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   | March 10, 1998                                                       |
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Olympia PBEM

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Player-contributed press

The Inner Circle and PLATO have provided me all they promised under the Yellowleaf Accord. My thanks to the Illustrated Man for handling the mechanics of the transfers.

-- Banquo's Ghost [ah7]

Hail once again Olympians, and a special hello to all you Drassans! Another friendly reminder to check out the new and improved TIB web page at: http://members.aol.com/seehawk42

The site underwent a major revision last week and contains many new items including a links page, Drassa News page and information on the new Mentor program.

It is strongly suggested that all players in the Drassa region visit the site regularly for news and information on our fair region.

Good Luck to all, Eric the Seehawk TIB Minister of Foreign Affairs

-- Lords of Hammerhill [gz2]

Hear ye! Hear ye! A merchant venture is forming in the city of Port Aurnos. Those hearty souls who would wish to partake may send your missives to the House of Aekinskald.

-- House of Aekinskald [hj8]

The Church of Egraal is a new alliance based on religion.

We believe in Egraal, the God of Truth.

_Public information about the Church of Egraal_ Visit: http://www.algonet.se/~fsievert/index.html ! (before the word "fsievert" in this URL there should be a "wavesign". I don't think that the Times shows it.)

_Questions, membership_ Write to: fsievert@algonet.se !

We offer membership to those who wish to follow Egraal. Even if you're new in Olympia you will soon be influential in the Church if you're dedicated.

Praise Egraal!

Yours, Patriarch Saeter

-- The Maximilians [rw8]

The Order of the Crescent, a member of TIB Alliance, publicly claims control of Eastern Ormos. All visitors to this continent are encouraged to contact us on arrival to avoid any misunderstandings.

All TIB rules are in effect and enforced.

-- Order of the Crescent [tw5]

Why are my Nobles "wearing a forest green sash" ? With the misunderstanding between the LOC and my faction I searched for the basic cause of our disagreement. I found three key components : 1.) The LOC did not know which faction my nobles belonged to. 2.) The LOC did not know the purpose of their visit. 3.) My nobles did not know they were in LOC territory. I understand why some factions do not want to mark their faction members. While their goals may not be compatible with everyone knowing their faction members, mine are. I shall mark my Nobles with a forest green sash. This states the following conditions: [The noble wearing this sash is a Member of the Druids of Scotland and as such will abide by all laws of the territory they are in. If they cause any trouble while in your territory they shall be punished according to the laws of the territory they are in. If they travel into any territory and are asked to leave by the owner of the territory, they shall by the shortest known route. If any noble not of my faction or without the permission of my faction wears a forest green sash they shall cause all members of their faction to be considered unclean and an enemy of my faction. If anyone wants a list of nobles authorized to wear a forest green sash please feel free to email me.

-- Druids of Scotland [uq4]

One for All and All for One

-- ROYAL LINES [yg9]

>Very well. I can see I have no other choice, and so I must comply. >Lord Angelo, I join the other members and swear allegiance to your >cause. But know this, if their was any other way I would take it.

We now control the governing members of three major alliances in Olympia.

War was averted in Yellowleaf because we didn't want our men fighting each other. We are now the ultimate power in Olympia.

And now, as the rumour mongers sharpen their quills to scribe some more 'witty' remarks, I, Lord Angleo, offer this challenge. May those who do not believe that we exist say so, in a signed press in the Times. We will prove our existance to you by destroying half of your faction within 5 turns. Who could do such a thing? Who could be in a position to destroy half a faction that could be situated anywhere in the world in only 5 turns? If we are what we claim to be, we can. If not, we lose and therefore we don't exist.

The rest is up to you.

Lord Angelo, Leader of The Shadow Alliance

-- Dark One [5404]

Since all good things come in three, I feel it is my duty to appeal to the horselords once more. Again without reaction Kamath continued his joyride through the Kingdom of Delzoun into the lands of the Raven.

Please note that your presence in our territory is not wanted or asked for. If you would be so kind to forget your 'Ghazi' plan we can leave it at that, if you choose to keep harassing us the way you are now, we will not keep appealing for peace while you are scouting our territory. We ask you polity to leave the area and peace will be assured.

Speaking for the Lords of the Crown :

-- Sir Codric [3910]


TIBS, SHMIBS!!!! I want a real alliance!

Was it Rimon Musketeers? Or Rum-on Muskatel? I ferget!!!

Yvengi is a louse!

First it was a murmur from within. Then a murmur from without, and finally, A true word of concern from within. It echoed Lord Foul !?! The images it calls forth are dark and frightful, unseming and evil ,yes most foul indeed. Hence I reply .He who has understanding knows the truth. They know it is a living oxymoron. A spitting in the face of true dispare. So I look within and the truth is in the oath of honor "One for All and All for One" this is what we hold most dear and when applied properly it can overcome any obstacle and achieve any goal. For no sacrifice is too small or large for that which we hold most dear, The Oath. Let me proclaim to all who have known me as Lord Foul a living oxymoron. Henceforth I shall be known as Ebony Knight. One for All and All for One

The children of Egraal are growing all across Olympia. The Truth shall spread, and worship of Egraal shall be sweet.

Join the Faith... Get your heart right!

"The clock is ticking"

-Arthur, former leader of the SA

The 'clock' is indeed ticking. It is a prominent part of the SA member's web site. While Arthur was in power the clock was unreliable at best. It was a countdown, but one that was changed upwards or downwards most weeks irratically. Obviously I am not refering to a problem with the web site, but to a undecisive leader. When the countdown finishes, it happens. Arthur wouldn't commit to a definate date, so the clock was useless. Lord Angelo however does not have this problem. Since he has been in power the clock has changed once, and has been counting down one point per turn ever since. I can't be sure what the counter relates to - although I can have a pretty good guess. Recently orders have been frantic, I myself have been recieving on average 20 mail list messages each day.

The clock is ticking. They are co-ordinating their efforts. They are coming.

NB: Re the Gossip Page, the number quoted for the membership of the shadow alliance is exagerrated by around 20.

The Thinker sees Bandwagon..... The Thinker considers his options.... The Thinker jumps on Bandwagon!

I have decided after long inter-psychological debate that I'm going to jump on the web-site bandwagon and do myself a page. No reason, I just want to spread the irratic works of my mind to new dimensions.

So, you may be asking, what will this web site (or web site as I like to call it) have to offer?

Well, apart from my usual banter, it will have a rumor page of it's own where aspiring gossipers may post there slanderous remarks. I will also be doing a weekly or monthly survey on a particular topic (a bit like the Olympia Awards only more frequent). Votes will be made online with the wonders of CGI. Things are in there early stages, but I've already had great demand for surveys such as "The one character who should by right be struck by lightning in an unfortunate situation such as while choosing vegetables" and "The Shadow Alliance...... A Nessecary Evil?". Votes can be anomonous if desired, and also suggestions for future surveys will be most welcome. The results will be posted on the web site and in the Times.

I also hope to publish interviews with famous Olympia personalities. I have set up a tempory e-mail address at thadiusthinker@hotmail.com. I would welcome any suggestions or contributions for the site. Particulary, suggestions of surveys to carry out are most welcome

I'm sure you'll all be visiting me at my new home which should be up and running in a couple of weeks at most.

It's the old old story of the aspiring personality starting in the gutter of the rumor section, but soon moving up the ladder of success to web-site ownership. Today, the rumor section.... tommorow, who knows?


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