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   | The Olympia Times                                        issue g2-35 |
   | October 14, 1997                                                     |
   |                                                                      |
   | turn 35  240 players                             http://www.pbm.com/ |

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Olympia PBEM

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Player-contributed press

To the inhabitants of the Yellowleaf area:

PLATO and their allies have proven that they are not terribly concerned about neutral factions. Of seven nobles attacked in Azrain/Sydney and dh77 last turn, only one was a member of the New Empire. Several of these attacks resulted in the deaths of these neutral nobles. Neutral factions are urged to stay out of the area now known as New South Provinia.

The Illustrated Man recently advertised an interest in purchasing horse in Yellowleaf, maintaining that they would be used for peaceful purposes. Let it be known that this noble is controlled by the Midnight Carnival, leader of an alliance known as the Inner Circle and operating around Nantasarn to the north east of Yellowleaf. This alliance has declared their support for PLATO, so any declaration of peaceful intent is suspect.

Any factions who suffer due to the depredations of PLATO and who are interested in doing something about it, contact me at mhughes@rsva.trw.com for details.

-- Banquo's Ghost [ah7]

The Midnight Carnival is the spokesman, not the leader, for the Inner Circle Alliance. The Inner Circle currently claims the southeastern peninsula of Provinia...that is, all of Provinia that lies east of column 80. Before the current war began, we were on good terms with both the Empire and PLATO. When hostilities broke out and we were forced to choose between them, however, we remembered the numerous slights which we had received at the hands of the former head of the Empire, and chose accordingly. That said, now that the eventual outcome of the war seems a foregone conclusion, hunting down helpless refugees is not our style. If the armed group on our border comes any further into our territory it will be dealt with; otherwise it seems unlikely that we will take a direct part in this conflict.

-- The Midnight Carnival [ak8]

Welcome All to Pasha's Merchant Sale!!

Come to ck29 (Mountain area) and visit our merchant, PASHA, at the Inn of the Holy Grail (9884) where you can purchase or sell goods. Each month we will post our items for sale and purchase. We offer quality goods at a fair price! Item's come and go so get there early get yours FIRST. No guarantee items will be available all month long. Here's next months (T36) items:

For Sale:

- 12 Riding Horses [52] @ 75 GPs EACH - 10 Longbows [72] @ 25 GPs EACH - 10 Longswords [74] @ 12 GPs EACH - 22 Woven Baskets [94] @ 2 GP EACH - 10 Drums [98] @ 5 GPs EACH - 4 Clay Pots [95] @ 2 GPs EACH

You don't see it? Ask! More to come....

For Purchase:

- 3 Warmounts @ 130 GPs EACH - 20 Wood @ 8 GPs EACH

Want to sell it? Tell me what it is, and I'll make you an offer.

Finally, no combat is allowed. Attack us at the risk of WAR. You are NOT ALLOWED to enter ANY of the other areas at this location OR to RECRUIT any peasants at this location or its immediate surrounding areas. NOBLEs caught violating these rules will be dealt with.

Peace and long life,


\___ ___/\___ ____/ | ---- ---- | | ~``~ | | < o \ | | \ /,,,\ / | -- Guardian Brightstar, | \',, /,,,,,\ ,,'/ | Lord and Commander, | \ ,,,,,,,,,,, / | Guardians of the Realm -- | \' ,,,,,,,,, '/ | | \',,, ,,,'/ | | ',, ,,' | | " " | | <===#===#=[]= | \____ _____/ ----

-- Guardians of the Realm [bs2]

My Olympia II page for all G2 players is up at:


Hopefully by the time you read this I'll have completed the update of the site to the new format, and at least made a start on the "text friendly" version. The maps are still in table format, but I'll be putting up ASCII maps for those w/o table capable browsers. Look for the coming changes in the the weeks to come. It appears the war in south Provinia has scared off my contributors. Please come back, and continue sending your contributions to me at:

bswain@nyx.net or stahl_und_stein@hotmail.com

I'm still seeking player essays, articles, etc. and will act as host to most any Olympia related info. You send the material and I'll put it into HTML as my time permits. I'm also interested in linking to any other Olympia related sites, so send those URLs gents.

-- Stahl & Stein [rm4]

>>> A quick link (again) to my Homepage http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/AlGassner/ >>> Check it out...

-- N Shaku - Circle of the Wise [rt6]

For Sale or Rent: small Duchy southeast of Greyfell. Includes level 5 castle in a mountain province, complete with inn, mine and temple, as well as 10 garrisoned provinces. Slight savage infestation. Recently vacated by a friend and ally, hope to replace with a friendly faction. Borders upon similar Duchy belonging to our faction. Contact Grey Kestrel [9693]

-- Wing & Talon [tp2]

Wanted to buy: Mithril and Mallorn Wood, in Greyfell area. Am willing to exchange magic weapon/bow services.

-- Wing & Talon [tp2]


HORSES BOUGHT! The streets of Yellowleaf seem to be teeming with horseflesh these days. If you'd like to thin your herd, and you want to see your equine friends lovingly cared for by a tastefully decorated fellow, consider selling to the Illustrated Dude! riding horses: 25 gold wild horses: 10 gold Due to the conflict currently going on around Yellowleaf, the Illustrated Man's Smithy is CLOSED for the duration of hostilities. Healing Potions are still available from the dispensary, however: HEALING POTIONS!!!! In dangerous times, it's good to have healing. Potions currently for sale (150 gp): b272 s995 h912 g666

-- The Illustrated Man [1010]

Answer: To crush your enemies, to see them run before you and to hear the lamentations of their women!

-- Entwaidamela [9413]

Question: Entwaidamela, tell me, what is good in life?

-- Goran Rivieux [3224]

Cernennos [1947] is on the rampage in and around Trullion [h11] (dj74). He attacked several peaceful nobles merely passing by. Hiding behind 30 archers, 30 crossbowmen, 5 soldiers, 79 pikemen, Cernennos [1947], Saoshyant [1177] and Tyr [9725] attacked:

Galvin the stablemaster [2717] - taken prisoner Neighing Gelding Inn, dj74 [4730] - Captured with 23% damage Asmodean [3974] - taken prisoner Bantam [5926]- escaped Garrison of 40 pikemen, Trullion - Destroyed [6405] Dran the Dwarf [6292] - taken prisoner -Bardolf the Knight [6494] - taken prisoner

Other nobles present- Azhir the Great [3690] Greyfairer The Druid [8194] Captain Arrr [7662]

Province controlled ty The Crimson Citadel [3409], Ruled by Ming the Merciless [2900].

-- Thoron [2163]

A Warrior's Views

Choosing what road to walk in life is a luxury given to few in this world Perhaps lack of practice is why so many who do have that choice make such a gods-cursed mess of it

-- Sir Codric [3910]


The Tale of the Owl

Long ago, there was an owl. This owl wanted to fly far and wide.

>And insofar as we have our own expansionist plans

This owl was very brutal, as well, and a master at war.

>we may have attacked some who are not involved in the conflict

The owl would apologize for killing the defenseless and innocent, yet would then turn around and display a gruesome face.

>don't whine about it

The owl had practiced spin control, and was very advanced at the art.

>[we] have liberated Azrain from these felons

We thought this owl was dead.

Has it returned?

"even away we read the Times page to page, cover to cover 14th month rumor Urvil on your mind your true intent was uncovered"

That was a joke. Relax, sit back, and don't be so paranoid.

Ming the Merciless [2900] wrote:

>And insofar as we have our own expansionist plans, > >And insofar as we could pull it off,

Do we have a nomination for Tyrant of G2?

Report on the Siege at Grenth Month 3

The mages came out of the towers this month. They weaved some magic, and the air began to stink of noxious fumes. The strong wind blew these fumes into the enemy camp, and their men died in agony. This was a great morale boost for our besieged troops.

It didn't last long. Their beast stacks grew larger every day, and we received word from our spy in our leige's castle:

D -- Bad. Enemy leader. Private with S_. We are betrayed. CE

There was no hope now.

The enemy's camp began to move. They assembled their pikemen, and pushed their siege towers and rams to the front. The common soldiers -- those that survived the fumes -- were placed in the ranks of the pikemen. The sword experts moved just behind the first line, while the crossbowmen pulled up into the third rank. The beasts were assembled near the gates to rush in when the gates were knocked down.

We prepared for the attack at dawn. Our mages teleported to secure towers. Our leaders, except for the essential few, left incognito, escaping into the now empty streets of the city.

Gal donned her armor and led the elite Keep force to the outer courtyard. She would take the first assault. I organized the bows. The enemy drums began to beat.


Yes, you wanted it, we've got it: Number three in our anticipated series of 1970's metal war songs.

No Quarter

Close the doors, put out the light You know they won't be home tonight The snow falls hard and don't you know The winds of Thor are blowing cold They're wearing steel that's bright and true They carry news that must get through They choose the path where no-one goes They hold no quarter. They ask no quarter.

Walking side by side with death The devil mocks their every step The snow drives back the foot that's slow The dogs of doom are howling more They carry news that must get through To build a dream for you and me They choose the path where no-one goes They hold no quarter, they ask no quarter

Led Zeppelin

(Feel free to suggest songs you'd like included in our series by posting requests to the Times.)

There are Sea Monsters out there!

Yvengi is a louse!

Something Ming seems to have omitted in his posting last week:

The person who so annoyed everyone whil leading the New Empire (Fox), had already left the game *before* Ming attacked. He was replaced my Mike Hughes, a kinder and gentler person. So Ming is just beating up a bunch of players who's only sin is that their leader was a jerk, and most of them never knew what kind of diplomacy Fox was using anyway. Now Ming has refused to let them surrender and is hunting them down without quarter.

So now Ming doesn't look like the great liberator anymore. At least Fox never attacked anyone.

But then when you look at what he wrote, two lines stand out:

And insofar as we have our own expansionist plans,

And insofar as we could pull it off,

I think this may say more than all of the rest of his posturing.

I think Ming is determined to be the Duke Marat of G2. He certainly has the right attitude for the job. I guess that makes PLATO the AOO of G2.

Not what I'd want to be thought of as.

Editorial COMMENTARY on "Banquo's Phost":

"The Crimson Citadel in Azrain fell to an act of unprovoked aggression last turn by an alliance known as PLATO based in Camaris."

Wise up, bozo. You guys came off like low-budget AOO wannabees from year 1, and now have the nerve to act SHOCKED about it when someone decided to clean your arrogant collective clocks? Your idiot diplomat Fox "provoked" a lot of us out here! (Does "Do what I say, or we'll kick your a**" ring a bell?)

"The leaders of this alliance, the factions known as the Creepy Crawlers, Loopalootaloofa, and the Incognito Illuminiti have refused all offers to negotiate an end to the conflict"

Oh, puh-lease. When YOU thought you had the upper hand, you clowns decided to DICTATE terms, rather than "negotiate" them.

"Any factions who suffer due to the depredations of PLATO and who are interested in doing something about it, contact me for details at mhughes@rsva.trw.com."

I'm sure all of your deluded allies already know where to contact you for further half-truths, whining and sniveling.

So SHUT UP and go away now. :-P

And Yvengi is NOT a louse, he's a body crab!


Fellow Southerners, the latest update from The Mouth of the South.

At a safe distance from the turmoil in Yellowleaf, life goes on without much drama in beautiful Harn. We have sadly observed that one of the more colorful factions, the Catalans, appears to left us.

Rumors has it that an illegal betting shop has opened up in the shady suburbs. The same sources has it that the current odds are 2.5 to 1 for any bet on Ming, which is said to be but a passing fad.

From the outer regions, as of now still unconfirmed reports of a beasthunt have reached our sleepy Southern Metropolis. A faction reported in the North has declared his intention to parade Dragons through Harn, just to show off.

A very hush-hush cloak-and-dagger -organisation, known as the HIA, have been collecting files on all nobles in Southern Provinia. This organisation is thought to work for the newly established Harn Alliance.

1619 Stuart LaGavulin TMOTS

The new frontiers of knowledge

Here At DU (Drassa University) we have pushed back the frontiers of science. Our crack research team using the lastest techniques of beast breeding have managed what had been thought impossible. They have crossbred a mime and a lawyer. Unfortunatly we cannot say what the resulting offspring is, since it is so annoying no one can approach closer than 2 leagues from it.

Will someone tell me the book where that louse first appeared?

***** Traveller's Advisory *****

The regions around Yellowleaf and Camaris should be considered a war zone. PLATO has threatened random and unprovoked attacks on any neutrals in the area. The New Empire has not publically foresworn such tactics. All factions should consider acts of war and piracy to be likely occurances in the areas of Camaris and Yellowleaf. Extreme caution is advised and urged.

Traveller's Aid, Olympia II office *****


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