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   | The Olympia Times                                       issue g2-103 |
   | Februrary 2, 1999                                                    |
   |                                                                      |
   | turn 103  357 players                            http://www.pbm.com/ |

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Olympia PBEM

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Player-contributed press

We the Atala Confederation now rule the continent of Atala including her territorial waters in its entirety.

Due to our current security concerns, we strongly discourage travellers from landing upon our shores without prior consent.

We hope to open our ports to trade and other peaceful endeavors after a brief consolidation period. Interested independent and/or novice factions are encouraged to contact us with questions regarding recruitment or employment.

In a reciprocal agreement, the Atala Confederation recognizes the claim and authority of the Krussos Federation to the continent of Krussos.

All general policy questions or political concerns regarding Atala should be directed to me, as Speaker of the Atala Confederation. Specific concerns can be directed to specially announced commissioners at a later time.

-- Villains By Necessity [ak6]

In a reciprocal announcement the Krussos Federation recognizes the claim and authority of the Atala Confederation to the territory of Atala. The Krussos Federation now rules the territory of Krussos almost entirely.

While we are in the process of consolidating our position the Krussos Federation will continue our current policy of attacking units which are not members of the Federation without having to issue a challenge in advance. Travelers are discouraged and Spies will be executed. Trade within the Federation is restricted to members only and outside traders are advised not to waste their time or ours. These policies will remain in effect until Krussos can elect a King at which time the policy will be reviewed.

Any questions or concerns about Krussos are directed to me, Speaker for the Krussos Federation Stone Crown [en6]

-- Stone Crown [en6]

The Brotherhood of the Red God is currently unavailable for major work due to the large number of contracts we are engaged in. The Brotherhood is looking for new Warriors and other nobles who wish to take the Oath of the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood accepts individual nobles as well as whole factions into the order. If you are looking for a life of action and adventure then join the Brotherhood and see the world maybe even other worlds. Promotion for brave and resourceful men is quick and the spoils of war are large.

Distance is not an object as we are currently operating in most areas of Provinia and some of the other continents. Transport can be arranged.

Please visit our web site at www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/1843/borg.html or contact us at asgardian@bigfoot.com

May the Red God smile upon you.

-- Wodan [d987]

The number is 19 4: Robbie MacMurray [g480] is taken prisoner by Maddog Roy Earl 7: Robbie MacMurray [g480] has died. 11: Eye of Dagon [m399] collapses!

The mexicans have arrived from the south in 23 turns. How's that for swift retaliation from the local ruler. I was going away but they'd rather fight so oh well. How many I take with me has yet to be seen. 2 nobles 177 men, Still laughing about Sweetwood! It may take awhile but I will be back. As for now... IT'S ALAMO TIME!

Routes leaving Weazel's Wood: North, forest, to Weazel's Wood [dg45], 8 days East, forest, to Weazel's Wood [dh46], 8 days South, forest, to Weazel's Wood [dj45], 8 days West, to Mountain [dh44], 10 days Seen here: Garrison [4209], garrison, on guard, with ten soldiers Vyassa [k161], earl, mage, with 68 pikemen, 48 ghost warriors, 17 swordsmen, accompanied by: Raphael [q455], with four soldiers Hroshmael [6304], "with an anvil and a hammer", with six soldiers, three riding horses Venyha Do'sae [q078], with 14 riding horses, ten peasants Raven [t609], "A brother of the Shao-Lin order" Angela Super Sized [3993], duke, "Tanstagi Justicar", with seven elite guard, three riding horses, one centaur, four soldiers Beata Beatrix [q190], with 18 archers, 17 elite archers, one centaur, seven peasants Kid Fearless [2467], "On to battle" Donkey Boy [6988], "On to battle", with one winged horse Jaques et ses Haricots [4682], "On to battle" Azazel [w853], with three riding horses, 109 crossbowmen

Spokesperson for You Know Who

-- Colonel Travis [p849]


Gort, klaatu, barada nikto!

I am the person who wrote the original Vulture posts. Although many claim that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, the appearance of THREE plagarists last week has ruined the fun for me. There will be no posts from me as the Vulture in the future. Any Vultures from now on are fakes. Believe this or not, I really could care less.

In a few turns, I may begin posting under a new nom de plume and in a different style. If people start imitating me again, well, then it will be clear to me that I am a god and all of you should be my followers and do my bidding. My first decrees will be that everyone must wear their underwear on their heads, shave their butts and walk backwards.

Be prepared... use bleach.


A Public Service Announcement:

Anyone who might be considering attacking the LotC ought to do it NOW! Nearly all their nobles have been running about with 0/28 of SFW, and now that the God Atnerks has deigned to fix that bug they are quite vulnerable in this short window. If you think, for whatever reason, that the balance of power in this world needs adjusting you should take advantage of this opportunity.

News just to hand....

Strange sightings of nobles all over Provinia wearing the crest of the Horse Rampant. Over 20 confirmed sightings of nobles dressed in the regalia of the once might Horselords, have been confirmed by authourities. When challenged one noble was quoted as saying "No I'm not a Horselord but this guy in the alley down behind the Singing Sealion was selling them real cheap and I've got an eye for a bargain." Horselords representatives refused to comment but sources close to the Horselord leadership have hinted that the finances are so bad the Horselords were forced to licence the rights to their crest to a clothing manufacturer. This theory is born out by the recent appearance of 'Horselords do it at a canter' stickers on many newer model centaurs and a range of 'I was at Greton' T-Shirts. Rumours point to the same manufacturer that produced the pirate "Sir Codric World Tour" memorablia that was so popular in Toppe last season. They didn;t sell well on Camaris however.

In other news..

Word from the Big Quiet Ones is that the slogan could soon change to 'One for One and bugger the rest' with word of several seperate negotiations happening between individual Muskateer factions and the Lords of the Crown. An unamed source in the Lords Diplomatic Corp said off the record "We haven't got enough meeting rooms to cover them. all. Our appointment books are chockers two months ahead and I've got Mskateers lined up three deep in the hall."

There is little news from the Camaris front with neither side granting media accreditation. King Oleg is not living up to his nickname The Loudmouth with an ominous silence eminating for the southern continent.

Late Breaking News from the North

In a bulletin just to hand there are unconfirmed reports the Northern Lights Alliance has departed Olympia en masse. Does this mean that their land is up for grabs?? Will this be the start of a new land rush with new arrivals pouring in to fill the power vaccuum or will one of the larger alliances make a grab for more land??

Special report at 11

ONN - Keeping you up to date

Oh, for a still. I could make my own Scotch.

If it's not one thing it's another. First you say go here, then go there, now go here. Make up your mind, the horses are dying out from under me.


Lord Foul will make a nice roast !!

Duck. The rules have changed.

Brave, Brave Sir Codric, He grabbed his twisted sword: A collapsed two-handed weapon Fit for that particular lord.

He sat upon his throne, Tarnished crown upon his head, Trying to beat his twisted sword And raise it from the dead.

Then finished and exhausted, sleepily spent he began to nod: 'Twas a useful, wisdom-filled day For that particular piece of cod.

You ingracious fools! Will you PLEASE stop taking my persona! I am the Vulture. Be the Raven or the Wraith or the Shadow or the Buzzard but STOP writing as the Vulture.

Forward I go, leaving my wingless imitators behind.

It seems the Maddog is bigger bark than bite. He's even threatened the Lords of the Crown, or so I've been told. Olympians may see him running with his tail between his legs soon. The Musketeers would help him, but they're too busy taking over castles and chasing down spies and rogue wizards. That's right, you heard it here first. The Musketeers are on a roll. They've knocked out an elite stack and will soon make Codric eat crow (so to speak).

I've heard tales that there may be a slumber party on Camaris this month or next. It will be a bloody slumber party, akin to a really bad theatre piece, but I like those the best. There is also word of more Frown troops in the south of Camaris. With the Musketeers' successes, the Frowns may just move south entirely.

Greetings fellow Olympians! Please visit the Crimson Dragon Web Site at http://www.geocities.com/area51/stargate/9565

There's a new boy in town, and he's looking for you.

To all would be warriors, I suggest that you consider the iceberg.


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