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   | The Olympia Times                                        issue g2-53 |
   | Februrary 17, 1998                                                   |
   |                                                                      |
   | turn 53  297 players                             http://www.pbm.com/ |

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Olympia PBEM

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Player-contributed press

Hail fellow Olympians! My name is Oak. I am the head of the faction known as the Druids of Scotland. I am a 'newbie', as this will be only my fourth turn. I entered the game without any knowledge of any other player or technicalities of the game mechanics. In the short time I have been in this game, I have had the privilege of meeting some helpful and instructive players. When I began the game, I was given the option of having a starting city. I chose Yellowleaf because of its remote location believing that the level of action and activity would be of a slower nature to allow me to learn the game more proficiently. Egads! Was I ever wrong! I was in the middle of a major war not knowing to whom to turn, or ally with or run from. I was lucky to receive a greeting from Lord Foul, a member of the Musketeer Alliance. He offered advice and safe haven in Musketeer Land. For this courtesy I am very grateful. I also met the Illustrated Man who gave me advice on places where I might find work to support my faction without becoming involved in the war. Because of my inexperience in the game, I have chosen to remain neutral until I understand the ebb and flow of the political landscape. Sitting on the sidelines and observing the development of the war, I was struck by a thought of deja vue. Comparing WWI or The Great War as it was called, to the current upheaval and events of this world, I realize that I may have some insights that I would like to make known to this world as a warning. The main cause of WWI was the interweaving of alliances of the nations involved. For the purpose of self protection, each nation made repetitive alliances of assurance that in the case of attack, they would come to the aid of the allying nation. So when a seemingly insignificant event occurred, such as the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria in Sarajevo, a domino effect of reaction occurred, with each nation calling in their markers for support, resulting in an escalating war. At the time of this writing, the escalation of the war in this world has thus far been avoided. In my humble opinion, I believe this war has been in held in check because the alliances involved have remained patient and open-minded in attempting to find solutions to their troubles. Of great concern to me, is the existence of secret alliances that are unknown to many players. Consequently, a supposedly insignificant event could trigger an over reaction by one of these secret alliances, activating other secret and known alliances thus escalating a relatively unimportant event into a war of unknown proportions. The end result could be the destruction of relatively stable and healthy regimes such as happened to the Austrian-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires in WWI. The incident that caused me to write this monologue happened in this last turn. Sending one of my nobles, Walley the Wandering Fool towards Musketeer Land, with the purpose of meeting with Lord Foul to discuss the establishment of an enclave that would offer protection to my young nobles, I entered territories of Lady Eowyn and Sir Codric. To my great surprise, I received a very curt, rude and threatening e-mail concerning Walley. I was upset and concerned because it was my understanding that Lord Foul had already contacted the Lords of the Crown to apprise them of the appearance and purpose of unarmed and unaccompanied Walley. I wrote to Lady Eowyn and explained my situation and she in turn responded with a letter of safe passage. A few days later, I was contacted with the cryptic note that she had not been contacted and threatened to take decisive,( read mortal) action against defenseless Walley. I know he is a fool, but that is no reason to take advantage of the harmless sole. I immediately responded to Lady Eowyn by sending a copy of her own letter of safe passage to me and my regrets and displeasure with her behavior. My answer from her was, that she was confused and was threatening a noble, but was unsure of which one she wanted to intimidate. It turns out her anger was meant to be targeted at my other noble Oam, who unbeknownst to anyone had apparently tiptoed into one of her territories. She has responded with a renewed offer of safe passage to my nobles. I have pulled my nobles back to the safety of Yellowleaf for the time being. I have directed Walley to fly straight north into Musketeer Land as fast as possible and he is NOT to dally. Due to the fact that I am not a member of any alliance, my independent status renders me with fewer options than if I had been a member of a large alliance. If I had the backing of such a group, I may have taken this provocative incident and reacted in an offensive manner, thereby becoming the catalyst to a great war. Men and women of wisdom can certainly understand my position and concern. It is my hope that we will not allow one faction or alliance to be the incindiary device that triggers the apocalypse of this new and wonderful world.

-- Druids of Scotland [uq4]

FROM THE ILLUSTRATED MAN Be it known to all, after the Yellowleaf Treaty the lands of the Inner Circle are now defined as follows: column 78 and all points east, with the exception of Yellowleaf, and column 77 from row cv to row db, inclusive Due to the still volatile nature of the region, we ask all strangers within our borders to please contact us and make your intentions known. Thank you. If all goes well, I will be handling all exchanges from the IC and from Plato to the New Empire at the beginning of next turn. We're putting a special freezer into the back room of the shop to handle the corpses.

-- The Illustrated Man [1010]

Arrr, it be time for some peaceful sailin!

I've a crew of as lowly seafarin' scum as you could wish. They'd as soon cut yur throat as look at ya. My ship's a leaky tub, but I love 'er just the same.

Arrr, the seafarin' life's fer me.

-- Captain Arrr [7662]

Recent revisions to the charter that bound the former Harn Alliance have allowed the seperate factions a greater degree of autonomy. The new Confederacy should become much more active with each of the distinct groups that make up our union engaging in more personal activities. The Horselords of northeastern Harn are one such group. The Horselords have been bound by agreements that have up until this point left them somewhat reserved in their politics. By nature the Horselords have a more outward approach to expressing their misgivings.

The Horselords are dismayed by the Lords of the Crown's continued aggression and trouble making in South East Provinia. Their attitude in negotiations with the Harn Alliance and other nations has been arrogant and high handed. They threaten force almost immediately and we have decided there is no reason for us to ignore this any longer. The Lords are a destabilising force in the area and might do well to to understand their proper place. The Horselords have therefore decided to declare the area claimed by the Lords of the Crown as "ghazi". This means that it is open to all of the Horselords for raiding and pillaging with all booty collected the property of the raiding faction. Any independant factions who agree to be bound by the rules of a ghazi are welcome to join us under our banner. Ghazi forbids garissoning by raiders inside the Lords lands, the building of any structures by the raiding parties and the execution of prisoners. This is not a territorial grab, the Horselords do not wish to extend their domain and we respect the borders of the Council. We have just decided to cross them and remove some of the wealth. We consider it only proper to declare our actions so that the LoC does not misinterpret any hostilities and any neutral nobles in the Council lands are aware of any possible danger. Any neutral nobles in the Council lands are requested to contact Khamath Horselord with their faction or noble ids so we can add them to our neutral list and thus avoid having them taken hostage.

-- Khamath [2514]


The Crab v. Forg Alliance wishes to announce that they are observing a ceasefire against all forgs in Ferenth. Should any forg nobles be spotted in Ferenth, they will not be killed on site. All existing "hostile" orders against any known forgs are being changed to "sullen," and nothing more overt than dark looks and heated muttering will be directed at forgs.

Yvengi is a louse!

Word is not only is the recent Codric/Eowyn nuptials a marriage of convience designed to give the Fence the real power in the LoTC but that the Ladies Eowyn and Prytani are more than just 'friends'. The sisterhood is alive and well it seems.

All hail the Thinker .

Did someone say First Annual Olympia Players Poll?

"26 catapults left Port Aurnos on a ship heading west!" spoke the old man in rags. Beware the ides of March!

Ahhh! The Pictish hordes have come! Run!

By Crom!


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