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   | March 3, 1998                                                        |
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Olympia PBEM

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Player-contributed press

Greetings once again from TIB Alliance! We proudly present......the new Web Page! (and there was much rejoicing)

There are several new and different things about the page, the first being the new address. The new URL is:


(same as the old address, just drop /tibs.htm ) The website includes an updated and expanded starter's map, information on the new TIB Mentor program, the new Drassa News Page, and of course our newly revised and expanded charter. All Drassans are urged to read the new membership section which describes the new Assocaite member level. All of these changes represent TIB's effort to begin a local government with increased participation from all Drassans. We urge you to take a look.

Lastly, there is also a links page to other Olympia player sites. All you webmasters out there take a look. If you are not listed and wish to be, please drop me a line. If you are listed and wish to be removed, again, let me know.

I look forward to any an all feedback on the site and for submissions to the Drassa News. Good Luck to all,

Eric the Seehawk TIB Minister of Foreign Affairs

-- Lords of Hammerhill [gz2]

Some of you may have heard rumors of the Church of Egraal. Public information will soon be available. Please contact me if you have questions!

Praise Egraal!


Patriarch Saeter

-- The Maximilians [rw8]

Is the Quill stronger than the Sword ? My troubles with the Lords of the Crown has dissipated. We were able to discuss our problems without armed conflict. That was good as I have no soldiers. We both left the table understanding each other's position. I am able to harvest some natural resources in their territory. I will not move forces into their territory (NP, I have none). My nobles while in LOC territory will wear a forest green sash. I hope that everyone in the Yellowleaf area will be able to establish a permanent peace.

-- Druids of Scotland [uq4]

Again there was no word from the Horselords.

We truly hope they see that weapons are not the way to solve their conflict. We again want to sue for peace. Many major alliances have come to an agreement in the Yellowleaf-treaty, why not Harn ?

So far, aside from some feelings nobody got hurt. Let's keep it that way. None of the Lords of the Crown wish to go to war. Unlike what you read in the various posts, made by people who don't mind speaking out loud, without hearing both sides of the story, we are not militaristic, aggressive or violent by nature. So far all the Lords have attacked, were some brainless savages. And atnerks willing (an adopted phrase) it will remain that way.

I also want to take the time to thank all people/factions, new and established ones for their support, their courage to look behind the curtain of lies and treats that is drawn around us by some less respectful individuals. Know that we will not forget those who supported us over time.

Speaking for the Lords of the Crown :

-- Sir Codric [3910]

Hear ye! Hear ye! The Guardian Federation hereby claims the northern half of Ossicus. Borders have been agreed with other parties on the continent. We are a peaceful alliance dedicated to the development of these lands and would welcome any faction who wishes to join us in this cause. If you are interested in coming to Ossicus, please contact Mithrai Firetongue at wildfiregames@hotmail.com

-- Mithrai Firetongue [7201]

The Confederacy of Southern Provinia (also know as the Confederacy of Harn or the Harn Alliance) would like it know that there is a bounty paid for the discovery of hidden locations within its borders. Bounties vary on the type of location discovered.

Also let it be known that the Confederacy is looking for landless nobles to take service with various members of the Confederacy. It is Confederacy tradition to reward faithful service with land grants, titles and other honarariums.

Any interested nobles please send a courier to:

-- Jhermai the Scarlet [8984]

The Southern Ossicus Alliances (SOA) would like to announce that an amicable and fair border agreement had been reached with all other alliances currently on Ossicus. Exact details can be obtained by mailing the Speaker of the House, Saggar(5597). To any parties interested in travelling through Ossicus, please be advised to contact SOA prior to your journey to avoid any misunderstandings.

Prosperity and Peace to all

Saggar, Speaker of the House. Southern Ossicus Alliance

-- Saggar [5597]


We sealed the entrances with stone and the bodies of the dead. The enemy still moved outside and we huddled in a corner. The mage went into some kind of trance. Our swords were useless now. Never had we seen such fangs, such a tail . . . this was no ordinary demon.

Good thing he was on our side.

Early one morning deep in the forest, there is a bright flash of light in a clearing, seen by a rabbit, the rabbit takes off for its burrow. A deer pass through the clearing a little later, stooping to sniff at a form lying on the ground. The deer bounds away as the form gives a groan and moves. After a few minutes the form slowly and unsteadily raise to his feet. The man looks to his hands and body as if seeing them for the first time. The form speaks, "I see that the gods have again chosen this form. Will they never learn how much I hate it? The must think it is great sport to put me in it. As much sport as flinging me across the planes. I wonder what they have planed for me this time. Which way does the balance swing in this plane that I must off set it so that all the planes may remain in good order? Well I guess I better be about it. Standing here will get nothing done." The man moves off into the woods with a determined step. After the man has left the deer returns to the clearing. It stares in the direction that the man left. The deer looks up gives a little nod and then looks back in the direction of the retreating man and give a soft sound the almost sounds like laughter.

The Hawk's Nest is Burning. Where shall we get our ale now? Don't worry mate. Have a chocolate.

What is the Tibs position on Mr. Pibb?

Yvengi is a louse!

The men were huddled in the underbrush, pouring coffee from the pot on the small fire. The sun was setting and it would be time to move on soon. When they had crossed the border they had come upon a small garrison of peasants, old men and boys with rusty farm tools standing watch over the frontier. Their adversary was scrambling to secure his lands. Despite the weak defenses the decision had been made to move at night and bypass such an easy target. The leader sat by himself and was quiet as usual, thinking to himself. It seemed as though a plan was forming beneath his furrowed brow. Suddenly he arose and and went to his mount. The men quickly followed. It was time to go.

Egraal awakens across the lands of Olympia. His voice speaks softly in the hearts of many across the world. He speaks Truth. He offers hope to the experienced and newbie alike. Those who would seek to follow him should listen within and seek his followers.

Praise be Egraal....

Ah, 'twas a terrible fight!

Stealthily, we entered the lair, where the stench was yet more terrible. Me & my troop of guards, we were surprised by the hideous beast: a foul tempered dragon, evil & whicked. He snatched up Gorman, rending him in two with his cruel fangs. We were shocked, but instantly my guards & I rushed the beast, hacking with our swords, & we beat the monster down. I have heard that in strange lands there are masters who can subdue a dragon & make him their servant. But for me, it was good enough to kill the beast, & I pray I will see one not again.

If the Lords of the Crown attack eastern Harn and Noire Immortalis is drawn into the fray, is there really any question where the Undying banner's spears will fall?

Your enemies are amongst you. Beware.


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