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   | The Olympia Times                                        issue g2-52 |
   | Februrary 10, 1998                                                   |
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   | turn 52  281 players                             http://www.pbm.com/ |

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Olympia PBEM

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Player-contributed press

To comply with the terms of the Yellowleaf Peace Treaty, the New Empire is hereby dissolved as an alliance.

As the former leader of the New Empire, I will relocate to TIBs controlled territory on the continent of Ormos. Banquo's Ghost will a guest of TIBs, not a member, and will abide by the TIBs rules of conduct as published on their web page. TIBs may allow Banquo's Ghost to construct a castle on Ormos at some point, but that will be settled between Banquo's Ghost and TIBs when appropriate.

I also announce my agreement to a non-aggression pact with PLATO to expire at the end of turn 152. I am satisfied with the results of the peace negotiations and consider my conflict with PLATO to be completely settled. I have no intention of taking any action against PLATO or any of its members as a result of any past actions on their part.

-- Banquo's Ghost [ah7]

A few months ago, the Eagle Alliance accused the Inner Circle and the Illustrated Man of treachery and betrayal. We retract this accusation. The Eagle Council has fully accepted the Inner Circle explanation of the events surrounding the attack on Azrain and their involvment.

The Inner Circle is hereby cleared of any Eagle accusations of betrayal.

For the Eagle Alliance,

--Cendage Commander-in-Chief, Operation Vulture

-- Eridanus [gh2]

Greetings all. There have been many new players joining our game over the last couple of turns and we in TIB just wanted to take a moment and invite any and all of these new players to have a look at our web site at: http:/members.aol.com/seehawk42/tibs.htm

We would especially urge any players in the Drassa region to have a look. We invite comments & questions and only wish to live in peace with our fellow Olympians.

Thank you, Eric the Seehawk Minister of Foreign Affairs TIB Alliance

-- Lords of Hammerhill [gz2]

Look! another post from TIB! Oh happy day! As many of our neighbors know, we have been working feverishly in the TIB alliance to solidify all of our borders. This has included negotiations on three continents and involving nearly 20 factions and/or groups. We are happy to say that all negotiations went well, and we believe we have set borders deemed fair an equitable to all involved. We will soon be updating our charter to reflect these borders, but thought it wise to post them here so that all could see them.

If you feel any of these borders are not accurate or are unfair, please contact me as soon as you are able. If we do not hear anything in the near future, we will accept these borders as confirmed.

ON THE CONTINENT OF ORMOS TIB Territory will consist of all provinces east of, and including, column 11

ON THE CONTINENT OF TOLLUS TIB Territory will consist of the following provinces and all provinces east of these provinces: bx15, bw15, bv15, bt15, bs15, br15, bq15, bp19, bn20, bm21, bk22, bj24, bh25, bg26 and bf27

ON THE CONTINENT OF PROVINIA TIB Territory will consist of all provinces within the below outlined area (including the stated rows/columns themselves): north border: row bz east border: column 43 south border: row cq west border: shore of the Great Sea

Unless specifically stated otherwise by treaty, all rules and governances outlined in the TIB charter are in effect in these territories.

Thank you all in advance for honoring this lawful and peaceful claim. Bless the Hand, and may it have mercy on our souls.

Eric the Seehawk Minister of Foreign Affairs TIBs Alliance

-- Lords of Hammerhill [gz2]


As most of you know, war has raged for years in and around Yellowleaf. There are as many different causes for the war as there are participants. Honor insulted, accusations leveled, livelyhood threatened. This war came to a head just 2 turns ago when Olympia was pushed to the very brink of world-wide war.

Various spiderwebs of alliances, friendships and back door deals all coalesced into a maelstrom of deciet and military might. As Minister of Foreign Affairs for the TIB alliance I did my best to keep out of the conflict directly, but the knowledge that it was happening - and for all the wrong reasons - still bothered me. I managed to use my position on the Grand Council of Ambassadors, and my relationship(s) with many of the concerned and involved parties, to craft a workable treaty that has effectively ended the war in Yellowleaf.

Below you will see The Yellowleaf Peace Accord. This accord was originally written 2 weeks ago and has survived many rewrites and redrafts. It has been read and agreed to by all involved parties. I was honored that my first draft was accepted as the framework for this accord, and prouder still to have served as arbitrator during the negotiaions. I am proud and happy to have served a small role in the peace making process. But no one man or group can lay claim to the bringing about an end to this conflict, just as no one man or group is solely responsible for it's beginning. This accord was made possible by the wilingness of several honorable men to accept and offer apologies. To let bygones be. To try to rebuild a war ravaged territory and to attempt to let peace live again. It is these men, the leaders of the mighty nations involved, that I thank for stepping back, taking a breath, and allowing the process to happen. If all goes as planned, you will see other posts in this issue of the Times supporting this treaty and taking the first step towards peace. Thank you Gentlemen.

Eric the Seehawk Minister of Foreign Affairs TIB Alliance & member of the Grand Council of Ambassadors

THE YELLOWLEAF PEACE ACCORD 1) The Eagle Alliance will formally and publicly denounce the actions of Mike "Fox" Blauser during his tenure as leader of the New Empire

2) The New Empire will be disbanded as an alliance and as an Eagle Alliance Cell

3) Mike Hughes, current leader of New Empire, will relocate his faction to the TIB controlled area on the continent of Ormos. There Mike will be allowed to pursue whatever peaceful ventures he so chooses. Mike will not be a member of the TIB alliance. Mike and Plato will agree to a 100 turn non-agression pact.

4) Mike Hughes will retain a seat within the Eagle Alliance

5) Plato will issue a fomal and public apology for their actions after the intial attack on the Crimson Citidel.

6) Plato, Eagle & Inner Circle will release all captive nobles. They will also return any dead bodies of nobles in the possession. Eagle Alliance will search for the body of the Plato noble Cesneros and return it to Plato. Plato will return the elfstone captured in the attack on the Crimson Citidel and pay Mike Hughes 1000 gold for the Imperial Throne that was also captured in that attack.

7) Plato and Camaris based Eagle Alliance cells will remove all nobles from the continent of Provinia by the start of turn 55.

8) The Camaris non-agression pact will be amended to include the continent of Provinia

9) The Eagle Alliance will issue a formal and public apology clearing The Illustrated Man and the Inner Circle of the charge of Treason

10) Inner Circle will publicly drop any claim to have purchased former New Empire provinces from Plato

11) Inner Circle will be allowed to purchase provinces from Mike Hughes of the former New Empire at a cost of 500 gold per province, up to a maximum of 10 provinces

12) The remaining New Empire provinces (after item 11) will be divided between Inner Circle and Lords of the Crown. Inner Circle will receive 20% and Lords of the Crown 80%. The division is as detailed below: Inner Circle will control cx77, cz77, da77, db77, dc78, dd78, df78, dg78 and all points EAST within former New Empire land. Lords of the Crown will controll all provinces WEST. This division concerns only the land of the former New Empire (within an 8 provine radius of Azrain)

13) No castles may be built within 3 provinces of Yellowleaf

14) All transfers of money, items and bodies will take place within the safe haven city of Yellowleaf on or before turn 54. (this refers to item #6 and the money from item #11) Details to be worked out between the concerned parties.

-- Lords of Hammerhill [gz2]

The Eagle Alliance Council would like to take this opportunity to publicly condemn the aggressive and hostile foreign policy adopted by the former leader of The New Empire, Mike "Fox" Blazer. The Council also

extends an apology for these actions to any and all groups who felt threatened or intimidated by them.

Terry Hoffman, Councilman and Ambassador to PLATO The Eagle Alliance

-- The Sons of the Speardogs [kx4]

In reference to the rumor posted in last weeks times concerning Lord Angelo of the shadow alliance.

I myself am a newbie, and like most of us I'm a bit wary of any messages I recieve from alliances.

I replied to Lord Angelo, making it clear that I didn't want to join his kind of alliance, but any advice would be appeciated.

Since that time, I have found lord Angelo extremely helpful, answering all my questions quickly and thoroughly. I have been sent map files without even having to ask, and have been given good advice on my next few moves.

I have found him an extremely intelligent and helpful player, and I don't aggree to any extent with what was spoken about him in the last times.

-- The hopefulls [mp3]

This is a formal announcement, wig and all, that we have agreed to all terms of Eric the Seehawk's Peace Agreement for Yellowleaf. We have agreed to purchase part of the original claim of the New Empire, and we wish them all luck and safety on their voyage.

The Illustrated Man for the Inner Circle

-- The Illustrated Man [1010]

Greetings Fellow Olympids:

It seems that just as the ugly threat of war reared again its ugly head, calm peace-advocates, most notably the TIBS, but also several others, have separated the wheat from the chaffe in the diplomatic debates of these past years, such that the soldiers, many of them freshly trained, are now able to spend time at home with their loved ones, putting off, if only for a while, the final release of their mortal coil.

We are pleased to have played a part in these great events.

Plato urged peace when we thought it was appropriate & we began this entire drama with our campaign for the destruction of the Tyrant Fox.

In the same vein, we now recognize that the long-lasting and durable Camarisian peace accord between Plato and the Empire to be so valuable that, in accordance with the treaty arranged by the long-suffering Tibs, we extend this treaty to Provinia as well.

That's not to say that everything went smoothly. Our attack against Fox actually missed him, as he departed this world err our trigger was ready.

Most seriously, we suspect that our hit list of targets was corrupted with non-Empire members. If true, this is a most serious error on our part.

Finally, we were unable either to secure peace or to destroy the New Empire quickly, which resulted in a long seemingly missionless campaign.

In all this, Plato has made some enemies and alienated those we would have had as our friends. We extend our sympathies to all wronged parties & we lamenet nobles unlucky to have been mistargeted as New Empire nobles. They will not be forgotten.

Finally, no matter how many trade routes we exploit, Plato will be forever impoverished if it fails to receive the one thing we most pressingly desire and need but of which we are no doubt unworthy: the generous pardon of those we may have wronged.

I am, respectfully, Captain Arrr, for Plato

-- Captain Arrr [7662]

What we do isn't good, evil, right or wrong.

It's just what we do.



-- Dark One [5404]


Q: What's the best thing about frogs, crabs, and Ferenth? A: None of this business of who's right and who's wrong. Just good old-fashioned warfare!

I, Lord d'Escargot hereby claim the province wherein lies my castle, all the provinces that I have garrisoned and all the provinces that I can garrison upto but excluding any borders that have been previously negotiated. Anyone who builds in this area will be asked to pledge to my castle (but will be allowed to keep the garrisons).

It is better to extinguish one candle than curse the light

Underworld Report Month 5: It's really not especially dangerous down here, but not worth the 9 mo. trip.

We hereby claim every province east of row qz and south of column 60. Any factions found violating this claim will be dealt with in a most severe and decisive manner. --The Fruit of the Loom Guys (PS: Our alliance is more secreter than yer alliance...so nyah!)

Yellowsnow Peace Accord to Bring Peace to Ferenth

1) The Crab Nation will formally and publicly renounce all claims to have originated the stratagem of capturing flies, bees, wasps and other tasty insects by whapping them with a sticky tongue.

2) The Frog Alliance will be disbanded as an alliance, but will be allowed to return as the Frog League, a miniseries, a book of the week, and a combination floor wax/dessert topping.

3) The Velvet Frog, current leader of Frog Alliance League, will relocate his castle to a nice swampy area close to the mall and not outside of the delivery radius of the Dominoes Pizza where they know him well. He will be allowed to pursue a strange vendetta against the Alaskan King, so long as he promises not to cackle or say things like "It looks like the shoe's on the other foot, crab!" once he actually succeeds in using the Alaskan King's boy sidekick (in this case, "young crab sidekick") to capture him. The Alaskan King will renounce his membership in the Ferenth Frogs-killers Society, and will not apply for reinstatement for 24 game months. The Alaskan King and the Velvet Frog agree to not attack each other for 20 game months; if they do attack each other in that time it would be a Bad Thing.

4) The Undertoad, the Velvet Frog's sickening henchman, will keep his seat on busses, subways, or other means of public transportation when an elderly person, pregnant person of any gender, or vision-impaired carbon-based item is forced to stand nearby. Tripping, however, remains barred by this agreement.

5) The Crab Nation will issue public stock in their nation, on a $1 par basis convertible to preferred stock in five years.

6) The Frog Alliance League Network, the Crab Nation, and the Hedgehogs of Ferenth Freedom Association (HOFFA) will release all pictures in their possessions of each other naked. This hasty, vaguely worded, and ill-thought-out provision in this agreement will lead to massive and horrible complications, which should prove to be really entertaining.

7) Carbon-based Frog Alliance League Network Group cells will remove all free oxygen from blood in neighboring bloodstreams. I just thought you'd like to know that.

8) The Crab v. Frog non-aggression pact will be amended to include computer generated animation, a short-haired but presumably heterosexual perky girl drummer, extra pleating near the seat, some off-the-cuff references to types of cheese to which people have allergies, and some sort of diplomatic resolution to the war in Ferenth.

9) The Crab Nation will issue a formal and public apology to all parties for the resurgent popularity of disco music. Each game month that passes without disco music going away again forever will be atoned for by the public execution of one of the Crab Nation's nobles. The word of the Crab Nation as to which nobles they actually own will be taken at face value.

10) The Frog Alliance League Network Group Association will publicly drop any claim to have purchased the word "form" from any poorly proofread proclamation in the Times or the g2-list. Any use of the word "form" shall no longer trigger a royalty payment. Use of the word "use," however, remains trademarked.

11) The Hedgehogs of Ferenth Freedom Association will be allowed to purchase souvenir t-shirts from the Crab Nation bearing the legend: "I stopped the Land War in Ferenth and all I got was this lousy t-shirt" at a cost of 500 gold per shirt, up to a maximum of 10 shirts. Each additional shirt shall be 495 gold each.

12) The remaining Frog Alliance League Network Group Association Union nobles will be divided into light meat, dark meat, bones, and skin. The nobles of the Crab Nation will be simmered in a water-based butter sauce at 250 degrees. Eventually, this will start to bother them. Too damn bad.

13) No castle may be built within 3 provinces of itself.

14) All transfers of genetic material will take place within the confines of a private home, hotel room, or prison. No use of video recorders, sound recorders, motion detectors, or turkey basters will be allowed. Details to be worked out between the concerned parties.

Yvengi is a louse!

"Beware the Ides of March."

With the dawn of a new Olympian year and an end to hostilities on Ferenth our Tourism Advisory Board is pleased to announce our new Advertising Theme for 1998 :

Ferenth -- The "In" Continent

Softshell Crab, Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations

It appears that the Shadow Alliance is recruiting newbies. Rumor is a blanket letter went out to many of the new players, warning them of impending danger, certain demise, and distrust for any curious alliances extending a hand to inexperienced players. Little brother is watching you!

It appears that I have been thinking a bit too much. I inadvertantly worked out who the leader of the shadow alliance was, and now he's gone and resigned.

This Lord Angelo character is getting bad press already. I have a theory about that:

The SA do not use their own names or their own character names in their press - that would be stupid. So they use assumed names instead. Fair enough, you might say. That depends. If this Lord Angelo character chose his own name, then that's bad enough - but if Arthur chose it for him then our problems are just starting.

I refer to the time I did an English degree. If my knowledge of Shakesperean plays is accurate, and we all know that it is, then we could be looking at a big problem.

Imagine for a minute that the SA is all that it claims to be. Imagine that it has a large military force and is positioned all around the world. Imagine that it does have the spies that it claims to have, and that they have been getting all the information that they can about the alliance's weak points etc.

Now, if that is the case, then this Lord Angelo guy could make the 'coming of the shadow' thing that they talk about in their web site a reality. But we all know it won't be just the nasty alliances that are targeted. They'll bring the whole thing down. Sort of like the apocalypse, only not as bad.

How do I know all this? Well I don't. As I said, it's a theory. But it is one substantiated by evidence.

The previous leader of the SA was like an episode of the simpsons. He always used hidden meanings and enjoyed slipping in references to films and books where possible. I don't know why but he did. Now, if he knows his shakespeare, and I'm pretty sure he does, he wouldn't have let someone called Lord Angelo take over unless there was something exrtremely bad about to happen.

Think about it.

The Thinker.


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