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   | The Olympia Times                                        issue g2-36 |
   | October 21, 1997                                                     |
   |                                                                      |
   | turn 36  241 players                             http://www.pbm.com/ |

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Olympia PBEM

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Player-contributed press

Starting on G2 turn 40, the following rule change will be in effect:

Prisoners and NPCs will no longer add to a stack's count of nobles for the computation of the movement delay. (Item-controlled units are exempt, and count as a noble)

-- Gamemaster [200]

The Midnight Carnival sees in the last Times that the new spokesman for the Empire publicly doubts our honesty and integrity. Since no noble in our alliance has yet participated in any attack against the New Empire, though we are well capable of doing so, we find it odd that they should choose to insult us. Perhaps they feel that they do not have enough enemies already, and want to make a few more? Well, we won't presume to tell another alliance how to handle their diplomacy. It is true that we have negotiated deals with PLATO. When we saw the Empires horses, we thought we might make a deal with them, too; alas, they don't seem to be interested. To prove that we hold no grudges for the harsh language, though, the Illustrated Man is willing to cut the Empire a deal on wood, if they're interested in building a ship and sailing from Yellowleaf to find a new land elsewhere. If you're totally uninterested in trading with us, at least we might bring an end to complaints that we only deal with your enemies.

-- The Midnight Carnival [ak8]

Welcome All to Pasha's Merchant Sale!!

Come to ck29 (Mountain area) and visit our merchant, PASHA, at the Inn of the Holy Grail (9884) where you can purchase or sell goods. Each month we will post our items for sale and purchase. We offer quality goods at a fair price! Item's come and go so get there early get yours FIRST. No guarantee items will be available all month long. Here's next months (T37) items:

For Sale:

- 15 Riding Horses [52] @ 70 GPs EACH - 10 Longbows [72] @ 25 GPs EACH - 10 Longswords [74] @ 12 GPs EACH - 42 Woven Baskets [94] @ 1 GP EACH - 10 Drums [98] @ 5 GPs EACH - 4 Clay Pots [95] @ 1 GPs EACH

You don't see it? Ask! More to come....

For Purchase:

- 3 Warmounts @ 130 GPs EACH - 20 Wood @ 8 GPs EACH

Want to sell it? Tell me what it is, and I'll make you an offer.

Finally, no combat is allowed. Attack us at the risk of WAR. You are NOT ALLOWED to enter ANY of the other areas at this location OR to RECRUIT any peasants at this location or its immediate surrounding areas. NOBLEs caught violating these rules will be dealt with.

Peace and long life,


-- Guardian Brightstar, Lord and Commander, Guardians of the Realm --

-- Guardians of the Realm [bs2]

The Office of the TIBs Minister of Foreign Affairs is proudly reopened.

The TIBs alliance plans some exciting things over the next several turns, including a new and improved web site and a new charter.

The basic tenents of the TIBs charter will remain unchanged. In the Drassa region all factions are asked to refrain from attacking any noble for any reason. In the interests of all lawful innkeepers, we ask that only one inn be constructed per province. And finally, we ask that no castles be built by non-TIB members. (with the number of castles in the region I doubt you could find a suitable locale anyway!)

If you are interested in building a castle, but not interested in joining the TIBs, please contact us. We may be able to point you towards some good homesteading land on Provinia or on another continent if you so desire.

Also, the TIBs are always interested in new members. Whether you're a g1 vet or a g2 newbie contact us if you are interested in in joining a large peaceful alliance that stresses the the rights of ALL Provinians to live and make money.

And the TIBs welcome contact with the other alliances of the world. As the game moves on, the world shrinks. Global politics will soon be the battlefield on which many conflicts are fought. Taking a moment now, in peacetime, to make contact could go far in diffusing problems in the future. We hope to hear from you.

Live in Peace, and Make Lot's of Money Eric Nelson TIB Minister of Foreign Affairs

-- Lords of Hammerhill [gz2]

I stand over the carnage littering the ground. There must be over 700 dead men from the battle outside my castle. I fear that this battle is just the start of a much larger war.

-- Snakeman [4941]

Just some insignificant musings on the current events in Provinia... in other words my 2 cents worth.

I find it ludicrous when petty tyrants attempt to take the "moral high ground." This is comparable to playing at "King Arthur" so you can, expect the same results: being cuckolded by your most trusted friend; betrayed by kith and kin; and having your kingdom overrun by barbarians. :-)

...and BTW, my Olympia II page for all G2 players is up at:


continue sending your contributions to me at:

bswain@nyx.net or stahl_und_stein@hotmail.com

Lots of new data and maps now that I've finished redesigning the site. More to come as I find time.

Your most humble public servant,

-- Magellan the Mapmaker [8595]


Due to the conflict currently going on around Yellowleaf, the Illustrated Man's Smithy is CLOSED for the duration of hostilities. Healing Potions are still available from the dispensary, however: HEALING POTIONS!!!! In dangerous times, it's good to have healing. Potions currently for sale: b272 s995 h912 g666

-- The Illustrated Man [1010]

The Rimmon Musketeers is a large alliance developing lands west and south of Rimmon. We seek peaceful relations with our neighbors, and have already peacefully negotiated borders with several neighbors.

The Musketeers welcome peaceful travelers and sojourners. We are open to the addition of new alliance members, as appropriate. Nobles in our lands must refrain from attacking or stealing from other nobles. Stacks with more than 10 combat figures should notify us of destination and intent. Resource collection is open in empty provinces. When other nobles are present, please notify us to avoid conflicting collection efforts.

Factions garrisoning lands north and east of ct51 (inclusive) should contact us to negotiate mutually satisfactory borders. Please note, we do Not claim all the lands northeast of ct51; this border is meant to include all our neighbors, so we can prevent conflicts & misunderstanding.

May Kygor's blessings aid all your endeavors!

-- Maltar [3475]

Fellow Olympians:

Although scattered resistance remains, the back of the villanous New Empire has been broken by the dedicated forces of New South Provinia. Thus, as of the end of turn 36, the Yellowleaf Police Action is officially declared OVER. Peaceful travel is again encouraged, and resource collection is allowed in all provinces of the former New Empire except in dh77. That province, and the city of Sydney (formerly Azrain) are off limits to visitors until the last of the Imperial rabble has been run to ground.

Please note that peace will be strictly enforced in this area. Any and all combat in any of the provinces of the former New Empire, now called New South Provinia, is expressly prohibited. All stacks of larger than 4 nobles or 24 men should contact us before moving through the area to avoid misunderstandings. We hope to bring a new era of enlightened prosperity to the people of The County of New South Provinia.

I remain, Your humble servant,

-- Ming the Merciless [2900]

How much does a throne cost? Sometimes but one life, when sickness, old age, or a lucky blade takes the life of a king in a strong kingdom. Most often, it takes the life of a few ambitious, grasping men, and the more of those the realms is rid of, the better

The Way of the Gods

-- Sir Codric [3910]

War Journal Notes from a Tree Stump:

As I survey the forest in a quiet moment away from the frenzy, a courier from Sydney brings me the month 35 Times. The men, anxious for news from our other fronts, have me read it to them. They howl hysterically at the backpeddling of the Empire from past stances and salacious remarks to this new facade of helpless victim. It seems the truth is their latest victim.

In the Times some have said we have abducted innocent nobles in our bold return. Doubtless this is true. We have yet to execute the great mass of nobles we hold because of this fact. At least one noble I hold is near death. I site OOEOO Rule 14 for his case.I note it interesting that finding at least one of these once brash, now cowardly nobles who will admit being in the Empire is more difficult than finding a Yellowleaf peasant.

Like most oppressors who have the tables turned, the Empire seeks amnesty from the retribution of the righteous by claiming their leadership mislead them and committed the slights and crimes. We only followed orders and are ignorant. How odd that while they reaped the benefits of this leadership they said nothing. Culpable through silence, aiding and abeiting through compliance, it profitted them. Once mighty, now spineless these cowards have fled and their lies fill the Times. To a Camarian, life without honor is death. This Empire was already dead when we arrived. We're here to make it official.

The men's laughing stoped upon my reading that the Empire rumored response of attacking Urvil in month 14 was their idea of a joke. They never really wanted to fight? They were just kidding!?! Were the men then here for nothing? As if a sign from Kygor and Atnerks, no less than Kargiz Gilmore himself is found from his hiding place.As the men fall upon him they roar "Non vidi sed patri!!" Now laughing again, they have clear understanding of the Empire's joke. A comic masterpiece, Olympians will laugh for years to come! The men do have a purpose here: To make sure this New Empire laughs to death on the points of our pikes!!

So be it, until there is no enemy but peace.

-- Entwaidamela [9413]


Report on the Siege at Grenth Month 4

The enemy drums (much like the beat of the savages) continued throughout the night. At dusk, a gong sounded.

Their army groaned forward. The siege towers rolled into place, as our pikes met the side and our arrows rained upon them. Hot oil was poured on the heads of the advancing swordsmen, while the battering rams thundered against the lumbering door.

Gal had the elites line themselves on either side of the entrance in order to pinch the oncoming centaurs and giant rats. Her contingent of bows fearfully looked down upon the keep foyer.

As the door began to crack, a number of enemy soldiers jumped from their towers to the wall and began hand-to-hand combat with the pikemen and bows. My lieutenants clamored for reinforcements and rushed to the embattled section. A tower came up next to me, and I thrust a blessed sword deep into the leather side; a groan was my reward. A door opened in the tower, and I was quickly surrounded by several common soldiers and pikes. With a shove, one went over to her death, while another met the tip of my bloody sword. I deftly kicked one into the last, and then shoulder charged both into the courtyard. They lived, but wouldn't be walking for a few weeks.

There were shouts and squeals near the entrance. I heard Gal's orders above the din, and rushed to the scene. The defense was still strong but it was hopeless.

Some apologist for the invasion squad wrote:

"You guys came off like low-budget AOO wannabees"

Who is the AOO?

"(Does "Do what I say, or we'll kick your a**" ring a bell?)"

No, but that's probably because Fox is no longer with us.

"When YOU thought you had the upper hand"

'YOU' who? Fox? Fox is no longer with us, and has been absent for some time.

This weeks song is a bit of a departure for our series, in that it isn't strictly from the 1970's (recorded in 1969) and isn't strictly about war. But it is, again, appropriate, and I like it.

The Court of the Crimson King

The rusted chains of prison moons Are shattered by the sun. I walk a road, horizons change The tournament's begun. The purple piper plays his tune, The choir softly sing; Three lullabies in an ancient tongue, For the court of the crimson king.

The keeper of the city keys Put shutters on the dreams. I wait outside the pilgrim's door With insufficient schemes. The black queen chants the funeral march, The cracked brass bells will ring; To summon back the fire witch To the court of the crimson king.

The gardener plants an evergreen Whilst trampling on a flower. I chase the wind of a prism ship To taste the sweet and sour. The pattern juggler lifts his hand; The orchestra begin. As slowly turns the grinding wheel In the court of the crimson king.

On soft gray mornings widows cry The wise men share a joke; I run to grasp divining signs To satisfy the hoax. The yellow jester does not play But gentle pulls the strings And smiles as the puppets dance In the court of the crimson king.

King Crimson

Ming Responds to the Scurrilous Reports in the Times

[Sydney] In an exclusive interview, Ming the Merciless, Governor of New South Provinia, has agreed to provide his commentary on recent articles posted in this journal.

>PLATO and their allies have proven that they are not terribly concerned >about neutral factions. Of seven nobles attacked in Azrain/Sydney and dh77 >last turn, only one was a member of the New Empire. Several of these >attacks resulted in the deaths of these neutral nobles. Neutral factions >are urged to stay out of the area now known as New South Provinia.

Hmmm, we find this difficult to believe. On the one hand, we said anyone who was unfortunately in the wrong place at the wrong time should contact us, and only a couple of people have. We have in our posession 7

prisoners, all still living by the way, and have yet to hear from anyone. Also, we were told by the former leader of the New Empire--and the true cause of this war--Fox, that the NE had 40+ factions in it. Where are all those folks if virtually everyone in Azrain, Trullion, and Oriana were neutrals?

>Ming the Merciless [2900] wrote:

>>And insofar as we have our own expansionist plans, >> >>And insofar as we could pull it off,

>Do we have a nomination for Tyrant of G2?

Gosh, thanks, but we must regretfully decline. If you are in this world of Olympia and you DON'T have any expansionist plans of one sort or another, be they land, gold, or aura, then exactly why are you getting out of bed every morning? And would any military faction out there, which we make no apology for being by the way, that spotted a self-proclaimed empire who had declared you enemy and held a castle with over 10,000 gold in it with 30 pikemen, NOT attack? We doubt it.

>Something Ming seems to have omitted in his posting last week: > >The person who so annoyed everyone whil leading the New Empire >(Fox), had already left the game *before* Ming attacked. He was >replaced my Mike Hughes, a kinder and gentler person. So Ming is >just beating up a bunch of players who's only sin is that their leader >was a jerk, and most of them never knew what kind of diplomacy Fox was >using anyway. Now Ming has refused to let them surrender and is >hunting them down without quarter.

Did we miss the announcement of policy changes by the New Empire when Fox dropped? And if you joined an Empire while not knowing what kind of diplomacy was being used by the jerk leader then you deserved what you got. This is not a tea party, folks.

>I think Ming is determined to be the Duke Marat of G2. He certainly >has the right attitude for the job. I guess that makes PLATO the >AOO of G2.

Now, we're flattered by this, but whoever wrote it must not have played in that other plane known mystically as G1. Although we're sure we'd all like to rule the world conditions in our new plane have changed enough to make it absolutely impossible to do anything similar to what the AOO pulled off. Conquering one rather insignifcant and, to be honest, incompetent enemy does not make me Duke Marat. Dropping 30,000 dragons on your head for looking at me funny would make me Duke Marat. We'll post an announcement to the Times when we're ready for that, maybe around Turn 5,000. Until then, relax.

>The Tale of the Owl

This we just didn't get.

So, enough already. Ming is not the great bugaboo of G2, and our alliance is not planning to be another AOO. In fact, considering the relationship that some of us had with the AOO in another plane, we imgaine they are quite insulted by even the idea. As our neighbors on Camaris and now Provinia can attest, we are really rather a peaceful bunch--sitting around brewing potions, making pots, breeding animals, etc. Actually quite bucolic in our own way.

Sea monsters have been seen north of Tollus.

As part of the new trend toward gentlemanly conduct of war, the Frog Alliance would like to respectfully request the presence of the Crab v. Frog Alliance at a pitched battle to be held on Ferenth, at the city of Dryope. Refreshments, mostly consisting of severed crab legs in sauce, will be served.

The veener of civility hath been stripped away, let the shadow games begin.

Yvengi is a louse!

TMOTS!! It seems to bookies that the odds that Ming & Co -can pull it off- has improved over the last month. Many now hold PLATO as favourites, if they can deal with the contagious parAAOnoia.

***** Traveller's Advisory *****

The regions around Yellowleaf and Camaris should be considered a war zone. PLATO has conducted random and unprovoked attacks on any neutrals in the area. The New Empire has not publically foresworn such tactics. All factions should consider acts of war and piracy to be likely occurances in the areas of Camaris and Yellowleaf. Everyone is accusing each other of being the bad guys. Extreme caution is advised and urged. I'm leaving at speed.

Traveller's Aid, Olympia II office *****

They're Coming. And When They're Gone. Nothing Will Remain


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