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   | The Olympia Times                                        issue g2-40 |
   | November 18, 1997                                                    |
   |                                                                      |
   | turn 40  247 players                             http://www.pbm.com/ |

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Olympia PBEM

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Player-contributed press

While the New Empire understands PLATO's desire for peace, and that they have been working things out with other groups you have harmed by their aggression, PLATO has not yet come to any agreement with the New Empire.

At the time of the PLATO invasion we would have settled for moving away, leaving them the area surrounding Yellowleaf for good or ill, as they saw fit. Since then we have lost nobles, men, gold, artifacts, and other resources to their unprovoked aggression. We feel the need for more than just a few words to call off the various actions we have underway to regain our lands. Our preference would be for PLATO to pull back to their Camaris bases, allowing the New Empire to regain its proper place in the scheme of things. PLATO has taken ample loot to sooth any minor harm the words of Fox might have caused, and the actions of Oleg in private and public posts towards me and others have removed any slight justification PLATO might have had for its actions.

We will accept a ceasefire of three turns to allow us to attempt to negotiate a proper peace agreement. No New Empire nobles will carry out any aggressive action in the Yellowleaf area for the next three turns. If attacked, we will defend ourselves. If we have not come to an acceptable agreement by the end of turn 43, we will be forced to return to force of arms to regain our lands.

For the New Empire

-- Banquo's Ghost [ah7]

Welcome All to Pasha's Merchant Sale!!

Come to ck29 (Mountain area) and visit our merchant, PASHA, at the Inn of the Holy Grail (9884) where you can purchase or sell goods. Each month we will post our items for sale and purchase. We offer quality goods at a fair price! Item's come and go so get there early get yours FIRST. No guarantee items will be available all month long. Here's next months (T41) items:

For Sale:

- 15 Riding Horses [52] @ 70 GPs EACH - 10 Longbows [72] @ 25 GPs EACH - 10 Longswords [74] @ 12 GPs EACH - 42 Woven Baskets [94] @ 1 GP EACH - 10 Drums [98] @ 5 GPs EACH - 4 Clay Pots [95] @ 1 GPs EACH

You don't see it? Ask! More to come....

For Purchase:

- 3 Warmounts @ 130 GPs EACH - 20 Wood @ 8 GPs EACH

Want to sell it? Tell me what it is, and I'll make you an offer.

Finally, no combat is allowed. Attack us at the risk of WAR. You are NOT ALLOWED to enter ANY of the other areas at this location OR to RECRUIT any peasants at this location or its immediate surrounding areas. NOBLEs caught violating these rules will be dealt with.

Peace and long life,


-- Guardian Brightstar, Lord and Commander, Guardians of the Realm --

-- Guardians of the Realm [bs2]

To the Yellow Resistance: Curses from vanquished foes are high compliments indeed. I'll remember them as you do your wives that I now keep. The war is over. Any continued fighting is on your heads.

-- Temujin [2302]

Greetings Fellow Provinians:

When we conquered Azrain we rejoiced at the hacking & chopping of bodies. It seemed the best of times, for Conan says that what is best in life is to defeat your enemies, see them driven before you, & hear the lamentations of the women.

But we now think the blood lust that overcame us in our desire to oust the tyrant Fox may have led us to hack & chop some of the wrong bodies. & this is not what is best in life.

We hear now, as the victors always do, that the war was unecessary, and that the heirs of Fox would have listened to reason and abandoned his crooked ways. To this we cannot say yea or nay, for the land of the "what if"s is not a land we visit. We do know, however, that our zeal has led us to injure and pursue those who are not the most guilty, as well as some of those who bear no guilt. Such are the ways and means, the fortunes & fates of war. Even the sharpest sword blade, keen as it is, cannot cut so fine.

Therefore, in recognition of this fact, & because it seems the right thing, & because we are willing to give of ourselves to offset the harm to the innocent, Plato, through its generals, warlords, and admirals, announces the following changes on New Provinia, effective immediately:

1: All prisoners will be released on day 1,

2: Nobles incorrectely caught up in the fruckus will be compensated, insofar as we are able, to the extent of their damage, and be given any reasonable aid under the circumstances of their injury. All who feel they have been wronged in this campaign are invited to contact us at or ,

3: The area ruled by the Broken down castle, formly the Crimson Citadel, roughly the landed area forming a square between dd74 to dj81 & dm81, will be a non-combat zone (except of course for questing). Anyone attacking nobles or garrisons or robbing the peasantry of their already low wages, will be dealt with in such manner as we can contrive, being of a vigilante-like spirit as we are. Resource collection is open to all in the area. If military needs require it, we reserve the right to the resources immediately around the Broken down palace. But at this time, it's all open. The same is true for the markets.

4: the state of hostilities between Plato and the New Empire is hereby ended. We will defend ourselves if attacked, obviously, but other than that, the war's over.

5: The seige of Toppe is ended.

I am, the faithful minister of PLATO, Servant of Ming, hewer of flesh, friend of the great Dog, Listener to the Loudmouth, spewer of sound & fury, sometimes card player, & as always, your faithful servant, Captain Arrrrr.

-- Captain Arrr [7662]

My allies and myself have reached a peace agreement with the Jackels. This should put an end to all unneeded fighting in the Port Aurnos area. We are committed to bringing prosperity to the Port Aurnos. Please allow me to have my own private space including dc15 and all provinces withni 2 squares.

-- Snakeman [4941]

The drums of war could be heard over miles away. The enemy's campfires could be seen very clearly in the pale moonlight. They were numberous like the stars in the sky. The possibility to counter attack them was quickly rejected.

It all happened very quickly, one day they were in our realm the next they entered the capital province. The banners of war in one hand, the blood-dripping axe in the other. The City watch was ready, at least so they thought. The battle was more a butchery. There were no survivors.

From atop the master tower Sir George watched it all happen. " Curse that brad !!! " , he bit a piece of his lip. "Why wouldn't the captain listen and come in the castle ? , There was no one left in the city to protect. Their sacrifice was brave, but a awfull waste of lives."

Things would get grimmer though. During the first night, Cernennos and his man searched the city. They were howling with rage when they found, the city was abandonned. Until they came to the temple of the Holy Ones. A small fire was left burning. Against better judgement, Esmeralda, high priest of the city of Toppe, insisted on keeping the church open and continued her prayers.

She was right, in these dire times we could not afford to lose the protecting hand of the Gods. Sir George watched with agony when the raiders entered the church. Aragorn, consort to Esmeralda was hidden in the church as well. He was not intend to give up on her that easy. Together with the blessed ones he ambushed the first raiders as they entered the sacred grounds.

Tyr was close-by however and ordered his troops to the attack. Aragorn had to retreat in the church very quickly. Sir George watched it all, silently, bitterly and felt the rage coming. This would not go unavenged ! , he cursed from underneath his beard, now showing a crimson hue like the blaze of the temple. The battle was over very soon.

Moments later Cernennos gathered the troops, all feared the final assault was nigh. The feared leader was going to speak. For a few moments all that could be heard was the silence of death, walking the streets of Toppe and the fire in the temple that was only a ruin of its past. Then Sir George, a dagger in his hand and blood dripping from his arm on the castle floor, spoke, and his voice, like a rumbling thunder carried with the wind was heard over the entire province :

" I, Sir George, First knight of the Crown solemnly swear, by my own blood, by Sir Codric, my liege, king of our Realm and by the Gods, that I shall not rest for a moment, not stray from the path until YOU, Cernennos have paid for your crimes with your life !!! "

His voice was soon lost in the shouting of our men, who found the courage again to stand up against the enemy , who found the strength again to overcome the greatest enemy of all : fear.

In the blink of an eye the area became darkly overclouded and the rain started coming down in buckets. Maybe this was a sign. Esmeralda's sacrifice was not for nought. The enemy would not get away with this. Hope was again amongst us. And this time it will stay for good.

Sir George, First Knight of the Crown in his last words to

-- Sir Codric [3910]


While I appauld PLATO's effort at peace (see recent mail list post) I find it somewhat laughable that they think anybody should agree to it.

For the record, I'm not New Empire. I'm not in Toppe. I'm not in PLATO. I'm no where near the action. But, I have pretty good contacts around the world and have been following the PLATO situation closely.

PLATO started this war. That they don't deny. Whether it was justifed or not is up for debate. The claim that Fox's bullying pushed them into it is somewhat weak. Afterall, PLATO wasn't on Provinia, they relocated to Camaris. So Fox wasn't bullying them, he was bullying others. So PLATO used that as an excuse to attack. Fine. That's their right. But now they expect the war to end because they want it to. Well, it doesn't work that way.

I hope that the inhabitants of that war torn region realize that PLATO has grown fat and powerful because of this war of conquest. They have gained gold and men and land....and all at your expense. To let them off now with a simple "we've decided to stop attacking now" is to let them win. It makes the war a success for them. And don't kid yourself, if it works for them this time, they'll try it again.

Yeah, I think the war should end. But PLATO shouldn't be allowed to profit by it. They should make reparations to all the wronged parties. They must be forced to return all profits. If the wronged parties can't be located, they should drop the profits where they stand. Anything less merely reinforces the behavior and will invite a second such war. It may not be PLATO that executes it, but somebody will.

BTW - as bullying as Fox was, Oleg has been 10 times worse. (and dealing with Hendrikson is no walk in the park either!) You guys in PLATO should really stop and look at how you're being represented. If you want to come off sounding like bullying warmongers, fine...you're right on course. But if your group actually expects the world to accept your justification in this war as "Fox was a jerk and a bully" you better prepare yourselves for a long game. If Fox justified this war, then Oleg has justifed armageddon

- a concerned and interested party.

A fool can always find a greater fool to admire him - Nicolas Boileau

Hey, what's all this I hear about killer Play-doh?

## _-/ \-_ _-- / \ --_ _-- / \ --_ _-- / \ --_ _-- / \ --_ ##------------------------------## \---_ / \ __---/ \ -- /__ 9 __\-- / \ / ---__ __--- \ / \ / ___---___ \ / \/__--- ---__\/ 4 ------------------ 6

Yvengi is a louse!

Omigawd! Peace seems to have broken out!

Blah, blah, blah, blah. Whine, whine, whine, whine.

[The Yellowleaf Resistance -- better known as Banquo's Ghost [ah7].]

And, as always, if you want a earful of whining and complaints about how these PLATO guys beat us to the title of "Oppressor of the Month", contact me at mhughes@rsva.trw.com.


We're pacing ourselves!

-- Ferenthian Frog Freedom Fighters

Finally, our brand new official mailbox is up at tmots@freewheeling.com. As an intermediary for the Harn Alliance, we are now able to offer two complete package deals for the Harn region, including membership for newbie or oldbie, your own castle construction site, a unique Harn map as well as protection and intelligence resources.


Shadow Alliance Public Announcement No.4. ID TSA-0475869

The Shadow Alliance will soon be deciding on a possible intervention in the current PLATO/ New Empire situation.

We _strongly_ recommend that the leaders of any involved alliances, including those above, get in contact with us at are usual address (The messages will be forwarded to our Foreign Affairs Minister) to discuss their views on the situation,

If not, we may be forced to act solely on our intelligence reports, which may prove not to be one hundred percent accurate.

Our decision to intervene stems not from the war itself, as we understand how it came about, but from the innocent nobles getting caught up in the conflict and even killed.

New factions are advised not to start in the Yellowleaf area. Different reports vary on the danger of the place, but it is generally agreed that it is extremely volatile. At this moment, Rimmon is one of the safest places to start. It s controlling alliance, The Rimmon Musketeers, are found to be fair and just people, who may offer alliance and protection to new factions.

As ever, The Shadow Alliance is open for new members. Please visit our Web site at http://www.geocities.com/area51/rampart/7123/

Or send us an E-Mail at shadowalliance@hotmail.com


Well , Cernennos, Entwaidemela, where are you guys ! Are you Frightened to the Death ? Or are you folks just taking a break ? Taking Ming prisoner is not really smart, isn't it !

[The Yellowleaf Resistance]


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