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   | The Olympia Times                                        issue g2-57 |
   | March 17, 1998                                                       |
   |                                                                      |
   | turn 57  328 players                             http://www.pbm.com/ |

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Olympia PBEM

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Player-contributed press

Hi again from TIB. You know the drill...... http:/members.aol.com/seehawk42 for the latest on the TIB alliance. Remember to send in any news items you wish posted on the new News page!

On a more personal note, I speak now as Eric Nelson, head of faction gz2 The Lords of Hammerhill....not as Eric the Seehawk MoFA of TIB. There was a post in last week's Times from the Shadow Alliance ref the recent trouble and subsequent peace in Yellowleaf. In that post, SA claims to have ended the conflict because they "controlled" two or more alliances involved in the conflict. Of course most of you know the role that I played in the peace treaty and I can honestly say that in all of my involvment I never once got the feeling that anybody was "behind" the peace accord, least of all the SA. I have had numerous conversations with most world leaders over the last 50 some odd weeks. While I can't claim to know them all, I do have a pretty good feeling for most of them. The actions taken by all concerned parties, and the tone of their conversations, during the building conflict and subsequent peace negotiations were consistent with what I had learned about all of them over the past year. In other words, it did not appear to me that any of the participants were suddenly "beholden to another"......SA or any other group. I have discussed this with Lord Angelo in private email and informed him that I don't believe his claims ref Yellowleaf. Disbelief is a risk secret organizations take :-) He was also made aware of my intention to publically state my disbelief in those claims and he has assured me that such action would not result in action between SA and TIB. I take him at his word. I do believe SA exists, or else I would not have diplomatic contact with them, but I sometimes believe their claims of power are somewhat over stated. In this instance, because of my intimate knowledge of the situation, I felt it important that I offer my opinion on the matter. Take it as you will.

-- Lords of Hammerhill [gz2]

The Church of Egraal is a new alliance based on religion.

_Public information about the Church of Egraal_ Visit: http://www.algonet.se/~fsievert/index.html !


_Questions, membership_ Write to: fsievert@algonet.se !

We offer membership to those who wish to follow Egraal, the God of Truth. Even if you're new in Olympia you will soon be influential in the Church if you're dedicated.

Praise Egraal!

Yours, Patriarch Saeter

-- The Maximilians [rw8]

Lord Angelo,

Whereas we do not refute the existence of some entity self-entitled 'The Shadow Alliance', we do refute the pompous proposition of omnipotence that leads to such braggadacio in the Times. As a reminder:

"I, Lord Angleo, offer this challenge. May those who do not believe that we exist say so, in a signed press in the Times. We will prove our existance to you by destroying half of your faction within 5 turns."

Wing & Talon hereby accepts this challenge, with the further caveat that we will make no pretense of even preparing to thwart the 'imminent destruction' implied. We are presuming that by your honor, hostilities will cease at the end of Harvest, year 8. Until then, we invite your wrath, and will chronicle your successes to your ultimate glory in the Times.

The gauntlet has been thrown. It is yours, Lord Angelo, to retrieve.

On this the first day of Fierce Winds, in the 8th great circling.

Grey Kestrel

-- Wing & Talon [tp2]

------------------------------ Order of the Crescent Update ------------------------------

The Order of the Crescent, a member of TIB Alliance, publicly claims control of Eastern Ormos. All visitors to this continent are encouraged to contact us on arrival to avoid any misunderstandings.

All TIB rules are in effect and enforced.

-- Order of the Crescent [tw5]

Have you sent in your Players Poll yet? Theres still time.

-- ROYAL LINES [yg9]

Our people have been called by the great god Egraal to join the Church of Egraal. He has also laid upon my heart the duty as defender of the Holy Text of Egraal. Ours will be the fundamentalist and defenders of this spiritually sovereign work.

Praise be Egraal!

Keep the Faith. Spread the Faith!

-- Iron League [yp7]

Greetings fellow Olympiads:

We have had the good forture of recently visiting many of the Oly player-created web pages. Many of these are really quite good. We recommend them to all Olympiads. Even that crazy Shadow alliance put together a good page. Note especially, however, Lord Foul's & the Order of the Crescent. The Merchant Guild page has real promise. The Grand Council has a pretty good map: I learned a lot from that map.

best wishes, We are, Defeder of the weak, bane of tyrants, curse of the savages, the peace loving, Captain Arrrr, speaking for, Captain Arrr

-- Captain Arrr [7662]

I don't believe that the Shadow Alliance was instrumental in stopping the Yellowleaf fighting, and I don't think they can destroy half of my faction in 5 turns. Give it your best shot, Lord Angelo.

-- Andrew Grey

-- Andrew Grey [7878]

The Shadow Stalker has been cruelly taken from our world. As his last request he asked that I hold his inheritence till his return. I have sworn to uphold his memory so that none shall forget him or his Clan. In token of this the device of the House of Carnelian shall be shown from this day forth held by two Dragon's rampant.

The Clan of Dragonsbane may not inhabit our world any longer but their deeds shall be spoken of down the ages of Olympia as one of the finest of the Second Age.

May the Red God hold the Shadow Stalker in his hand

-- Jhermai the Scarlet [8984]

Greetings Fellow Olympians.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people, new and veteran alike, who sent mail to me after my 'BAD' turn a little while ago. It is nice to see that there are some people who enjoy the game as much as I seem to and play to further others enjoyment as well. Jheremiah The Scarlet is as helpful as when I first met him in turn 33 where he again gave me advice on starting and setting goals early. Thanks Scarlet One :-) Also I would like to thank Greykyn, another nice guy with a proposal that was both generous and trusting. Cheers mate. :-) To the new players who where willing to lend me a ship when Cronus and Athena stole mine, thanks and maybe I can return the hospitallity some time. As to the ship thieves .....thanks for nothing. You wasted 3 turns of mine where I have had to build another and now face finacial ruin due to the labor involved with my castle and other ventures. If anyone see's Cronus [7013], Athena [7771] or my ship S-A-S Wind Dancer [9877] I would appreciate knowing the where abouts. To happier events. Anyone wishing to come visit me, my door is always open. The Syr-Antin are wild and simple people. We enjoy strong women and loose beer and are presently looking for settlers to build in the area. If any new players wish to set up inn's for income or temples for training purposes, or anything but castles and mines, mail me and we can discuss it via email. I honor my neighbors and will not welcome anyone that encroaches on there territory. My neighbors are the TIBs and The Guardians. Both are honest and peaceful and I intend to mantain that harmony. Mail me at Pozzie@hotmail.com Peace and Good Fortunes to all.

Lee The Brave.....Syr-Antin

-- Lee The Brave [1426]

Here yea here yea, The Guild Of Merchants is now to be found at our, Headquaters, http://geocities.com/pentagon/3897/

Just follow the directions and you'll get there.So why should I subscribe to The Guild , well let us transport your goods , let us provide the ships and crews, allow your nobles to carry out other more important tasks, our conditions are negotiatable but are basically.

1 months travel 10% of the profits 2 Months travel 20% of the profits

for more details contact our representive at :-


-- Hugh O'Neil [6510]

New factions!Want to make money fast? Recruit peasants and sell them to me! Buy wood from me, make weapons, and sell them back to me! My doors never close! THE TRADING POST - basic commodities bought and sold buy sell ID Peasants B8 S12 10 Wood B6 S9 77 Iron B20 S25 79 Crossbows B20 S25 85 Pikes B20 S25 75 Longswords B35 S40 74

ITEMS FOR SALE Mithril S100 82 qty 10 Healing Potions S150 qty 5 Winged Horses S350 54 qty 0

ITEMS WE WILL BUY Wild Horses B30 51 20 Riding Horses B75 52 29 Lana Bark B50 64 10 Blank Scrolls B55 84 10 Giant Lizards B500 282 2

-- The Illustrated Man [1010]

Definately Rum-on Muskatel

-- Grombin [1710]

To "Lord Angelo"

Your challenge is accepted. I do not believe the Shadow Alliance exists. You have five turns. If at that time you have not destroyed half of my faction you will shut up and go away.

-- Ming the Merciless [2900]


I think it's great that the Shadow Alliance challenges it's detractors to offer signed press while the Shadow Alliance itself refused to do so.

Come on you Shadow Alliance boys, why would the Shadow bashers come out of the shadows if you won't? You want public enemies? present a public persona.

I'm glad the Shadow Alliance exists though. You guys definately provide some of the funniest bits in the game.

A mouse roars. Noone cares.

The time for compromise has now passed, and the South is determined to maintain her position, and make all who oppose her smell Southern powder and feel Southern Steel.

Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederate States of America in his inaugural address

All hail The Doctor (Self-Appointed)

-- The Doctor (Self-Appointed)

Its seems that a newbie faction has taken to piracy.they are gonna be taught a lesson cos they don't find out whos ships they steal.syr-antin are friends and since Lee is busy i'm gonna kill the thieves myself.you may be named after greek gods athena and your crony friend cronus but i am a greek god and will be finding your location this month.watch your backs.and to everyone else,have fun hey.

So what is the go with the Shadow Alliance.Are they gonna wipe out everyone in Olympia in order to make the game more enjoyable.I don't understand the theory here at all.If you kill everyone who is not in the Alliance then what is the point of playing.You land up with a game where everyone is on the same side and you don't have any enemies left except those in your own group.Sounds to me like the snake biting it's own tail.

A Simple Problem for Lord Angelo

I respectfully refuse your request for free information on my faction, but here's a way you can demonstrate your espionage prowess without attacking anyone. Just answer three questions, two of which I'm certain you can easily answer, and I'll concede you're good. All this information is public data in my alliance, and so should be in your hands already, since you have a spy in our ranks, as you said in your Turn 56 Times press.

1) What sort of location is sp02, and from what other location or locations can it be accessed? Your previous spy, now dropped, (a shame, I rather liked him) had this information.

2) What is the id of the similar location that my noble who found sp02 entered in turn 56? Your current spy should have this info.

3) What is my faction id? Your previous spy may have given you this, and your present spy can look it up. Not as easy as having me give it to you, but sometimes you gotta work for your info like the rest of us.

Bonus Points) Since I've posted this to my current alliance on Wednesday, you'll have plenty of time to get the info from your spy, and so you can respond to this rumor before it appears. If that's too much trouble, you can provide a simultaneous press release in the Times.

I hope you enjoy this little problem. Solving it successfully will be even more impressive than just killing a few nobles, and do much to bolster your public image. Failure will suggest you are just talking through your hat about your extensive spy network, and will result in taunting.

Finally, by my count there were at least 5 sides in the Yellowleaf war, not two.

-You know who I am

On a sign post in the pillaged Lands of the Crown:

I thumb my nose at Codric the lowly peasant boy

Hear ye, hear ye,

It seems that some players are taking on a different role than the ones they are used to. I have kept quiet in the past but since that damned Thinker started acting up I just can't keep my opinion to myself anymore.

I believe that the truth is that the Thinker, Lord Angelo, Arthur and the whole Shadow Alliance are one and the same person. I even think that these characters can be linked to no one less than Noire Immortalis of The undying banner (zh8).

Isn't it odd that the before so vocal Mouth of the South (TMOTS), run by The undying banner, has shut down now that the rumor mill of the Thinker and other personifications of this charade are in full effect?

When the alleged leadership of the SA changed from Arthur to Lord Angelo, there was in effect no change at all. And the spokesperson of the SA, the Dark One, is just a noble wandering the lands of Clan Dragonsbane, who have a mutual defense treaty with the Harn Confederacy, of which The undying banner is a member.

So, you must all now realize that no one is really what they seem to be.

There will probably be some reactions from the accused persons. Do not believe them. They talk about honor, but they hide their dark plans and schemes behind the facade of the Shadow Alliance and their multiple persona.

Thank you for your attention.

The truth is my life.


Central Intelligence Organization of Olympia.

The Thinker's Web Site is now operational.

You can find it at http://www.pyragon.co.uk/thinker/

Please feel free to come and visit and participate in our survey of the week 'Does The Shadow Alliance Exist'

Thank you to all the mail list readers who have already voted in the survey. So far, with just under 50 votes, things are pretty equal, with the Don't Exist voters ahead slightly.

I apologise to those who were presented with a 404 not found message when they posted the form. This was because of a typo on the acknowledgment page link, but the votes still came through.

The current survey will be open until next week, where I wil give a detailed summary of all the votes.

Unfortunatly, other areas of the world are opening their arms and beckoning me into their webs of deciet. Therefore, this must be the end of my message for this week.

Till next time.... play nice.


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