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   | The Olympia Times                                        issue g2-32 |
   | September 23, 1997                                                   |
   |                                                                      |
   | turn 32  228 players                             http://www.pbm.com/ |

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Olympia PBEM

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Player-contributed press

Not your normal TIBs post. The office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs for the TIBs alliance will be closed from Oct 3rd to Oct 15th. Parties interested in the TIBs alliance are welcome to send email during that period, but please be aware that you will not receive a reply until after Oct 15th. Thank you for your patience during that time. Good Luck to all

-- Lords of Hammerhill [gz2]

My Olympia II page for all G2 players is up at:


Well it finally happened. The demands of the RW overtook me and I've not added anything new to the map of Provinia (table format: Netscape 3.x or higher is recommended.) I'll put the new map data up ASAP (hopefully throughout this coming week.) I'll also be doing a major overhaul of the site as I now have enough data points to have a good idea of Provinia's size. I also hope to make the site user friendly for those w/o table-capable browsers in the near future. Look for the coming changes in the next couple of weeks, and continue sending your contributions to me at:

bswain@nyx.net or stahl_und_stein@hotmail.com

I'm still seeking player essays, articles, etc. and will act as host to most any Olympia related info. You send the material and I'll put it into HTML as my time permits. I'm also interested in linking to any other Olympia related sites, so send those URLs gents.

-- Stahl & Stein [rm4]

Curious how Olympia looks ? Help us ! The [rt6] N Shaku - Circle of the Wise Homepage - http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/algassner/

-- N Shaku - Circle of the Wise [rt6]


Look for more exciting offers soon!

Wood [77]: 7 gp, quantity 30+ Longswords [74]: 20 gp, quantity 2 Crossbows [85] & Pikes [75]: 12 gp, quantity 10+ Blast those monsters with ease, with the Illustrated Man's fine weapons! Riding Horses [52]: All gone for now!

HEALING POTIONS!!!! Sick and tired of paying through the nose for that contract loyalty? Running out of noble points for oaths? What you need is to rule your nobles by fear! Terrorize your nobles in complete safety with The Illustrated Man's healing potions, at a mere 150 gp apiece. If you are concerned about safety, we now have several satisfied customers who will testify to a satisfactory transaction. Potions currently for sale: b272 s995 h912 g666

-- The Illustrated Man [1010]



"You got your Yvengi in my Lice!" "YOU got your LICE in my Yvengi" "waitaminute---Mmmm---Mmmmmmmm" "Yvengi & Lice: 2 great tastes that taste great together!"

Let it be known that I, Pepe Le Peu, claim the area east of and including line 7, and south of and including line br, extenting east towards Yellowleaf and south towards Harn (which will become a brothel, according to a recent agreement between several horny dwarves in the region.)

Oh yeah, and Yvengi is a louse!

We Wish to Formally Announce the Renaming of the Region of Ferenth to the More Appropriate FROGENTH and Proclaim the Mountain City of Eddra the Glorious Capital of Frogenth.

******************************* *** Long Live the Frogs!!!! *** *******************************

Cry Havoc! And let slip the dogs of war!

One of the cries of the true believer is that there are moral absolutes that can only be set forth by a deity. Yet if life is sacred, as many deities have proclaimed, how can a deity command people to kill in his name, as many deities have done...

Likewise, if life is not sacred, then the injunction to be fruitful and multiply is a military command, not a deistic one...

Alzheimer is also a louse.

Spiny Norman has arrived on Ferenth...




Hedge Hog Days!!!

Marwin grew up in a family of burghers, in the bazaars of Harn. Although he was not the son of Joseph, he grew up happily amongst his kindred, learning the dealing and stealing of that everyday Southern Metropolis. Many a time, when Marwe he felt that he may have deserved to get caught or beaten it seemed as though fate interfered in his favour and saved his skin. He began to imagine that some mighty Guardian were his personal protector. A Black Shadow, neither close enough to be touched, nor too far away to allow any real danger.

Charng! Im impressed. I admit I thought the idea was stupid but you worked everything out. Those foolish humans will pay a fortune for a ship in a bottle and youve made one. You got that longship and didnt even get to many blood stains on the deck. You caught that human and he aggred to take it to their market and sell it for us. You even got those oxen so he could move the ship. But I still cant figure out why the humans get so upset if a cyclopse wants to use their market. And getting a bottle that big was truely inspired. Its to bad the ships mast and oars broke when you shoved it in to the bottle. But Im sure they wont notice. I still cant see why the humans like those things. It just might be amusing if you could see the ship. Hey maybe if the bottle was clear!


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