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Olympia PBEM

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Player-contributed press

Greetings Fellow Olympians

I am presently gathering infomation on rare or strange items. If anyone knows where to get gatecrystals, elfstones, the making of scrolls, the gathering of materials and where to find each of them, what beasts can be inter-bred, etc please mail me at Pozzie@Hotmail.com. The infomation may be published unless asked not to by the source. Hope everyone is having fun.

Lee The Brave.....Leader of the Syr-Antin

-- Syr-Antin [gk5]

Be it known that the Realm of Khazhad-dum doth be in search of goodly folk to assist in the growth of mine Realm. Be ye a Mason, Forester, Trader or other peaceful sort, an be near to Harn or Port Aurnos, send thee a missive an we shall endeavor to entice thee to come hither.

-- House of Aekinskald [hj8]

The Brotherhood of the Red God is currently unavailable for major work due to the large number of contracts we are engaged in. The Brotherhood is looking for new Warriors and other nobles who wish to take the Oath of the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood accepts individual nobles as well as whole factions into the order. If you are looking for a life of action and adventure then join the Brotherhood and see the world maybe even other worlds. Promotion for brave and resourceful men is quick and the spoils of war are large.

Distance is not an object as we are currently operating in most areas of Provinia and some of the other continents. Transport can be arranged.

Please visit our web site at www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/1843/borg.html or contact us at asgardian@bigfoot.com

May the Red God smile upon you.

-- Wodan [d987]


In conjunction with the Traveler's Guide, we have published Maps showing the size and position of the twelve regions of Olympia and the claims made on these regions. They can be viewed on the Encyclopedia Olympia pages at:


Any who wish to report errors or clarifications to their territory should respond to the address below.


Hades is one of four regions separate from the main world of Olympia (the others are Faery, the Cloudlands, and the Underworld).

Hades may only be entered through a graveyard sublocation. There are many of these sublocations visible in the main world, while others are hidden. To enter Hades, you must first enter the sublocation, then EXPLORE to find the hidden entrance to Hades. After a successful EXPLORE, you will see an additional route leaving the graveyard:

>Underground, to Hades [pv08], Hades, hidden, 1 day > "Notice to mortals, from the Gatekeeper Spirit of Hades: 100 > gold/head is removed from any stack taking this road."

This means that every noble, soldier, peasant, or fighting beast that takes this route will cost 100 gold. This includes any unit with an attack and defense rating, with the possible exception of ghost warriors (which are rated 0,0 and may not count).

Once you have discovered the hidden route, you can enter Hades and start exploring. Hades is very large, with about as many provinces as there are land provinces in the main world. All routes leaving provinces are hidden, so need to be discovered through exploration. This makes the exploration of Hades a very slow process. There are both hidden and visible graveyards scattered around, and these usually lead to a province in the main world far removed from the graveyard you used to enter Hades. Occasionally there will be more than one graveyard in a Hades province, but this has been observed only very rarely.

It is important to note that the graveyards are in the main world, and although movement from Hades to the graveyard is free, movement back into Hades requires another payment to the Gatekeeper Spirit of Hades.

Travel in Hades can be dangerous, with a 6% chance per move of an encounter. Encounters appear to consist of bands of undead, using roughly the size stacks seen when questing in graveyards (although some have been seen below the size limit). Nobles using conceal self are safe from harm, as are Necromancers with the Transcend Death skill.

-- Encyclopedia Olympia

Next: Gate Crystals and other rare items

Submissions or suggestions may be sent to encoly@hotmail.com. Do not expect a reply, as the editors wish to remain anonymous.

Toppe [n82], city, in province The Shadowlands [dd70] ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 24: Fili [3231], with five workers, nine riding horses, exited The 24: Fence [9947]. 24: Fili [3231], with five workers, nine riding horses, exited Toppe [n82]. 26: Dodo [1859] earned 60 gold working at common magic. 28: Tarl Desenea [3462], with one winged horse, exited Toppe [n82]. Inner locations: The Fence [9947], castle, defense 80, level 6, owner: Denetor [3119], duke, mage, wielding Longsword of Coinbalth [k287], with 16 peasants, 83 soldiers, six archers, 19 elite guard, 23 pikemen, 172 blessed soldiers, eight swordsmen, 79 crossbowmen, 75 elite archers, one winged horse Aileas Sejanus [a319], with five peasants, one crossbowman, two riding horses Paulie the Poofter [m307] Aragorn [2237], duke, sorcerer, with one riding horse, 98 ghost warriors Zoekplaats [8111], tower, defense 40 Denkplaats [4799], tower, defense 40 Sloppel Too [7112], inn, defense 10, 19% damaged Gezegend [4538], temple, defense 10

Tell Mom I said hi! I wonder if the slumber party is going to move to this place now? Someone told me this is worth a small fortune. So who is going to pay me?

Sweetwood is once again safe from rabid curs.

Soon his hide will be nailed to a door.

The Vulture Speaks:

I can't believe you people. Are you so lacking in creativity that you can't come up with your own nom de plume, and you have to rip off mine? This last moron even stole my special little nicknames for people, like Couchketeer and Eaglet. Unlike me, though, he or she or it was clearly biased in favor of one combatant, while I of course am totally neutral and above the fray, interested only in a good meal and writing overlong run-on sentences like this one.

Maybe it's a compliment--have my previous posts have been so on target that anyone who wants their rumors to have that special aura of believability feels the need to pretend they are the Vulture? Whatever it is, it's annoying and weird, so stop it.

Pshaw, I'm so irritated by this that I barely have the energy to comment on what is happening in the world. The recent discussion on the list has been interesting, with certain folk going out of character and accusing others of cheating. That term is probably too strong, if all they are doing is absuing game bugs. Not particularly honorable, but not actual cheating. Now if the Lords are running multiple positions as some suspect that would be a different story, but that is probably impossible to prove and therefore not worth discussing. If our Absent God Atnerks were to take notice and investigate that would be a Good Thing (thanks to fellow carrion bird Martha Stewart for the rights to use her material--ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION PEOPLE?) but in light of His recent lack of involvement don't hold your collective breath.

Lots of rumors about action on Camaris, but no reports of any signifcant actual battles. One wonders where the BEagles will land on this question. Will they continue to support the LotC, who have grown to become vastly larger than Eridanus and his pals, or will they jump to aid PLATO and preserve some semblance of the balance of power. I've been reading some fantasy literature lately with all this spare time I have, about another world where a great battle was fought called World War II. If you are familiar with it, the parallels to our world of Olympia are striking. If you ignore the politics and some of the other nasty habits of some of the combatants, then the LotC can be cast as this place called Germany. Harn is France, and the IC is called Belgium. PLATO is England, while the Rimmon folk are Russia. EAGLE is clearly Italy. We need two more players to fill out the cast--an America (TIBS?) and a Japan (SOA?). In the version I read Germany loses of course, the bad guys always do. Here in Olypmia though it may not turn out the same way. Anyone who is familiar with this story is welcome to comment. ;)

Ah well, CarEx (Carrion Express) has dropped off another fresh noble corpse, so it's time to chow. Until next time,

The Vulture Accept no lame substitutes

Would it help to confuse it if we run away more?

Oh, shut up and go and change your armour.

Let us taunt it! It may become so cross that it will make a mistake.

Like what?

Well... ooh.

Have we got bows?


We have the Holy Hand Grenade.

Yes, of course! The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch! 'Tis one of the sacred relics Brother Maynard carries with him! Brother Maynard! Bring up the Holy Hand Grenade!

Are you drifting aimlessly around Olympia looking for a small piece of land to build a castle because you can't think of anything else to do??

Running out of gold and not interested in joining the local alliance and being 3rd in command of border castle??

Don't build a castle, sack them !!!!

The Brotherhood of the Red God are currently recruiting new members in Drassa. Individual nobles or groups welcome. Several contracts need field commanders and there are many useful positions in support companies and of course mages are more than welcome. We offer a life of action and adventure as well as the ever present possibility of pillage.

Currently we are specifically looking for a ship's captain preferably with martial experience but not essential. We also are in need of a Captain of Bow. Any men with other skills are most welcome as well.

Enquiries to the Herald at asgardian@bigfoot.com

May the Red God smile on you

Oh, for a still. I could make my own Scotch.

We'll this is interesting. I wonder how much longer it will be now till something happens.

Pig Foul will make a nice roast !!!


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