What a remarkably silly notion. Prehaps they'd rather win. Of course, if you ask Eridanus, he'll tell you how much he's come to trust in and rely on PLATO's promises and oaths. You can learn alot about people by talking to them more than you talk about them. One more.

>I've been reading some fantasy literature >lately with all this spare time I have, about another >world where a great battle was fought called World War II. >If you are familiar with it, the parallels to our world >of Olympia are striking. If you ignore the politics and >some of the other nasty habits of some of the combatants, >then the LotC can be cast as this place called Germany. Harn >is France, and the IC is called Belgium. PLATO is England, >while the Rimmon folk are Russia. EAGLE is clearly Italy. >We need two more players to fill out the cast--an America >(TIBS?) and a Japan (SOA?). In the version I read Germany >loses of course, the bad guys always do. Here in Olypmia >though it may not turn out the same way. Anyone who is >familiar with this story is welcome to comment. ;)

A silly and fairly offensive notion to some. Also badly summarized, but I see no point in correcting errors in such an overstretched analogy. I do object to characterising Germany as the "bad guys". If you study the intellectual climate of pre-WWII in the upper classes of what would now be called the "First World", but then was called "the civilized nations" (as I have, it happens), you'd find the same racist, class-bound, psuedo-scientific thinking that was the underpinning of the National Socialists in Germany. As the hideous and informative post-war experiments of Stanley Milgram (see any introductory psychology text) showed, there but for good fortune and good intent went any nation. It was a short step from the internment camps of America to the gas chambers of the Third Riech, and we were fortunate not to take it. It was no step at all from the firestorm of Dresden to the hell of Stalingrad to the silence of Hiroshima. There was heroism and valor and fear and hatred and terror and nobility and depravity in that war, and no side had an exclusive corner on any of it.

"War is all Hell, boys.", as General Sherman said. Examine the propaganda of the Pacific Theatre on any side, and you'll see the darker side of a nation's heart. Olympia is a game, in which I am pleased and moved to have made friends and allies around the world. Let's avoid invoking the demons of another history to sully it.

Enough. Play ball.

-You Know Who I Am


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