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   | November 25, 1997                                                    |
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Olympia PBEM

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Player-contributed press

Negotiations continue between PLATO and the New Empire, but do not look promising. I strongly encourage neutral factions to leave the area as quickly as possible while the cease fire continues to hold. While the New Empire pledges not to attack neutrals, PLATO has inadvertently done so in the past.

I applaud the efforts of the [Yellowleaf Resistance] and others in recent Times, but we do not claim credit for them. The New Empire feels no need to hide behind rumors. We always sign our posts to the Times.

-- Banquo's Ghost [ah7]


Greetings Noblemen, I am Lee The Brave of the Syr-Antin. I have been sent by our beloved God to establish an Empire, to bring my people out of the war torn rubble that was our homeland. We are a peaceful culture and wish only harmony and co-operation with those that came before us. I write to you now to advise that we are presently exploring the region for a likely "NEW" homeland. We do not wish to upset the communities already established and so ask that any faction that has laid claim to any area around Greyfell please notify our foreign minister at "Pozzie@hotmail.com" to avoid any misunderstandings in the future. Any information sent to me is strictly guarded and will not be shared with any other players or used in any other way except boundary classifacations.

Peace and Prosperity to all

Lee Of The Syr-Antin

-- Syr-Antin [gk5]

Attention please all factions on the CONTINENT OF TOLLUS

As some of you already know, over the last 20 turns TIBs has made a substantial investment of time & effort into the colonization and settlement of the continent of Tollus. During this time we have had contact with but a few other factions. Most notably, we did have lengthy contact with a group calling themselves the South Tollus Company, headed by Walt Pesch.

During this contact we attempted to negotiate a border and treaty with the South Tollus Company, but unfortunately Walt and his associates decided that garrisoning should proceed on a first come, first served basis. For several turns we have left this "non-agreement" in place. Considering the recent events in the world, we now believe it to be unwise to leave an area of such importance and worth unprotected by treaty.

To this end, we invite all factions that are currently on the continent of Tollus to contact us so that we may finally put in place treaties and borders to protect everybody's investment. This invitation is open to all factions on Tollus, not just the South Tollus Company. Also, as South Tollus Company's spokesman has declined establishment of a formalized treaty or border, I would urge that individual members of that group that desire a treaty with us contact us directly. Please note that ownership of a castle, or plans to build a castle, are not required to partake in this discussion. ALL factions with nobles on Tollus are urged to partake.

Be it known that TIBs currently has five factions, one complete castle, and one castle under construction on Tollus. As Minister of Foreign Affairs for TIBs Alliance I will be representing these factions as well as future TIBs factions in these negotiations.

The following provisions will be assumed to be in effect on the continent of Tollus pending ratification of a treaty the expressly supercedes them. Please note that these provisions differ from those in our charter (available at: htpp:/members.aol.com/seehawk42/tibs.htm) as Tollus is still a wild frontier and in need of special care.

(1) TIBs currently recognizes no border on the continent of Tollus (2) TIBs currently recognizes no "garrison rights" on the continent of Tollus, Garrisoning is allowed on a first come, first served basis. (3) Resource harvesting or peasant recruiting is not permitted in the provinces containing our castles, or the 8 adjacent provinces. (4) Stacks of 10+ fighters, or 25+ men of any kind, are not permitted within 3 provinces of our castles (5) the markets in the cities that contain our castles are considered closed to outside trade. (6) any faction that attacks a TIB noble, garrison or structure, or supports such an attack, will be considered to have committed an act of war against the TIBs alliance and will be responded to accordingly. (7) any faction that has knowledge of an impending attack on a TIB noble, garrison or structure and fails to inform the TIBs of said attack will be said to have committed a hostile act towards our alliance and will be responded to accordingly

It is our fervent hope that these provisions will be dropped in short order. We are willing to discuss any an all provisions in relation to individual factions or groups operating on Tollus and to draft a different, less restrictive treaty with any and all factions.

I urge all concerned parties to contact me as soon as they are able so that we may become friends as well as fellow Tollusians.

Eric Nelson Minister of Foreign Affairs TIBs Alliance email at: Seehawk42@aol.com

-- Lords of Hammerhill [gz2]

Clan Dragonsbane has, up until this moment, made an effort to restrict all specific information regarding the Clan's borders to only those factions with whom we have had direct dealings. Due to the specifics of our claims, which could possibly have provoked violant actions against us, we felt it best to lay low until we had built up an extensive system of defense. That time is now.

Clan Dragonsbane hereby lays claim to all provinces contained in the square with corners at cn47, cn53, cv47, and cv53. This area contains within it, both the Imperial City, and Mount Olympus. The later of which is the location of our castle, the newly redesigned Chateau Olympique.

Anyone entering into our lands without leave will be considered to have committed an act of agression against us, and will be dealt with accordingly. If you feel that you absolutely must enter into our lands, you must submit a formal request.

If anyone has any questions or comments regarding this message, please send them to me at .

-- Clan Dragonsbane [rk8]

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Well... I tried asking, with no results, so I figured maybe an appeal to vanity would work. ;-)

-- Stahl & Stein [rm4]

Please let it be known that representatives of several major nations have formed the Grand Council of Ambassadors.

The Council is a forum for the nations to discuss their grievances with one another and to allow disputes and hostilities in Olympia to be negotiated and discussed in a civilised and honourable manner.

The full charter of the Grand Council is still under discussion but all parties have agreed to the following points

1) Council membership is open to any alliance of four members or more. Any smaller land-owning factions or trading guilds can be represented on a consensus vote of the Council.

2) The Council has no military arm and maks no pretence to being able to enforce rules by independant military means. The only weapon the Council has is diplomacy and censure.

3) The Council will formulate a charter for the conduct of war including such things as declarations of hostilities, treatment and identifacation of neutral parties.

4) The Council is formulating a strategy to ensure that new arrivals to our great world are not disadvantaged by the grand politics of the established Alliances and their right to a peaceful few starting turns is respected.

All nobles are assumed to be "newbie" nobles unless and until they are seen to do any of the following: a) build or enter any building located outside a safe haven, b) participate in any stack involving 40 or more men and/or horses, c) engage in any trade good transaction with a value of greater than 1000 gp, d) announce membership in a known alliance, e) collect resources in an area for which it has been posted (at some "official" site we designate) that no resource collecting is allowed, f) stack with any noble who has done any of the above, or g) are revealed through stealth and/or scrying to belong to a faction known to have done any of the above. h) operating with Conceal Self

Any noble who has been attacked, and who feels that he meets none of the above criteria, may complain to the GCA for redress. The aggressor will then be asked by the GCA to produce turn reports showing that the victim did perform one of the actions named above. If no evidence is forthcoming, then the victim may request compensation deemed appropriate by the Council; if no reparations are forthcoming, then the aggressor shall be labelled "outlaw" by the Council, with an appropriate announcement in the Times.

5) Members should provided the basic terrain types and any cities within their claimed area along with the rules governing travel within their domain such as resource collection policy, excluded zones and prohibited trade goods. These will be published on a Council web site availble to all members and non-members alike. In certain cases this can be waived and limited to the provision of details on public trading points, points of entry into the domain for adventurers ie information that is useful for casual visitors and explorers not militarily sensitive information.

The Council has already been instrumental in the cessation of hostilities in the Toppe region.

To date the membership of the Council is

TIB's The Rimmon Muskateers The Harn Alliance The Inner Circle PLATO The Fence Alliance The Draconian Allaince

Clan Dragonsbane are represented on the Council as observers

Any nation or trading guild seeking to join the Council or any noble wishing to bring information to the attention of the Council should contact gcoa@proxy.warehouse.net which is the Council mailing list.

The Council web site is currently under construction and will include public maps of all claim areas and the lists of restrictions on activities in each member area.

Please note the Council is not a super-alliance and is purely a diplomatic forum.

Chamberlain to the Grand Council of Ambassadors

-- Jhermai the Scarlet [8984]

Interested Provinians (& there sure seem to be a good number) will note offered peace to the Empire, & gave them back their nobles who promptly offered to us war.

Yes, I say Plato sure is a menace to the general good.

We came to Provinia to free it from the Empire. The Empire sought to bully & intimidate its neighbors on Provinia. It plotted against us. An astute author in the Times noted last month that Camaris is not Provinia. True enough, but there's this skill called "shipbuilding." Now, if you learn it, you can build a boat, & with a boat, you can...

Those with a brain will realize that water is not a barrier, but a highway.

As I was saying, we freed Provinia from the Imperial slugs. We wrote way back in turn 34 that any newbie caught up in the fight should write us a note.

To this day I have received zero letters from newbies claiming they were unrightfully attacked. Zero. I am reminded about how Hitler moaned & pined for the poor oppressed Germans in Czecheslovakia: they were so oppressed only the peace-loving Nazi army could save them. Those mean Czechs.

Yea, right.

Anyway, the Empire has now revealed its true colors. They say in public the attack was unjustified, yet I have mail from the Ghost himself acknowledging our cause as just.

They view their rule now as "proper," though they were ready to turn tail & run away before. Very noble. Or more likely they believe they have the wherewithall now to retake what we have freed. The means at hand they will reinstitute tyranny again. It seems Fox or no Fox, the Empire is pretty much the same.

Not on my watch, buddy.

We are now at peace with our neighbors. But if they wish another lesson in the art of war, school is open, & we shall endeavor to teach well.

A peaceful reign is our goal, & Atnerks willing, we'll have it.

Oh yea, one more thing. If you think we attack all newbies, I suggest you write Genghis Dhan [4463], a newbie who was clearly within our power & who we did not at all hurt. We can provide many other references, for anyone with too much time on their hands.

I am, full of wind, forever vigilante,

-- Captain Arrr [7662]

Anno 5, month 8: The day is fifteenth.

Winters' wolf is biting deep into the lands. All is white as far as the eye could see, all for the troopcampment that could be discerned at the horizon. They should be out of sight any moment now.

Earlier that evening we find Sir Edward alone in the guest chambers of The Fence. He was Sir Edward, the youngest knight of the Crown. His first duty was to send word from Sir Codric, our liege to the capital of Toppe. The city was reported to be under siege, but things would change soon, for better or for worse.

A page came for him. The time had come, he was to proceed to the grand council hall. Here, seated at the end of the table was princess Eowyn, and next to her Sir George. Rumors of him being accused of treason to the Crown are going around. But the people in Toppe are divided, many also felt the rage Sir George so wrongfully expressed when the temple of the Holy Ones was raided. To the back of the hall we find Gandalf, personal bodyguard to the princess and according to some a bit more than that, but mark me well, these are not my words. Sir Harold and Sir Hendric, both fellow knights of the Crown were also present. Last person to come into the grand hall was lady Laeral, who had interrupted her work for this special occasion.

It was unusualy quiet in the hall. The fire was desperatly trying to defeat the seemingly endless cold. Princess Eowyn was looking very troubled, what was she to expect ? First they are pillaging the country and next they request an audience, and demand to be heard. Of course, as always, such a wish was granted.

Then the doors were opened. The candles dimmed their light and in came Captain Arrr, followed by Cernennos the feared, a few bodyguards in his wake. They all took place around the counciltable. Gandalf checked the crossbow a final time, the tension mounting. Only Sir George didn't move a glimp. His eyes were fixated. Captain Arrr, who had refused the chair, spoke first : " It's peace we want, we assure. No more killing, slaughter,... none of that. Just plain peace. What do ya say hah ... ? ", his voive echoing through the hall. Once more all was silent in the room. Even the fire seemed to have taken a pause from breathing. They were all stupified, this was the very last they had expected. Sir Harold replied sceptical : " Just like that ? , an unconditionned peace ? " " unconditionned ? , did't hear me saying that, did ye ? " , the captain snawed back. " Then what is it you want ? " " We want your sooooo noble knighty george to take back his oath and swallow it, 'till then, no peace !!! " , Arrr responded in as high a voice he could manage. " Never ", Sir George had knocked the table with his metal gauntlet : " Never, you hear me ", he repeated, adding strength to his words. Sir Edward was sweating more than was good for him at this time of the year. Of course he had expected this, as Sir Codric had forseen, and he knew his orders well. Uncertain he rose to his feet, clearing his throat to speak. " You can't make me ", Sir George snawed. " I am a Knight of the Crown, I am, as you are bound by my oath. We do not racate a vow. A knight executes his vows or dies trying to ", Sir George was standing now, his hand on his sword. " " dies trying to ?, hmm, I like that one ", Captain Arrr taunted. Nobody paid attention to him, all eyes were at the two knights. Then Sir Edward spoke: " By order of our liege, Sir Codric, open Lord of the Crown, I hereby command you to surrender your sword, from this day forward, you, George will no longer be a Knight of the Crown. You yield the right to wear arms and to command the armies of the Crown. As a citizen you are no longer bound by your oaths, and will racant the vow ", " So commands Sir Codric, open Lord of the Crown ". Sir Edward threw the scroll on the table. The seal depicted a black Shield, encrusted by a golden crown. George didn't doubt the message. He knew his liege all to well. Then the princess spoke ( she hadn't spoke before ) : " For speaking against the best interest of the people, for putting your own interests and personal vendetta over the safety of my city, I, in name of the people of Toppe banish thee from my lands. You will be kept in the dungeon 'till I deem the time right, when you will be escorted to our borders, never to return. Thus is my decision, so it shall be. " " As for you Cernennos, George the Knight is no more, this was your wish, I have some conditions of my own however. Because of your actions barbarism has risen again within my borders, a mine known as moneybags is their current hideout. As you caused this, you shall deal with the matter. Further we want the body's of our noble friends returned to their families for proper burial, the men you still detain against heir will will be returned and you, or your friends will never set food on my territory again. If it is peace you want, as you have just proclaimed, this is a very small price to pay. " Captain Arrr was going to speak again, but a sign from Cernennos made him change his mind. Cernennos spoke instead : " You 've a lot a nerve, demanding me this, but I like that. I will see to these matters at once, but I can't guarantee anything. Good evening, my beloved princess. ", the last words making Gandalf's finger itch. And so they left and George, no longer a knight was brought to the dungeon by the men he had commanded over the last years. Sir Edward returned to his room. In the last light of the cold sun he could still see the banners becomming smaller and smaller. Have we taken the right decision ? he wondered. Well, the future will tell, and history will judge us afterwards.

brought to you by a knight of the Crown.

-- Sir Edward [3690]

" We are the lords of the Crown. Men of noble birth, waiting for years now to reclaim what is ours by birthright. Sir Codric, open Lord of the Crown is our king, our legacy. The lords and Sir Codric rule the land together in what is known as the Council of Lords. In the Council decisions are made, we rule life and dead, war and peace across our kingdom. "

-- The Lords of the Crown.

Open Lord of the Crown is

-- Sir Codric [3910]


Is there a faction living in Underworld..... planninig the downfall of us all unhindered.

## _-/ \-_ _-- / \ --_ _-- / \ --_ _-- / \ --_ _-- / \ --_ ##------------------------------## \---_ / \ __---/ \ -- /__ 9 __\-- / \ / ---__ __--- \ / \ / ___---___ \ / \/__--- ---__\/ 4 ------------------ 7

Yvengi is a louse!

There is no shame for PLATO in leaving Azrain. They said they went there to ensure that Fox would not be a threat to them, and they have done that. They have also aquired a nice sum of cash and a very nice artifact. Staying now only buys them bad relations and leaves them in a position they'll always have to worry about defending. Leaving shows that they went with good intentions, and accomplished their goals. Staying makes it look like Fox was just an excuse for conquest. No, there is no shame in leaving, in fact, that is the honorable course.

Yngvi sez: "OLEG is a louse!" (Thank you for sharing...)

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to one and all .................................................Lord Foul........

Alarm, alarm ... Lady Eowyn ! Lady Eowyn ! " What ? " a voice came from one of the towers of The Fence " " Sir George," mylady, " I mean George, he escaped from the dungeons. Last knight a few, still loyal to him mugged the guards and freed him. There are also some horses missing, I think ..." " Notify the garrisons, and sent out a herald. Let it be known to all that George is considered an outlaw. Anyone encountering him has the right to bring him in dead or alive. I 'll sent Sir Edward after him first thing in the morning. He won't get far. Do it ! " " yes mylady. " ...


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