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   | The Olympia Times                                        issue g2-51 |
   | Februrary 3, 1998                                                    |
   |                                                                      |
   | turn 51  284 players                             http://www.pbm.com/ |

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Olympia PBEM

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Player-contributed press

Multi-party negotiations are underway to resolve the longstanding conflicts in the Yellowleaf area. Although they look promising, neutral parties should continue to exercise caution when traveling in the area until a final resolution is announced.

-- Banquo's Ghost [ah7]

[I am posting this in the _Times_ for historical purposes. It was sent to the g2-list and to the Grand Council of Ambassador's list initially.

Greetings Olympiads,

I represent the Eagle Alliance. We are a month 1 alliance, and are composed of many independent groups around the world. So far, we have been silent. I apologize for the recent silence, as it's difficult to find agreement among our many members. Committee design has its faults. :-)

****** A long time ago, the Inner Circle was accepted as a member of the Eagle Alliance. The Inner Circle agreed to the Charter, and then proceeded to participate in discussions and planning. Our Charter states two things important to the Yellowleaf situation: 1) We will not expand by hostile means; and 2) The Eagle Alliance, and its members, must be kept secret.

The Inner Circle had no intention of abiding to the Charter, however, and was gathering information for their own devious purposes, as well as feeding information to another alliance intent on attack. This spy, this traitor, was instrumental in the attack on the New Empire.

In conclusion, the Inner Circle BETRAYED the New Empire and the Eagle Alliance.

Therefore, we claim full responsibility for the attack on the Inner Circle garrisons.

This is a vengeance mission. The Eagle Alliance keeps its agreements, and this betrayal hurt our honor significantly.

We are not doing this to expand by military might. We would like to go back to our respective countries and develop in peace. This is a limited mission, and once we achieve our goals the non-Provinian alliances will leave the area. We won't claim we are leaving and stay: We Will Leave After Finishing The Mission.

Thank you for your time,

--Cendage Commander-In-Chief, Operation Vulture

[The above announcement was subsequently followed by the announcement below [corrections added].]


The Inner Circle satisfactorily explained this to us. It seems that "Fox," the original leader of the New Empire, bullied the IC into joining the Eagle Council. Betrayal under duress can hardly be considered a justification for war.

The Eagle Alliance retracts its original accusation of betrayal.

--Cendage CIC, Operation Vulture

-- Eridanus [gh2]

Greetings again from the TIBs. This post is going out in the turn 51 Oly Times. Per our post in the turn 49 Times, we now consider the negotiations ref the continent of Ormos to be closed. As always, peaceful travellers are welcome. But castle constuction and garrisons are prohibited unless otherwise stated in treaty. Thanks to all inhabitants of Ormos for making this process so quick and easy.

-- Lords of Hammerhill [gz2]

The RW intervened and I've not had time to finish a map of Camaris, but the map of Provinia is still at:


Have we _no one_ in all of Olympia wishing to brag, boast or offer advice? I'm seeking essays, articles, tip & strategy guides, etc. for the site.

Please send any and all contributions to:

stahl_und_stein@hotmail.com or bswain@nyx.net

Thanks to the many people who have contributed, and make it possible for our knowledge of Olympian geography to continually grow.

-- Stahl & Stein [rm4]

Visualize Whirled Peas!!!

-- Loopalootaloofa [wk7]

This is A public service announcement sponsored by Lord Foul. ------------------------------------------------------------- ATTENTION OLYMPIANS!!! Especially those whom are new to this reality.As most experienced Olympians can confirm large numbers of adventurers begin this game every turn and just as many drop out after a very short period. I feel this is due to new players not finding a niche for they're style of play and even less success finding friendly help and advice to attain these goals. It is common knowledge that this game attracts a various range of player from the energetic 12 year old with a desire to crush any authoritive figure to cross their path, to middle aged grammar illiterate psychopath like myself, to college students from some of the foremost schools in the world. My point is that a game of this caliber is so successful because there is a place for every style of play. If only the new players get a chance to find thaire individual niche weather its exploration,pursuit of arcane knowledge,trading,empire building, empire destroying or just plain politics. So if your new out there and are having a problem finding your niche or just need some friendly advice with no stipulations! Feel free to contact me anytime. In closing I would like to leave you all a very touching quote from a very prominent Olympian known as Lord Jheremai. "Too many people in this world think of "winning" whatever that may be. Too few think of raising the enjoyment level for all. What is the point of being in a world that has 260 active factions if no one can see the triumphs and despairs of others." Thank you all for reading this message and Kudos to all those who help to rectify this situation.........Lord Foul...

-- ROYAL LINES [yg9]

WANTED: Professional Explorer, to explore 20-30 province area near Greyfell. Pay negotiable on a per-discovery basis. Benefits include provision of transportation (a flying horse) as well as access to faction research facilities. Safe working environment (at least to date...) almost as far as one can get from Yellowleaf and still be on Provinia.

-- Grey Kestrel [9693]

Shadow Alliance Report Follows

It was bound to happen eventually. I, Arthur, Leader of the Shadow Alliance, have been unmasked. The person responsible is known to the general populace only as The Thinker.

Although I am obviously unhappy about the situation, I must applaud his efforts. As he said, he did not use spies or trickery such as we do, but he found the accidental clues that had been left and worked the rest out for himself.

My enemies may be unhappy to hear that we have reached an aggreement and he will be keeping the information to himself, in return for Diplomatic Immuinity and other such comforts.

Unfortunatly, what one person can do, another can. It is for this reason that I am hereby relinquishing control of the Shadow Alliance. I will still be a member, but I have passed the leadership on.

As from now, The Shadow Alliance is ruled by Lord Angelo, previously a member of the High Council of The Shadow Alliance and the General of our armies. I am sure that he will continue to retain our secrecy, and the good diplomatic relations that have been set up so far with several alliances.

As from next turn, it will be Lord Angelo that posts to the Times, although he will still use our spokesperson to do it. The current e-mail address is still valid, and all messages will be forwarded directly to him.

If for any reason, someone wishes to contact me personally, they may do so for this week only, via the usual address (please put the word Arthur in the subject with a space either side). After this time I will not have access to the e-mail account.

I hope that the alliances that we are in contact with will not be too troubled by dealing with a new source. Although Lord Angelo is more Militant than myself, I am sure that not much will change of our general stance on things.

And so I go. But first I will honour my last request. Our spokesperson is looking to set up a castle in the Greyfell area. I advise that anyone who has a problem with this to contact him via the diplomatic e-mail system.

I would like to assure any skeptics that my next comment goes not just for myself, but for The Shadow Alliance as a whole.

ANY attack made on the noble Dark One, or any of his faction, will be visited back tenfold. We have invested too much time and money in obtaining a public-spokesperson for him to be killed off in a petty land dispute. We have given him stone, money and troops to defend himself, so that any attack is unadvisable anyway.

This is my last promise as the leader of The Shadow Alliance. Any who attack him will themselves be attacked, and your faction/alliance will be destroyed.

I am sorry to end my reign on this note, but I made the aggreemnet several turns ago, and my honour is my life.

And on that note I depart. Perhaps we shall meet someday.

Perhaps we already have...

Arthur, The Shadow Alliance

-- Dark One [5404]

for those who missed it, there is now a cease fire in effect on Provinia between Plato & the Eagle Empire.

-- Captain Arrr [7662]


To quote Dr. Strangelove: "Vhat use is a deterrent, vhen you don't TELL anyvun about it?" Open defensive alliances protect their members by warning off potential invaders. Thus, they promote international security. SECRET defensive alliances will probably arrive too late to be of any actual help if one of their members is attacked (as we have seen.) Their main use is help out people who would like to fight a war, but want it to be far from their own shores and justifiable to world opinion. Thus they promote military escalation, international instability, and world war.

Yvengi is a louse!

Thank you for the intel on your nobles which your braggadocio provided. We'll see to it that they're added to the 10+ NP's you already have rotting in the graveyards of Provinia. <*snicker*>

-- Cernennos' Ghost

The New Empire [dd77], desert, in Provinia, wilderness --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1: Hercule Green [3637] attacks Cernennos [1947]! 1: 1: Hercule Green [3637], with four centaurs, 16 giant lizards 1: 1: Cernennos [1947], behind 1, with seven archers 1: 1: Hercule Green [3637] is victorious! 1: 1: Hercule Green lost four giant lizards. 1: 1: Cernennos lost seven archers. 1: Cernennos [1947] was taken prisoner. 1: 8: Goronwy [5077], with three peasants, seven centaurs, arrived from the 8: east. 9: Hercule Green [3637], with four centaurs, went west. 9: Goronwy [5077], with three peasants, seven centaurs, 12 giant lizards, 9: went north.

To choose one's victims, to prepare one's plans minutely, to slake an implacable vengeance, and then to go to bed... there is nothing sweeter in the world.

Lord Angelo First off the honorable Olympians would appreciate if you stop spreading your lies. You continue to inform all newbi's of your so called alliance supremacy well this is fine as it is your opinion, but telling them you (the Shadow Alliance) are the largest alliance in the game is a blatant lie. If you would like to dispute these facts feel free as we are all watching. Secondly you should be wary as we are not all fools and we understand the difference between true power and propaganda. -Concerned Olympian-

I, Lord d'Escargot hereby claim the province wherein lies my castle, all the provinces that I have garrisoned and all the provinces that I can garrison upto but excluding any borders that have been previously negotiated. Anyone who builds in this area will be asked to pledge to my castle (but will be allowed to keep the garrisons).


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