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   | September 21, 1994                                       issue g1-13 |
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   | turn 13  157 players                         "The higher, the fewer" |

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Olympia PBEM

* * *

If it chance your eye offend you, Pluck it out, lad, and be sound: 'Twill hurt, but here are salves to friend you, And many a balsam grows on ground.

And if your hand or foot offend you, Cut it off, lad, and be whole; But play the man, stand up and end you, When your sickness is your soul.

-- A.E. Housman

* * *

Player-contributed press

Roundship for sale in the Imperial City. Contact Bligh [s0u] with offers for the fine ship Wee Lassie [du6j].

Due to a real world business trip, the turn 12 version of the Olympia Atlas will not be uploaded. All turn 12 submissions will be incorporated into the turn 13 version of the Atlas, which will be uploaded on the 27th.

Keep those submissions coming!

Skulking Vermin (sx6)

THINGS ARE HEATING UP ---------------------

The emperor is very pleased with the actions last month on Mt. Olympus. Finally some of the nobles have started to show some fighting spirit.

The attack on the nearly completed castle did not seem to be planned well, and the same can be said about the defences. All nobles are encouraged to improve their battle skills.

The Voice of the Emperor


Let me check my calculations. There are 150 players. Each player will have probably way less than 10 nobles. Ok so 150 x 10 = 1500 nobles. There are roughly 9999 squares. Lets say they are half water. ok so 5000 squares -1500 nobles leaves 3500 squares unoccupied. (That's assuming nobles are smart and don't all bunch up with their faction). So lets get real here. There is no reason for anybody to fight anybody. Lets all spread out and make a ton of money on our own turf. The only thing to mistrust is mistrust itself.

Leo's Journal Entry 1...

After all this studying, finally some foes that can be fought! Orcs and Wildmen, are not listed in the Snare and Train lists for Beast Mastery, so my compatriots and I do not have to wait to learn these skills. Visions of Gold and Glory enter our minds, and the Battle Cry is sounded. The outcome will have to wait until next month, but until then, back to studying!


Have you been trying to unlock the mysteries of the (Olympian) universe with a twisted paper clip and a wad of gum? Do you turns include surprising results? "What do you mean a stack of four nobles and 30 soldiers were DEFENDING the lone rat I attacked? Can they do that?" Are you tired of trying to sell clay pots for a living?

Contact the Pilgrims Aid Society (PAS). We are a non-profit organization which offers assistance to the nobles of Olympia. PAS is NOT an alliance. We simply believe in lending a hand when needed.

Castle Builders: PAS need your help! Our office handles many requests for information about the alliances in various areas of the map, especially the Imperial City area. If you have VALID land claims in that area, we'd like to be able to pass on that information. The name and ID of a noble who is the contact person for your alliance would also be helpful.

Please send all contact to: Akmall Benhalla [p3p] Pilgrims Aid Society

Diary: Sunsear Day 3

A false alarm. The lookout cried "Land Ho" and a great cheer went up as the crew raced up the rigging for a better look. Gulls wheeled overhead adding to our hopes. Alas, it was just a dusky fogbank giving the appearance of distant cliffs. Will this journey never end?

As an increasing number of factions are claiming land, it is becoming increasingly difficult to know what areas have been claimed and what stipulations the claiming factions places on resource use and travel. It may be suggested that it is a good idea for each faction claiming land to post the following information:

Faction Area Claimed Restrictions on Travel Restrictions on Resource usage Other desires of the Faction claiming the area.

This information could be sent to the Times or maybe given to our esteemed Skulking Vermin [sx6] for inclusion in the atlas. It seems that it is in the best interests of almost everyone for this information to be available. It will give settlers some idea of already claimed areas that they may avoid if they are planning to build or utilize resources, and it will give landholders a break from the hordes of the uninformed.

It is further suggested that Factions not using a verifiable character or faction identifier be ignored.

The Weary Traveller

As whispered from ear to ear in the great hall of the Chateau Olympique.

Q: Why do so many people take an instant dislike to Oleg the Loudmouth ? A: Saves time in the long run.

Q: What is the sign posted on Chateau Olympique? A: "Please curb your Dogmatix!"

The Schola Enigma would like to make it perfectly clear that we have NO affiliation with the Supreme Tyrannical Union of Pugilistic Enigmas. While we ARE a religious institution and we must confess that the metaphysical underpinnings of our beliefs bear some resemblance to those of the Union (which we suspect may indeed be a sister sect), OUR philosophy is entirely non-political and non-aggressive. We strive to cooperate with all local authorities, and we have no interest in accumulating wealth or power.

Our purpose is for interdisciplinary research and training in various physical and metaphysical sciences. We seek a deeper understanding of our world and our existence. To this end, we are open to collaboration with like-minded scholars on projects of mutual interest. Inquiries should be sent to Dorian , Hyperon of the Schola Enigma .

Journal Entry, Sunsear, Year 2 of the Relocation - Gonzo Greybeard

Moving the products ordered by our friends has taken some effort, but delivery should be on time as promised. A very wise man (Benjamin of Franklin) once said "Endeavor to be perfect in the calling you are engaged in; and be assiduous in every part thereof; INDUSTRY being the natural means of acquiring wealth, honor, and reputation; as idleness is of poverty, shame and disgrace." Regarding the blustering and threats directed at those who have requested mere courtesy, Ben had this to say "Lay a good foundation in regard to principle: Be sure not willfully to over-reach, or deceive your neighbor; but keep always in your eye the golden rule of doing as you would be done unto."

Murphy's Law of Combat # 1. If the enemy is in range, so are you. Murphy's Law of Combat # 2. Incoming fire has the right of way. Murphy's Law of Combat # 3. Don't look conspicuous, it draws fire. Murphy's Law of Combat # 4. There is always a way, and it usually doesn't work. Murphy's Law of Combat # 5. The problem with the easy way out is that it has already been mined. Murphy's Law of Combat # 6. Try to look unimportant, they may be low on ammo. Murphy's Law of Combat # 7. Professionals are predictable, it's the amateurs that are dangerous. Murphy's Law of Combat # 8. The enemy invariably attacks on two occasions: a. when you're ready for them. b. when you're not ready for them. Murphy's Law of Combat # 9. Teamwork is essential, it gives them someone else to shoot at. Murphy's Law of Combat # 10. If you can't remember, then the claymore IS pointed at you.

For those seeking excitement and adventure on the high seas, contact Roderick Blaine [m4w] in the port city of Aethelarn. Swashbucklers needed, investors entertained.

Capt Roderick Blaine

Wildhorse plains [cf32], plain, in Provinia, civ-2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 10: OneEye [e5y] recruited ten peasants. 11: Garrison [dl7e], garrison, on guard, with ten soldiers now guards 11: Wildhorse plains [cf32] 12: OneEye [e5y], with 32 peasants, ten soldiers, went north.

Province controlled by Chateau Olympique [s85], castle, in Mt. Olympus [bx22] Ruled by Marat [g3y], baron

Castles do seem to be expensive, requiring 10,000 man-days and 500 stone. Has anyone calculated the payback time for the worker's salaries? The builder had better have a good cash supply on hand to pay the workers and the soldiers to guard them and to garrison the neighboring provinces.

An Announcement from the Ancient Council of Insomniacs!

All Alliances, Factions and individual nobles are advised to be on the lookout for the notorious villain Jolt Cola [w8q] of the bandit faction Name Brand Colas [3urp]. A village recently despoiled by this renegade and his minions have just recently gotten their hands to stop shaking and a few are actually managing to slip into light sleep, but are haunted by chaotic dreams of wild (and often overtly sexual [8><=]) imagery. Anyone sighting this individual, or others travelling with him, are urged to stick to filtered water, fruit juices, or, in extreme cases, have some double de-caf cappucino.

Thank you all for your wonderful response, but the Last Rites Clinic and Church of the Gooey Death is temporarily overloaded: you are making bodies faster than I can lay them to rest. Please contact me after turn 15 for any further Last Rites reservations (we are currently booked at least until then.)

And be careful out there -- too many people seem to have "tripped onto their own sword" or "fell in a hole".

Thank you again for your interest.


A castle on Mt. Olympus??? Surely the gods must be angered at such a transgression! A curse upon this sacrilege! For those of us too far away to revenge the gods, please You who live near our home, Imperial City, take vengence on this evildoer!

Destroy this blight on the holy mountain now, before the sinister plans of this faction become all too clear!

The clouds swirled about him as he urged the horses onwards and upwards. Looking round he checked his men were still with him and gazed out across the bare cloudscape. In the distance he spotted a faint figure. He had heard of this Elred. The man must be brave to brave the cloudlands alone. Saluting the brave mage he turned his winged steed downwards once more. The boss said that there would be people wanting access to these lands, and willing to pay for it as well. Once down at the mountain top Wanderer took out his quill and penned a note.

Here ye all magi. As all know, weather magic may be learned only in the cloudlands. However as our lore has not yet allowed us to leave the surface of the world itself, we need other means of travel to reach those far realms. If _you_ wish transport either to or from the cloudlands then a one way trip can be arranged, for 150 gold either way. Thats the cost of a Pikeman! Would you rather have access to the lore of the weather or have a pikeman? Extra luggage and guards will be transported at a cost of 1.5 gold/weight. Applications should be sent to h7e@g1.pbm.com

Local Celebrity Killed by Thugs Outside Imperial City =====================================================

Citizens of Imperial City were shocked last month when a well- loved local known as the "Soothsayer" was found butchered just outside the city limits. While authorities tried to label the incident as an isolated outbreak of violence, an outraged mob descended on city hall demanding to know what had become of their so-called "safe haven."

Calm was restored after an appeal to The Great One resulted in the discovery of a clerical error in the handling of a recent decree from Marat the Malicious, neighborhood despot. It was determined that the gang had not materially benefitted from the assault and an ugly lawsuit was quickly averted when the orc's family was promised full compensation for their losses.

The body of the deceased, which had been hacked into thirteen messy hunks of orc-flesh, was shipped back to its kinfolk in the Channel Mountains for burial. However, when the casket was opened at a memorial service thirteen full-grown orcs stepped out! Dr. Sierpinski of the Orc Institute commented, "Vell uv course, dumkopf! It iz vell-known zcientivic fact zat orks breed by parsenogenesis! Cut zem into liddle bits and zey are growink right back!"

Authorities immediately sent out cautions to all known gang leaders calling for an immediate halt to further orc assaults for fear that Provinia would soon be completely over-run by the adorable creatures.

Excerpt from the design list (courtesy of your GM :-) ----------------------------

From: Carl Edman To: design@pbm.com Subject: Nattering Newbies of Negativism

We've heard a lot on this list about how hard life is for newbies. There have been unending cries for more hacks and kludges to make Olympia safe for every newborn hick who insists on walking into the dragon caves through the battle fields. And we don't like it.

Invisibility ? Invulnerability ? Weightless backpack castles ? Flight ? Teleportation ? Let one propose to make these available to a wizard after three years of study and investment of a dozen noble points and one will be torn to shreds by those decrying unfairness and imbalance, but for the new nobodies nothing is good enough. Internal consistency, in-game explanation, conceptual integrity and logic be damned !

But let me enlighten you. Olympia is not a cooperative non-hierarchical equal-opportunity progressive non-competetive game of world contemplation situated in a swedish commune and intended to bring us into harmony with our inner selves and natural forces of the earth mother. It is not supposed to be. An Olympian turn should inspire a sense of uncertainity, danger, fear, loathing and hate. In short, Olympia should be a field where all the nobler virtues can be exercised.

Now if one thinks that newbies should be born into areas of relative civilization where they are unlikely to be attacked immediately for realistic reasons, one can be forgiven. But if a newbie desires the rewards which the great wilderness offers, he should be expected to show some spirit and not the soul of an accountant.

Abolish safe havens and replace them with reasonably strong default garrisons. And say no to any more supernatural welfare handouts for newbies !

Carl Edman (with just a little bit of character help from BtA)

In last month's Olympia Times the following was posted:

"Passengers bound for Tollus/Ossicus are encouraged to contact unit bp8h, in order to coordinate with those already exploring those continents, perhaps to our mutual advantage, or at least so that we may avoid conflict."

I sent a reply, but was not acknowledged. I believe the contact unit number is not valid.

The original author is invited to contact Captain Vandervecken [z7p]. Any messages received will be forwarded to my passengers.

Vandervecken [z7p], captain, V.S.S. Venture.

Clash! Slash! Die motherless Dog! Flowing blood, we drink In violence and mayham. Our Paradise, not for he Our Nest unsoiled, do not seek! Shining edges, darkening wood, We slay, yes we kill, stand away. See us, run, stay, die!

The Raptors

Puzzle from a recent game of Double Hazard in the Casino Aolia.

A: Hobbs described it as nasty, brutish and short. Q: Who is Oleg ?

The Imperial City Logging Corporation is open for business. Contact mmwang@mv.us.adobe.com if you wish to place an order for wood.

The great migration has begun. All ye who followed the western course from IC, it is now time to look to your defenses.

-- Squire Adam

Bird-spying yields interesting benefits to repeated usage. A master bird-spyer will sometimes get a report of hidden locations, making it worthwhile to bird spy on one's own location sometimes, compared to EXPLORE!

"Just because everything's different, doesn't mean that anything's changed."

Message found in bottle floating in the Atnos channel

Does anyone know how wide the map is, from east to west? Unit c1s Capt. Tarkus

Pirates strike at once-peacful Tollusian Coast

Angus Enterprises wishes to condemn the pox-begotten "nobles" on the Excogitate Soliloquy (of course - sp?). These pirates attacked the ship Peasant's Pleasureboat this last turn on the southern coast of Tollus, boarding and killing the crew and captain, Akhenaten. The Pleasureboat was on a peacful mission of exploration.

In memory to this fearless crew willing to risk the edge of the world but ill-equipped for scurvey-dog pirates, the Mellow Yellow renames our recently tapped keg to be the Akhenaten Stout.

Also, the attached list of nobles were known to board the pirate ship, and the pub bouncers have been asked to remember the attached list of criminals. Until revenge has been had, all ships are warned to be fore-armed for danger of Pirates.

The Mellow Yellow Pub [y77], outside of Yellowleaf on the scenic western coast of Tollus. Angus McAttle [b60], proprietor.

from Season "Sunsear", month 4, in the year 1. Excogitate Soliloquy [iu7o], roundship, 24% loaded, arrived from Imperial city [aa0m], owner: Oberon [j9k], with eight sailors, accompanied by: BRYANDALE [w5p] ROSECASTER [d5m] TALLEN [z2j] TALLTREE [g0w] Cor Nylghai [l4x], accompanied by: Zebadiah [r1w] Nikludius [r2e] Margus Barmogre [h9l] MacBeth [u0i], with six soldiers, accompanied by: Hashid al-Jazuli [a4n] Carlo Shannon [z0a], with two soldiers Wily Coyote [k9w] Seamus O'Donnell [n6r], with eight soldiers, four workers, accompanied by: Barant McCurdy [j6a] Liam Tyrconnell [w2b] Digby Hurlihy [c0n] James Augustus [y1r], with 12 workers, accompanied by: Radric Augustus [e6r] Elric Augustus [e1x]

Pikemen available! Only 149 gold each! If you supply the peasant or wood they're only 110 gold. If you supply both wood and peasant then your price is 75 gold! Contact Rachet Storm at m7s.pbm.com for more details! (RCOMBER@delphi.com)

The Royal Geographer Emeritus looked with satisfaction at the progress on his castle. Already 56% complete, and 96 stone on hand for the month's construction. If a few more stone could be quarried, the castle would be complete in two months. Already nobles were acquiring advanced skills in the tower reseach center. Exploration parties had so far discovered no other factions on Krussos. (One or two other factions would be welcome on Krussos, particularily any factions interested in peaceful expansion and mutual defense. Contact Red Clupea)

They seek it here. They seek it there. Those Necros seek it everywhere.

Is it in Drucartan? Or is it in Hell? That damned, elusive Moonplague Cell.

GOURMANDS' CORNER by Calvin Trillion

The last few morsels of the delectable Charlotte Tatin that I had chosen to cap off my meal at Dr. Pain's Inn and Shipyard were just passing my lips as Dr. Pain finally wound up his long and confused exposition of "The Master" (as he referred to Oleg the Loudmouth) and his philosophy. I was thankful that whatever the dinner conversation lacked in interest the meal had made up for in culinary satisfaction. I was particularly pleased by the work of Mad Al, previously the stable master for Dr. Pain's Dark Legion and currently the dessert chef. The Charlotte Tatin had possessed a tiny trace of burnt flavor in the caramel that had contrasted nicely with the sweet cream and the tartness of the first pick apples. In fact, I was looking around the room for Mad Al, to complement him on his work and to enquire as to another serving when I became aware of the sudden silence at the table and Dr. Pain's intent stare.

"Uh, yes," I quickly dissembled. "You were saying something about Oleg the Cottonmouth?"

"I was asking," repeated Dr. Pain in a careful voice, "Whether you were interested in accepting the sacrament of the Master and joining us to destroy the unholy devils of the Ancient Order of Olympians."

Whenever I hear "Ancient Order of Olympians" I can't help but think "Bunch of Doddering Old Fools".

"Why would I want to destroy the Ancient Order of Olympians?" I asked.

"Because they are blood-maddened godless scum who attack without warning or provocation and are a danger to all righteous Olympians!" replied a suddenly angry Dr. Pain. "You saw what they did to poor Dogmatix!"

"Well, correct me if I'm wrong," I replied, "but wasn't it *Dogmatix* who attacked the Ancient Order of Olympians without warning or provocation?"

Just as suddenly as he became angry, Dr. Pain's mood shifted again. Leaning forward slightly, he glanced around the room and replied with a sly, conspiratorial air. "Aha! That's what the Ancient Order of Olympians would *like* you to think. But I know the truth of it!"

Motioning his servants away from the table, Dr. Pain scooted his chair around to the place next to mine and spoke in a quiet whisper. His breath recalled certain foul wharfside sewers, and I was able to ascertain quite clearly from the detritus in his teeth the good Dr.'s last meal.

"Dogmatix was *tricked* by those foul dogs into flying to Mt. Olympus and attacking. They sat on Mt. Olympus and did nothing! They didn't even have soldiers. Furthermore, I have proof positive that they actually helped out certain factions not in the Ancient Order of Olympians! Oh, yes, those dogs *goaded* him into it! What else could Dogmatix do in the face of such blatant provocation? He *had* to attack! And it was a totally righteous and holy attack, because Bastrestric the Architect started it all when he attacked a noble a year ago! So in reality it was Bastrestric who initiated the attack!" Dr. Pain leaned back and gave me a broad smile.

I gave that a moment's thought.

"So let me recap," I said. "Your claim is that the Ancient Order of Olympians are mad dogs who must be genocided because they lured Dogmatix into attacking by being totally peaceful and that the number one devil is Bastrestric the Antagonistic, who led the attack against the Ancient Order of Olympians which resulted in his own death."

"Exactly!" exclaimed Dr. Pain. "I see that you understand. So you'll join us?"

In the looney bin, I thought to myself. Although it sounds like it's getting crowded in there.

"Well," I said, getting slowly up from my chair and sidling toward the door, "of course I'll have to check with my editor. The newspaper biz, you know. I'm sure you understand."

I was saved the need for further reply by a crashing at the front door. It was my misguided friend Dolphin Crater, crashing past Pierre and dragging with him a disheveled young girl of Asian appearance.

"Hey boss," he said in his usual booming tenor. "Look who I found!"

o where o where has my little dogmatix gone o where o where can he be? with his head cut short and his entrails cut long o where, o where can he be?

Oleg the Loudmouth's (Free!) Lore Archive has been updated!

The long promised tomes of new knowledge are now available! The new tomes are: lore.new, which is all lore found in this world, and lore.diff, which gives the differences between the lore of this world and the lore of the alpha-test world. As usual, no fee is collected, nor will any be paid for any contributions. Do a good deed today and contribute: Lore should be free!

Oleg is now planning a new tome entitled: "Pacifistic Vigilantism: Or How I Showed Dr. Pain The Path Of Loud-Mouthed Truth", to be released during "Dark Night". Send in your advance orders now!

As usual, these tomes may be obtained by contacting me directly, or from your favorite archive.

-- Oleg the Loudmouth [b2q]


Akhenaten - Turns 1-12. Akhenaten was murdered on day 1 of Sunsear by the nobles of the Excogitate Soliloquy. See the following article for more details. Akhenaten was just a poor fisherman, who just enjoyed fishing. He was a good employer. His 17 sailors enjoyed working for him, and gave up their lives in his defense. He is survived by his father, one sister, two brothers, and his son.

* * *

1: Oberon [j9k] attacks Peasant's Pleasureboat [fs6i]! 1: 1: Excogitate Soliloquy [iu7o], roundship, 28% loaded, 18% damaged, 1: owner: 1: Oberon [j9k], behind 9, with six sailors 1: TALLEN [z2j] 1: TALLTREE [g0w] 1: BRYANDALE [w5p] 1: ROSECASTER [d5m] 1: Cor Nylghai [l4x] 1: Zebadiah [r1w], behind 1 1: Nikludius [r2e] 1: Margus Barmogre [h9l] 1: 1: Peasant's Pleasureboat [fs6i], roundship, 8% loaded, 8% damaged, 1: owner: 1: Akhenaten [w4w], behind 2, with 17 sailors 1: 1: Oberon [j9k] is victorious! 1: 1: Margus Barmogre [h9l] was wounded. 1: 1: Akhenaten lost 17 sailors. 1: Akhenaten [w4w] was wounded. 1: 1: MacBeth [u0i] attacks Peasant's Pleasureboat [fs6i]! 1: 1: MacBeth [u0i], with eight pikemen, accompanied by: 1: Hashid al-Jazuli [a4n], behind 9 1: Wily Coyote [k9w] 1: Carlo Shannon [z0a], behind 1 1: 1: Peasant's Pleasureboat [fs6i], roundship, 0% loaded, 9% damaged, 1: owner: 1: Akhenaten [w4w], behind 2 1: 1: MacBeth [u0i] is victorious! 1: 1: Akhenaten [w4w] was killed.

Play Tip #1 - When WAITing for someone, something or or somewhare, add either the TIME or DAY to it also so you won't waste a whole month waiting for an event that, due to circumstances beyond your control, never happens.

For example, Bimbo [z9z] is sailing to location [zz99]. Dweeb [y8y] is in location [zz99] and has issued WAIT UNIT z9z. Bimbo [z9z] is way laid by pirates, and never arrives. Dweeb [y8y] will wait for the rest of the month anyway.

However, Bimbo [z9z] was expected to arrive around day 10, Dweeb [y8y] could have issued WAIT UNIT z9z DAY 12. So if Bimbo [z9z] did not arrive by day 12, Dweeb [y8y] could continue with his orders, whatever they were.

Morthaine trudged through the dark forest, following the wide trail that must lead to civilization. An unseasonable rain filtered down through the canopy of the gnarled black trees, and left a thick mist among the roots.

Above the mist, Morthaine could see the grey towers of a city, with grey pennants everywhere. He felt a tug in his heart, a sure sign the Wanderer would be found here.

I doubt the existence of this "bp8h" character (who doesn't reply to my mail, and doesn't look like a real noble code anyway). But my character t9v is currently exploring Ossicus, and would be willing to trade information with any parties in the area, or headed this way.

I do not take kindly to the besmirching of my name by the anonymous poster of recent memory. I do not belong to the faction you think I do. Of course, any unsigned posting is suspect, such poltroons have little honor to go with their small honesty.

ValJean [b6k]

Alfred sends his heartiest thanks to the brave nobles of the Iron Nation who rescued him from his foul imprisonment by rats! Would that such displays of self-sacrifice and honor were more common in this cold, cruel world.

A little known fact about castles is that, if explored, they may contain any or all of the following: - a hidden dungeon - a secret exit leading to an adjacent province - a chapel - a treasure room - a route to hell - a gate

To: "Faux" the Necromancer.

Thank you for your kind invitation, however, I'm afraid that we simply couldn't find you when we checked with the Hellspawn & Necromancy gift registry in Hell.

If you register, I'm sure my organization can find an appropriate gift for the likes of you.

Or you could just wait for us to find you on our own time. We'll be coming to a graveyard near you sometime soon to clear it of any unholy infestation we might find.

Brother MoonPlague [b5l].

The thick brush barely stirred as the three men moved along quietly under the trees. All three were clearly archers, and just as clearly, their leader was more than a simple archer. A well-worn longsword hung by his side, and the black tattoo of a skull marked his jaw, while a number of scars marked the paths of his life across his skin.

The three men followed a vague game trail through the ancient forests, and they traveled far enough in front of the rest of their group to search in silence.

"'ere," the tattooed archer knelt next to the trail and gestured towards some faint marks. "Looks like whut we 'eard might 'ave been true. They's been some'un travelin' along 'ere regular-like." He stood up. "Go an' pass word. We'll look up a good spot ta camp." One of the archers nodded and trotted back along the way they had come. "If they said rightly, we shuld be inna city 'fore another month gits by."

Later that evening, the gray-cloaked leader of the band made his way across the campsite. A small fire burned, throwing shadows across the brush surrounding the clearing they had cut from the forest. As he neared the fire, one of the small pack of wolves sleeping at the edge of the fire's light rose to it's feet and growled questioningly. "Nothing now, my friend," the beastmaster reassured it as he moved past and entered the circle of light.

Several of the other nobles in the group looked up as he sat down. "Any news?" one asked.

He shook his head. "As far as I can tell, everything is quiet. This has been a quiet journey so far, and let's hope it stays so for a bit longer. Another two weeks should tell how well our plans are going, and then we can begin the training." Several men around him nodded, and one slapped his hand over the hilt of his sword. "It's about time!"

Several months sail away, two women rested outside their tent, while the fire burned low and their men-at-arms settled in for the night. Not far from them, they watched the fires of two other camps burning. "I'm still not convinced this is such a good area to set up in."

The younger mage shrugged. "It may not be the best, but it'll do for a little while. I still need some more practice before I can hold up my end," she replied.

The other woman picked up her bow and unstrung it in one smooth motion. "You're the boss. Did you manage to get in touch with the others tonight?"

"Yes, but not for long. They are doing well so far, and may have even found a good area to set up a temporary base camp. He said something about signs of a war building, but the spell broke before he could explain. It didn't seem likely to involve them, however."

"Good enough. I'm going to check the sentries before I turn in." She stood and moved off into the night, while the mage turned back to the glowing coals where the fire had been. The dim light helped her focus her meditations and plans.

Golden Opportunity ?

The nearly finished Castle on Mt. Olympus appears to be short a few defenders after the recent battle. It would be terrible if a group of newcomers joined together and took the Castle before the defenders rebuild their forces. Once the Castle is finished the defense value kicks in, making capture more difficult.

a very anonymous observer

Your reporter from the front managed to scrounge up this account of the battle on Mt. Olympus that happened on turn 11.

Mt. Olympus [bx22], mountain, in Provinia, civ-3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3: Dogmatix [c8c], with one pikeman, five winged horses, five giant 3: spiders, two rats, four giant birds, ten harpies, arrived from 3: Cloud [bn2m]. 4: Dogmatix [c8c] attacks Horde of rats [gk3t]! 4: 4: Dogmatix [c8c], with one pikeman, five winged horses, five giant 4: spiders, two rats, four giant birds, ten harpies 4: 4: Horde of rats [gk3t], rats, number: 8 4: 4: Dogmatix [c8c] is victorious! 4: 4: Horde of rats lost seven rats. 4: Horde of rats [gk3t] was captured 4: 5: Dogmatix [c8c] recruited one peasant. 6: Bastrestric ther Archymonaged [x9i], conjurer, exited Tower of the 6: Art [q45]. 6: Bastrestric ther Archymonaged [x9i], conjurer, exited Chateau 6: Olympique [s85]. 6: Dogmatix [c8c] attacks Athelfrar [m6g]! 6: 6: Dogmatix [c8c], with one pikeman, five giant spiders, seven rats, 6: four giant birds, ten harpies, one peasant 6: 6: Athelfrar [m6g], behind 1, with 16 peasants, 15 soldiers, 6: nine crossbowmen, accompanied by: 6: Trogenius [j7t], behind 9, with 26 peasants, five crossbowmen 6: Bastrestric ther Archymonaged [x9i], conjurer, behind 1, ally 6: 6: Dogmatix [c8c] is victorious! 6: 6: Dogmatix lost one peasant, one giant spider, five rats, two giant 6: birds, two harpies. 6: 6: Athelfrar lost 16 peasants, 13 soldiers, nine crossbowmen. 6: Trogenius [j7t] was taken prisoner. 6: Bastrestric ther Archymonaged [x9i] was wounded. 6: 7: Dogmatix [c8c] attacks Athelfrar [m6g]! 7: 7: Dogmatix [c8c], with one pikeman, four giant spiders, two rats, 7: two giant birds, eight harpies, 26 peasants, five crossbowmen 7: 7: Athelfrar [m6g], behind 1, with one peasant, two soldiers, 7: accompanied by: 7: Bastrestric ther Archymonaged [x9i], conjurer, behind 1, ally 7: 7: Dogmatix [c8c] is victorious! 7: 7: Athelfrar lost one peasant, two soldiers. 7: Athelfrar [m6g] was taken prisoner. 7: Bastrestric ther Archymonaged [x9i] was wounded. 7: 7: Athelfrar [m6g] recruited six peasants. 8: Dogmatix [c8c] attacks Bastrestric ther Archymonaged [x9i]! 8: 8: Dogmatix [c8c], with one pikeman, four giant spiders, two rats, 8: two giant birds, eight harpies, 26 peasants, five crossbowmen 8: 8: Bastrestric ther Archymonaged [x9i], conjurer, behind 1 8: 8: Dogmatix [c8c] is victorious! 8: 8: Bastrestric ther Archymonaged [x9i] was killed. 8: 9: Dogmatix [c8c] attacks Chateau Olympique [s85]! 9: 9: Dogmatix [c8c], with one pikeman, four giant spiders, two rats, 9: two giant birds, eight harpies, 26 peasants, five crossbowmen 9: 9: Chateau Olympique [s85], castle-in-progress, 85% completed, 9: accompanied by: 9: Hotspur [h9t], with 74 workers 9: 9: Hotspur [h9t] is victorious! 9: 9: Hotspur lost 35 workers. 9: 9: Dogmatix lost 26 peasants, one pikeman, five crossbowmen, four giant 9: spiders, two rats, two giant birds, eight harpies. 9: Dogmatix [c8c] was wounded. 9: 12: Dogmatix [c8c] recruited three peasants. 13: Dogmatix [c8c] attacks Chateau Olympique [s85]! 13: 13: Dogmatix [c8c], with three peasants 13: 13: Chateau Olympique [s85], castle-in-progress, 87% completed, 13: accompanied by: 13: Hotspur [h9t], with 39 workers 13: 13: Hotspur [h9t] is victorious! 13: 13: Hotspur lost one worker. 13: 13: Dogmatix lost three peasants. 13: Dogmatix [c8c] was wiped out. 13: 13: Exxon [a7e], with nine peasants, four pikemen, three crossbowmen, 13: ten workers, one soldier, four archers, arrived from the south. 14: Exxon [a7e], with nine peasants, four pikemen, three crossbowmen, 14: ten workers, one soldier, four archers, entered Chateau Olympique [s85]. 14: Exxon [a7e], with nine peasants, four pikemen, three crossbowmen, 14: one soldier, four archers, exited Chateau Olympique [s85]. 14: Exxon [a7e], with nine peasants, four pikemen, three crossbowmen, 14: one soldier, four archers, entered Chateau Olympique [s85]. 14: Exxon [a7e], with nine peasants, four pikemen, three crossbowmen, 14: one soldier, four archers, exited Chateau Olympique [s85]. 14: Exxon [a7e], with nine peasants, four pikemen, three crossbowmen, 14: one soldier, four archers, went north. 18: Lili Marlene [e7m] arrived from the south. 19: Lili Marlene [e7m] went north. 19: Wisp [o9h] arrived from the south. 20: Benelux [z0z], with three peasants, seven soldiers, one pikeman, arrived 20: from the south, accompanied by: 20: Bellabane [o3z] 21: Benelux [z0z], with three peasants, seven soldiers, one pikeman, entered 21: Chateau Olympique [s85], accompanied by: 21: Bellabane [o3z] 27: Typhoon [s8p], with five pikemen, 19 peasants, arrived from the south, 27: accompanied by: 27: Hoodoo [c3t] 27: Udder [w8k], with 16 crossbowmen

Routes leaving Mt. Olympus: North, plain, to Royal hunting plains [bw22], 7 days East, forest, to Emperor's forest [bx23], 8 days South, to Forest [by22], 8 days West, plain, to Royal hunting plains [bx21], 7 days Up, cloud, to Cloud [bn2m], Cloudlands, impassable

Inner locations: Lair [ao9s], lair, 1 day Chateau Olympique [s85], castle-in-progress, 95% completed, owner: Hotspur [h9t], with 48 workers Benelux [z0z], with three peasants, seven soldiers, one pikeman Bellabane [o3z] Tower of the Art [q45], tower, defense 20 tower of the wheel [w63], tower, defense 20, owner: Charmen [q5z] Pillar of Fire [x60], tower, defense 20

Seen here: Angry peasant [es1b], angry peasants, number: 14, on guard Horde of rats [ii5b], rats, number: 7 Wisp [o9h] Typhoon [s8p], with five pikemen, three crossbowmen, 16 peasants, accompanied by: Hoodoo [c3t] Udder [w8k], with 16 crossbowmen