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   | The Olympia Times                                      times@pbm.com |
   | September 28, 1994                                       issue g1-14 |
   |                                                                      |
   | turn 14  161 players                              "Dead fish float." |

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Olympia PBEM

* * *

Now to her lap the incestuous earth the son she bore has ta'en. And other sons she brings to birth But not my friend again.

-- A.E. Housman

* * *

Important notice of rule changes --------------------------------

The following changes will be in effect as of next turn (turn 15):

1. Previously only a unit that directly initiated combat had to spend a day fighting. Stackmates of the attacker were not being charged a day delay too. While fixing this, I introduced a delay for the victim stacks also. On reflection, I have decided this is a bad idea. Henceforth, every member of an attacking stack will spend a day in the effort, but none of the defenders will incur a delay.

2. Fight to the death [9505] now lets you specify the break point of a unit exactly. The new syntax is USE 9505 .

old new meaning --- --- ------- use 9505 0 use 9505 50 break at 50% use 9505 1 use 9505 0 don't break -- fight to the death n/a use 9505 30 break at 30%

Note that "break at 30%" means that the side breaks when its total offensive plus defensive value falls to 30% of its original value.

Every player with a unit who knows the skill [9505] should have received a new lore sheet for this skill in their turn report.

If it didn't, you can request a new sheet from the scanner:

begin lore 9505 end

3. There was a flaw in the nearest graveyard computation routine. This problem has been corrected.

4. The maximum civ level a province may have is 6.

ALSO: As of turn 17, the SWEAR command will go away.

Player-contributed press

A sizable reward is offered for information leading to the location of any of the following items:

enchanted ring [jt3a] crystal spear [iq4t] enchanted javelin [ca5a]

This reward can be in the form of reciprocal exchange of information, or gold. Please contact [e1g] with any information.

BE IT KNOWN: hence forth no fishing nor pleasure boating will be allowed in the Tymaerian Sea. Violators will be violated. For that matter, non-violators will be violated.

Fair warning has been given.

This message cosponsored by the "Save The Animals League" and "Workers for less Pay", claiming all oceans in this part of the world and the sea traffic upon them.

Persuant to "The Weary Traveller" I am posting this land claim to the times:

Faction: Blue Wizards Area Claimed: Rimmon: cq76 to cu79 and environs Restrictions on travel: Visitors are tolerated, but not encouraged stacks larger than 10 units are discouraged Restrictions on resource usage: No mining.

-Black Billy (e0x)

Horses in Faelgrar. I will be selling horses in Faelgrar. Ships, too, maybe, but definitely wood. Perhaps even a potion of healing or two. Interested? Contact w4t@g1.pbm.com.


New Nobles! The Pilgrims Aid Society is here for you. Questions answered, advice given, and occasionally, thoughts provoked. The Pilgrims Aid Society, Free and worth the Price.

TRAVEL ADVISORY: There has been another attack in the Gentlewind area. Percival the Prim [r7m] attacked a noble in bx27. Retaliation by the Iron Nation is expected. Uninvolved nobles are encouraged to avoid the area. This conflict could easily spread to the Imperial City area, especially Mt. Olympus.

Land claims have begun to come in to the Pilgrims Aid Society. There has been some concern about the legitimacy of some of these claims. I have NO intention of enforcing or policing Land Claims. The Aid Society merely provides, as a public service, travel advisories regarding claimed lands. We depend on the honesty of the Claimer and verification by travelers in the area who share their findings with us.

Akmall Benhalla [p3p]

Seeing two ships in one month is just a little too much. It is time to move on and keep ahead of the onward rush of civilisation. More long days at sea, practicing arms and trying to work out what to do with an enchanted staff???

Here is a puzzler: A Gatemaster performed Detect Gates and determined that the nearest gate was one province away. A Gatemaster in an adjacent province performed Detect Gates to find the nearest gate was four provinces away! Does anyone have an explanation for this discrepancy?

GOURMANDS' CORNER by Calvin Trillion

"Will you tell this brute to unhand me?" asked the tiny Asian girl.

"You heard her, Dolphin," I said to my misguided friend Dolphin Crater, "please let Ms. O'Brien go."

"Ms. O'Brien?" asked Dolphin in a puzzled tone. "Isn't this Miyuki? Miyuki O'Brien? What kind of name is that?"

"Her father was Irish."


"Now, Miyuki," I said, taking her arm and pulling her towards the bar. "I'm quite surprised to see you at Dr. Pain's Inn and Shipyard. I wouldn't have thought it the kind of place you'd frequent. You must have heard about the Charlotte Tatin. It's certainly worth the trip. That reminds me, have you seen Pierre around anywhere?" I scanned the room for the dessert chef, but he was still mysteriously missing. It would be a personal tragedy if I was forced to leave before acquiring another piece of Charlotte Tatin.

"It's because of Kovaq'nu," said Miyuki.

"Bless you, my child," I said. "You seem to have caught a chill."

"I didn't sneeze, you dunderhead. I'm telling you why I'm hiding out here in Dr. Pain's Inn. It's because of that annoying little nerd Kovaq'nu."

"Ah, yes," I said, slowly recalling some embarrassing letters I'd read in the Personals section of the Times. "I do recall that you had some overly-ardent admirer publishing the details of your love life in the Times. Is this the same fellow? The one with a name like a sneeze?"

"And a face like a goat. Yes, that's him." Miyuki made a face and waved the bartender over. "My usual," she said, "and bring Calbert here whatever he wants."

"That's Calvin, dear."


I ordered a Atnos Island Ice Tea and inquired if the bartender knew the whereabouts of Pierre.

"Shut up about the stupid dessert, already!" snapped Miyuki. "Can't you think of anything other than your bulging stomach?"

"Well, pardon me," I said in my frostiest voice. Miyuki seemed not to notice.

The bartender brought my Ice Tea along with two shots of Torbor Bacon Gutrot and a beer chaser for Miyuki. She upended both shots and drained the chaser in rapid succession. It dawned on me that perhaps Miyuki was in a bad mood.

"So this Kamchatka fellow," I said in my heartiest tones. "What exactly is the problem?"

"He's making my life miserable," said Miyuki, waving to the bartender for another round. "Publishing those idiotic love letters in the Times. Hanging around my apartment building. Writing my unit id on the walls of bathrooms. You would not *believe* what I've been through. Every yahoo new noble who hits the big city comes knocking at my door with an armful of rose perfume and a headful of bad intentions. I've got enough perfume in my back bedroom to deodorize the Seventh Fleet."

"Yes, yes, terrible," I said in what I hoped was a soothing tone. "Say, what's the bartender up to?" While Miyuki had been talking the bartender had set out a series of glasses and filled them with mead.

"Oh, no," said Miyuki with a groan. "It's happy hour."

"Aha, happy hour!" I said. Happy hour is the delight of the travelling newsman. "Why so glum?"

Wordlessly, Miyuki pointed at a dull, iron-wrought crown, crudely fashioned, hanging on a peg at the back of the bar.

"That looks to be a dull, iron-wrought crown, crudely fashioned," I said. "What of it?"

"Crown of the Barbarians," she replied, as the bartender lifted the crown and set it on his head.

Suddenly the bar was crowded with 27 barbarians. "Happy hour!" they screamed in unison, grabbing for the mead and breaking out into what sounded like a Viking drinking song. Elbows and mead were flying everywhere.

"Look," shouted Miyuki in my ear as we tried to force our way to the door, "do me a favor and put an ad in the Personals for me: `500 gold to the man who brings me the head of Kovaq'nu [v4n], no questions asked.' Can you do that for me?"

Suddenly Dolphin popped up between us, his finger pointing triumphantly skyward. "I'll do it!" he screamed over the singing barbarians.

THE EMPEROR BREAKS HIS SILENCE ------------------------------

The Emperor is very happy to hear about the death of the orc "Soothsayer". The execution was performed by the direct order of the emperor. The emperor is requesting that the body of the orc is displayed prominently at the gate(s) of the Imperial City, so that new nobles can see an example of the fate that awaits them if they stray from the "right" path.

The Voice of the Emperor

Whats the going price for a round ship anyway?

A public notice to the dishonorable dirtbag nobles of the faction optimistically named "The Cohorts of Colossus" (v04):

Be careful what you wish for - you might get it.

>>>Quite<<< soon, I'm sure.


So what makes life real? By what criteria can I distinguish this life in Olympia from the "real life". In this life we interact through computer bodies, but one person still communicates with another, with all the unpredictabilities thereof. In the "real life" we interact through flesh bodies, but when we leave the flesh bodies (die) the bodies are no longer alive. So it is not the flesh itself that makes life. Both worlds have religion. Both worlds have adventure. Both worlds have time. And most importantly both worlds have chocolate.

Is this Olympia life real?

I look forward to your answers in the next edition of the Times

Phil O. Sopher

Opportunities to test the combat system have been made available by the generous count marat [g3y] who has been putting garrisons all over the continent after he finished his castle on Mt Olympus.

These garrisons are not really there to establish claim to all of the continent. Nor are they there to gather taxes to increase his resource base.

These garrisons were placed there so that any who wish to see how combat works can do so by taking on the weak force of 10 soldiers. So if you want to see how combat really works, try it. You'll like it.

Journal Entry, Thunder & Rain, Year 2 of the Relocation - Gonzo Greybeard

Groups from the company have scattered around the area to obtain the necessary items. Inns are sprouting throughout the land, and towers rise to the sky. Castle construction has continued apace in many areas. Reportedly the contested castle on Mount Olympus has been completed. Battles still occur, the reason for this at this stage, with so much land available, escapes me. Why must there be those who would fight over abundance? There is more than enough to go around, and yet there are those contentious who would strive to take away the fruits of hard labor. The most fortunate of us, in our journey through life, frequently meet with calamities and misfortunes which may greatly afflict us; and, to fortify our minds against the attacks of these calamities and misfortunes, should be one of the studies and endeavors of our lives.

Is it possible to find a more somber and cynical poet than the lighthearted happy-go-lucky A. E. Housman who graces the start of the times. Perchance there are clues to the design and nature of Olympia hidden in his whimsical optimistic rhymes.

a poetry critic

Diary: Thunder and Rain, Day 19

At last! Arrival on Torba Bacor. Sick to death with sailing, our company tumbled, dove, and splashed to shore. Ah, but what a bleak land. Our first campsite is in a barren setting with little promise for gain. Have we come to a profitless wilderness? Tomorrow we set out exploring. . .

Ship Graveyards Growing

It seems like ships are becoming very cheap nowadays. There are at least 5 of them left ownerless in the coast of Provinia alone, and most ships were used to go on one way trips to distant lands.

Land Ho! At last we set foot on shore again. Now it is time to spread out and explore, recruit, and perform common tasks for gold to pay those recruits. Time to harvest wood, make pikes, and train pikemen for defense in our wanderings. Time to look for that holiest of sites: a city with a hill fit for a castle!

Leo's Journal Entry 3...

After all the preparation for our first battle, the cowardly Orcs ran away before our attack was launched. All we can assume is that even in this new land, our fearsome reputation for battle is known by the monstrous denizons. We will continue to search out new beasts to use our newly found Beast Mastery skills upon.

Lews Therin Telamon stood beside the Portal Stone. He reached out and his finger traced a symbol. He reached out for the Sandar and Traveled between worlds. As the gray mist cleared, he found himself in a city, he looked down at the Portal Stone, but it was not there!

Gazing around he spied a man walking by, "Sir, can you tell me where I am?"

The man looked up at him as he walked by, "By the God's! Another noble here in the Imperial City. As if this place were not crowed enough already!"

Lews reached for the Sandar, but could not touch it. Neither flows of Spirit, Water, Fire, Air, nor Earth could he weave. He spied the Entrance to the Wizard's College.

Walking up to the entrance he read a sign. "The Schools of Gatecraft and Magic are taught here. If you want the schools of Weather magic, Scrying, Artifact construction go to the schools in other cities. If you want to learn Necromancy go to Hades! We won't teach that here."

Well, no Portal Stone to take me back to my world, I can't touch the Sandar or use the Five Powers. I guess I must start to learn about the Six Schools if I am to get along here.

Just then he noticed the eight peasents looking to him for food and guidence. He gave them to a noble standing near, entered the Wizard's College and enrolled.

The Olympia Atlas is accepting contributions, and is available for download!

In the tradition of Oleg's Map (tm), the Atlas is a compilation of geographical information useful for explorers, traders, and adventurers. Best of all, it's absolutely free!

To contribute to the Atlas, simply send turn excerpts (cut out all the incriminating parts) that contain the following information:

o) Mapping data (region & route info) o) City market reports o) City skills lists o) Inner locations

and send it to sx6@g1.pbm.com. We'll include it into the next version of the Atlas.

The Atlas is available by ftp from your nearest PBM ftp site (ftp.erg.sri.com in the USA, check the PBM FAQ for other sites), in the directory /pub/pbm/olympia, as atlas.X, where X is the turn of the last update.

The Atlas is also available on the PBMGames forum on CompuServe, in the fantasy games section, as atlas.oly.

The turn 11 version of the atlas is currently available at both sites.

Brought to you by the Skulking Vermin (sx6)

A small correction to the Olympia Atlas currently available. The Atlas is actually the turn 13 version, despite it saying that it's the turn 11 version.

Skulking Vermin (sx6)

Announcing... The Journal of the Schola Enigma

This new quarterly journal is now available at a low annual rate of just 12000 gold (plus postage). It contains scholarly speculation on various issues relating to the physical and metaphysical sciences. Consider this abstract from an article in the inaugural issue:

We are currently studying that well-known but fascinating phenomenon which enables certain individuals to acquire significant but finite quantities of gold or lumber, in spite of logistical improbabilities.

Our current theories have potentially far-reaching ramifications. We suspect an extra-worldly source for this material, or at least an extra-worldly transport mechanism (possibly a severely limited but nonetheless non-localized phenomenon related to Gates?). What makes this especially exciting is that the quantities of material obtainable seem to vary according to factional affiliation, and not according to the individual. This implies a spiritual connectedness between some individuals, involving some degree of intelligence operative beyond our own worldly sphere.

Thus far, it appears that only gold and lumber is obtainable via this process, and it appears that the process works only for individuals of noble origin. (A similar process, possibly related, seems to be in effect for remunerating publication in the Times. The same limitations regarding noble origin and factional affiliation are operative.)

For more information on how to subscribe, contact Locrian , Agent of the Schola Enigma .

"Fishing? Fishing?" When Mat Perrin, the Lord High Mayor of Mysa, read the OLYMPIC TIMES he exploded in laughter. "Fishing in the fine tradition of Russian Fishing Trawlers, I suppose. Pretending all those radio masts were fishing poles. Just because we are a free people with no nobles to enligten us, do his relatives think we are idiots?"

"Akhenaten left the Imperial City with an invasion army on board the PEASANT'S PLEASUREBOAT, unloaded it on the east coast of Tollus and was just searching for fresh invasion beaches. The Free Citizens of Mysa were justified in their concern. The courageous nobles of the EXCOGITATE SOLILOQUY, through their selfless actions, were able to extend the freedom of the inhabitants of Mysa for at least a few more precious months."

Oleg the Loudmouth's (Free!) Lore Archive has been updated!

The long promised tomes of new knowledge are now available! The new tomes are: lore.new, which is all lore found in this world, and lore.diff, which gives the differences between the lore of this world and the lore of the alpha-test world. As usual, no fee is collected, nor will none be paid for any contributions. Do a good deed today and contribute: Lore should be free!

As usual, these tomes may be obtained by contacting me directly, or from your favorite archive.

-- Oleg the Loudmouth [b2q]

Paradise found and never lost The nest is made but at great cost The great laid low In battle slain Glory found on the Olympia Main For honor of departed mates Our flag we raise on this hallowed date Forever more we hold this land Kith and Kin of the Raptor Band!

The Raptors

With my denouncing of the Pirates of the Excogitate Soliloquy, I moved last month from friendly barkeep to watchdog for the peoples of Tollus. In that case, let me state that when travelling to Tollus please contact me so that I can advise you of whatever ruffians or rogues are in the area.

Peaceful expansion welcomed, first drink is on the house.

The Mellow Yellow Pub [y77], outside of Yellowleaf on the scenic western coast of Tollus. Angus McAttle [b60], proprietor.

Dear sirs,

Despite the glowing letter in the last edition of the Times extolling the pastural splenders of Newleaf and Gentlewind I feel COMPELLED to warn your readers that there is a TERRIBLE PLAGUE inflicting this area. This is a man-made CATATROPHE of the worst kind for it is the result of MORAL DEPRAVITY. I am refering to the SALE OF OPIUM!!!

There are opium dealers operating opening on EVERY CORNER of Newleaf. No one is safe. Childern are cutting school. Inns are not open as their propriators lay in DRUNKEN STUPOR.

This SCOURGE must be STOPPED. Contact your local authorities. DEMAND ACTION!!!

Citizens Hollering Against Opium Sales

My companions and I are about to set forth on an epic voyage of exploration to the far flung reaches of this as yet unfamiliar new world. If you are new here like me and still undecided, I would love for you to join me. All inquiries welcomed. To discuss further, please contact:

Rigor Mortis [hd5]

Hearken all ye brave young (new) nobles!

The imperial city is an exiting place to be. It is safe, and warm (innside the inns at least) and ample opportunities for studies. And the ale flows freely (again innside the inns). However beautiful and magnificent this good city is it is NOT a place to stay for long for those of us who are of adventures spirit. (And since somebody allready has established an empire here those wishing to establish their own must go somewhere else.)

We, The Kindly Ones, have decided to seek adventures, fame and fortune (whichever comes first) elsewhere. We seek likeminded young nobles who would like to increase their travel opportunities. Joining forces we reduce the risks and increase our possibilities.

East, west, north, south? It does not matter. We are willing to travel in any direction. By boat or by land.

If you are interested in combining ressources with us and brave the perils of the unknown please contact us immeadiately.

Though the world outside may be crush our bodies it will not crush our adventures spirits!

Mirage of The Kindly Ones [k1c].

So, MAFOC has sailed far, I see. The key word here is SEE. You'd better keep moving, we're only a turn or so behind you (to your WNW)

-- Squire Adam

I'm not sure who this "Adam" character is, but I'd appreciate it if people identified themselves, with their factio id number or one of their characters' id numbers, so we know to whom to respond.

Blest souls, that, from this mortal husk set free, In guerdon of brave deeds beatified, Above this lowly orb of yours abide Made heirs of heaven and immortality, With noble rage and ardor glowing ye Your strength, while strength was yours, in battle plied, And with your own blood and the foeman's dyed The sandy soil and the encircling sea.

It was the ebbing lifeblood first that failed The weary arms; the stout hearts never quailed. Though vanquished, yet ye earned the victor's crown: Though mourned, yet triumphant was your fall; For there ye won, between the sword and the wall, In Heaven glory and on earth renown.

--Miguel de Cervantes

Dedicated to the memory of Dogmatix from all his adoring fans.

"Yellow sons of orcs..." That was all he'd said. He'd scented the wind, spoken, and suddenly Brandon had brought them all to a halt. Just three days short of the provincial border now, he had turned his horse about. The men watched him and his lieutenant, high atop the ridge, staring back to the east. The two had taken the pigeon cages up with them. The messenger birds flew constantly back and forth between the ridge and the distant west. It was irregular. It couldn't be good. But they were just three days from the border. A week later, Brandon and his second returned. The looks on their faces all but made the words unnecessary. "Suleiman is dead," Brandon wasted no time. An ominous stir shook the assembled soldiers and peasantry. "Slain," continued their lord, "at the treacherous hands of the former _Sir_ _Percival_ _the_ _Prim_." Brandon expelled each word with disgust, "the very same who's friend we freed from the southern mountains," Brandon continued vehemently, "the same who we allowed, on good faith, to wander about our lands and build his forces!" The following silence was deafening. "The same who shall be known hereafter as simply, 'Percy the Priss.'" A few snickers followed from the men, defying the moment. "Men, comrades, I deeply regret the need, the unavoidable need, to dishonor you with battle against the Priss." Gasps. All looked up sharply. They had seen the wolves and giant birds that followed the man. Their small company could not hope to prevail against them. Just three days... "But our allies are eight days from us. Eight days that the Priss has to run, to flee, with his crime unpunished. "Who believes the Nation should let him go?" Silence. "Who wonders what will happen to the Nation, to your families, to all we've built here, if worms like the Priss can strike at will?" Low murmurs echoed in the deepening twilight. "Men," Brandon spoke, looking at each in turn, "the way of things is clear. For a Nation to thrive, not any one man, but a _Nation_, friends and families, and all their generations, for them to thrive, there must be individuals, men of courage, who love them enough to sacrifice on their behalf." Not a sound in all the land, none but the whisper of the crickets. Just three days... "I attack at dawn," he finished quietly. "I would be honored to fight by the side of any who would join me." The next morning, not a man had left the ranks.

The man in gray watched the bustle of activity in the inn, nursing his ale as time passed. Although a casual observer would have seen little enough of interest in the actions of the peasantry, he was able to read much more. From the clothes worn by the majority of people, he could judge the level of prosperity in these parts. From the professions, apparent in the mannerisms and actions of the crowd, he was able to learn of the terrain and land structures around (foresters and woodcutters were common, few farmers could be seen. Several merchants, indicating nearby cities, and not only a few stonecutters.) And most importantly, snatches of conversation slowly built into a picture of the goals and actions of other nobles who might have passed through this area.

A small space was kept clear around his table, mostly caused by the two large, half-tamed wolves that lay on the floor near his feet. The wolves watched the crowd with some unease, and the sight of curled lip and bare fang greated any who inadvertantly crossed the invisible boundary.

The wolves did not react as a second noble slipped through the crowd and sat down next to the man in gray. The newcomer set his full mug of ale down carefully, the skull tattoo on his upper jaw even more apparent than normal in the flickering light of oil lanterns, now lit to greet the evening.

"What did you find out?" the first noble asked as the other took a long drink from his mug.

"Jist whut ya thought, it was," the second man replied quietly. "They's all a talkin' about sum broil goin' ta happen up north, but na' a one's got any view of th' dust it wuld raise, had it 'appened."

The beastmaster nodded. "So most likely it is as we have heard before. It may break into war at any time, but not just yet. Well, at least for now we don't need to worry. That's a little bit out of our territory."

"Yeh, but I gots a line on whut'll ketch yer ear a bit more, I wager. They's been a pack o' bandits hitt'n the trails ta th' north o' here for a coupl'a weeks now, and I think I found out where they's a layin' out."

The beastmaster smiled. "Good! That will give the men a little practice and help smooth off the rough edges, before we run into a real fight. We'll set out in the morning."

"An' then we's a goin' back ta where I seen that ruin, right?"

"Yes. We'll take some time to look around and see if there is anything of interest. Then we will move on."

"In th' mornin', then." The archer stood up and drained his mug. "An' the other beastmaster'll be comin' along fer the trip."

"Every extra hand will help. Just let him know that we will be leaving early." The beastmaster turned his attention back to the busy crowd. There was still much to be learned about this land...

The boredom of a long sea voyage is unpleasant - but worse is stopping for time ashore and then trying to get the nobles and crew to reboard.....

Red Clupea - Should you not have signed your message in last month's Times With your full name - Red Clupea Harengus? That certainly more accurately represnts the hoaryness of the 'joke'.

Hear ye! Seven winged horses!

I Captain Agaric have discovered the location of some valuable winged horses. For those who may be interested in these fine steeds I offer precise details of their location for a consideration. They are located within a months travel of the Imperial City.

Please submit bids to me (p0a) before the first snows fall, the highest bidder will recieve the information.

Baron Marat did survey the lands from atop his perch on Mt.Olympus and spake, go forth my minions and claim all the land, even the farthest corners of Olympia shall be mine, leave not a square inch unclaimed, all shall be mine. Are there none who shall deny him? Now his hold is tenuous. Soon it shall be a grip of iron. Are there no more like the hero Dogmatix who are willing to sacrifice their lives for freedom?

The Observer

For the next week, a copy of Ross Inglis' Combat Simulator version 1.2 will be available for anonymous FTP in


This contains the source, some instructions, and a precompiled version (for DOS?). It's rumored that following next week, it will be available in the pbm archives.

Questions? Email keradwc@rahul.net

Sign pinned to Executioners Gate, Imperial City...

Assault And Deadly Affray Prohibited In Safe Havens Dogmatix Without Leads And Pooper Scoopers Prohibited Nobles Without A Proper Retinue Will Suffer The Stocks Nobles With An Improper Retinue Will Suffer The Stocks Soothsayers Prohibited In Public Places Orcs Prohibited Anywhere Miyukiing Prohibited In Public Places After Midnight Fairies Will Be Detained At And For The Emperor's Pleasure Necromancers Will Be Killed Necromancers Will Be Killed Again Necromancers Will Be Chopped Into Tiny Pieces And Burned Excess Woven Baskets Will Be Burned With Their Manufacturer Inserted Excess Clay Pots Will Be Burned After Insertion Into Their Manufacturer Miyuki's Clients May Not Leave Their Ships Unattended

By Order

****************************************************** **** NEWS FLASH **** EMPEROR'S FOREST **** ******************************************************

Once again, it seems violence has erupted amongst the trees and shrubs. Our peaceful forest is no longer peaceful. Bandits and brigands once again prowl about looking for hapless victims.

Perhaps the Emperor will finally take action, and make the world safe? Will the peasants once again gather their pitchforks? Will the East Coast Avengers sortie out to save the world?

Only time will tell.

Dearest Miyuki,

How I desire to look again into your eyes which glow like the most precious of gems. How much longer will this journey take? We have hit the land of our destination and are scouting for a place to bring the ship ashore. So different are the lands out here from the forests and plains of Provinia. We have much to learn. I hope you are still safe in Imperial City. Word from those parts is sporadic here but I have heard tales of combat to the north and piracy upon the high seas. Please be careful in whatever you do. I am glad to hear the meditation is helping you relax amid the activity of Imperial City. It is too bad that a small cabal of mages has a lock on doing magical labor in the city which prevents you from doing magical works there. Hopefully I will soon be starting the journey home to get you. I will rejoice upon leaving to return to you.

- Kovaq'nu

Piracy on the high-seas! Do not travel alone! Reward of 5,000 gold for the destruction of the pirate ship "Soliliquay."

other captains of the high seas.

Ship's Log - H.M.S. Sosaria ***************************

Date: 05/23/02 Time: 0800 Latitide: 7N (br) Longitude: 13E (35)

Yesterday the lookout spotted an oddly shaped cloud hovering above the ocean. As we approached closer we saw, to our horror, a massive whirlpool which wrested the surface waters and all upon it down into its watery maw accompanied by ominous sucking noises. As we studied this alarming phenomenon, first mate Iolo shouted out a warning that we were being pulled dangerously close to this portal of doom. All hands bent to their oars through the afternoon and into the night until we finally escaped its insidious grasp upon our hull at today's dawning hour. Ship's sage Mariah has informed me that legends speak of a whirlpool that leads to a fantastic underworld where gnomes teach all who dare enter the mystic secrets of Artifact Construction. I will leave this discovery to braver souls!

Capt. Shamino

P.S.: All seafarers should be on the lookout for inner location Maelstrom [aa0m] which was first spotted in Ocean [br33] but has since moved at one province per month due east!

Shay gently took the mangled body from the mausoleum, whispering to it, "Soon you'll be among us again, Wanderer be willing". The blood on the robes had dried, but not the tears of the grieving mourners. As he passed the secret entrance to the Pit, he made the warding sign and hurried on.

In the black marble Shrine, Shay began the ritual, watching as the white veins in the marble shrunk and brightened, arranging into the familiar constellations above. Shay then sent his mind wandering far from Provenia, to realms far away.


Due to the often dangerous and violent nature of Olympian life, there are many nobles who have lost and will lose their life over the coming turns. As a priest who believes that death shouldn't be a permanent affair, I have turned my temple into a center of healing.

Any faction which has lost a noble, is welcome to contact me about bring their noble back to life. I am a well studied and practiced priest who can guarantee success, if the body is brought to me in time.

As nobles spread out farther from Provenia, it becomes harder and harder to bring the bodies back to one central location. Therefore I am setting up the resurrection hotline. Any priest who is capable or soon to be capable of resurrection, and is willing to help recover nobles even if they are not direct allies, should get in touch. Then, when a body is buried in province xxyy, I will forward the message on to the nearest priests and they can get in touch with the owning faction.

Sarrail o5f@g1.pbm.com

(still looking for a good motto....so far..."You stab them, we raise them", suggestions welcome)

As I believe I observed earlier, the most powerful of beings are not necessarily the most intelligent, nor, indeed sane, nor well mannered. The more one learns of the gods, the more one learns this fundamental lesson ....

- Elric of Melnibone

(The same seems to be true of certain Olympain factions ....)

Sign found tacked on the Fatted Boar [k51], in province by24:

Slightly damaged inn for sale, cheap. Barely used. Proprietor must sell due to recent death in the family. Contact Salim and Hardrada, estate lawyers, for details.

____________________________________________________________________________ <<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>> >> DDDDD IIII SSSS CCC OOOO VV VV EEEEEE RRRRR IIII EEEEE SSSS << << DD DDD II SS SS CC CC OO OO VV VV EE EE RR RR II EE E SS SS >> >> DD DD II SS CC OO OO VV VV EE RR RR II EE SS << << DD DD II SSSS CC OO OO VV VV EEEE RRRRR II EEEE SSSS >> >> DD DD II SS CC OO OO VVVV EE RR RR II EE SS << << DD DDD II SS SS CC CC OO OO VV EE EE RR RR II EE E SS SS >> >> DDDDD IIII SSSS CCC OOOO VV EEEEEE RR RR IIII EEEEE SSSS << <<__________________________________________________________________________>>

(~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~) ) We regret to inform you that 'Discoveries' will be on a short ( ( sabbatical, due to the rearrangement of out home network. We hope ) ) to be back with you shortly, and thank you for your patience during ( ( these trying times. ) ) - The Crimson Sage [w0l] ( (________________________________________________________________________)

Letters to the Times ++++++++++++++++++++

Some kind soul published the full report of the battle on Mt. Olympus to refute the silly posts that only showed what appeared to be a foolish dog tilting at windmills. What they forgot to mention was that the previous battle, wherein Hotspur and 35 workers in an unfinished castle defeated myself with a pikeman, four giant spiders, two rats, two giant birds, eight harpies, 26 peasants and five crossbowmen revealed a bug in the combat code, which has since been fixed.

This is what Mt. Olympus looked like at the end of this past Blossom Bloom when the turn was re-run to test the bug-fix :

Inner locations: Lair [ao9s], lair, 1 day Chateau Olympique [s85], castle-in-progress, 85% completed, 39% damaged, owner: * Dogmatix [c8c], with one pikeman, four giant spiders, one giant bird, six harpies, three peasants Tower of the Art [q45], tower, defense 20 tower of the wheel [q40], tower, defense 20, owner: Charmen [q5z] Pillar of Fire [x60], tower, defense 20

I was deeply offended by the comments from the "Emperor's Spokesman" in the last issue :

> The attack on the nearly completed castle did not seem to be > planned well, and the same can be said about the defences. All > nobles are encouraged to improve their battle skills.

Meanwhile, the evil Viliz [l1n], one of the few survivors of the Servants of the Art has killed again. Young Coddington, a member of a newly arrived faction, despite my urgings for caution, exhumed my dead body and attempted to remove it from the AOO controlled graveyard just north of Mt. Olympus. I have had no dealings with the Blades or their allies and he apparently took this action because they thought it was the just thing to do. Viliz slew Coddington the instant he left the graveyard. My condolences go out to his friends, family and allies.

Dogmatix [c8c], temporarily deceased

__ __ / /\______________________________________________________________/ /\ \_\/ \_\/ | ##### | |# # ## ##### ###### #### | |# # # # # # | |# #### # # # ##### #### | |# # ###### # # # | |# # # # # # # # | | ##### # # # ###### #### | | | | | | Are *You* trying to piece together a map of the gateways? | | | | Do *You* have a reading on a gateway, but not enough time | | to get a full fix? | | | | Do *You* want help? | | | |<--------------------------------------------------------------->| | | | The Gatemasters are here to help *You*. | | | | Here is how it works. We have already located three gateways | | and are rapidly pinning down another five. We want to help | | you help us. Send us in your gate readings and we will send | | you back other information we have that will help you to | | pin point the gateway. If you can pinpoint a gateway that | | we have not, then you get to become a full Gatemaster will | | access to all the gate information we have. | | | | Why do we do it this way? Well there is a large effort that | | must be made in locating gates, and we don't think it's fair | | that people free-load. So long as you are actively trying | | to locate new gateways, you will continue to get help. | | essentially people get out what they put it. We work this | | way to encourage people to put in. | | | | Interested? Send mail to q4y. | _| _| / /\______________________________________________________________/ /\ \_\/ \_\/

An amazing discovery, Master. I was exploring hell, and encountered a group of Greater Demons. I cowered in fear for my life, but the Demons passed on and did not molest me. All I can think of is that I had purchased some oranges as trade goods, and that their sweet smell was such as to drive the demons away..

Your faithful servant.

"If the thunder don't get ya, then the lightnin' will"

Seen on sign in Rotwood forest.

Let it be known that the Grey lands lays claim to bt29 and the four surrounding provinces. We seek domination over neither man nor beast. The mountain there is to become a holy site, and any may come in peace to pray. However in return for developing this mountain location we request that resource depleting activities in it are not performed, and those in the surrounding provinces are checked to make sure they don't conflict with our own.

A small castle is being built there to ensure the safety of the temple and associated provinces, those seeking a safe haven in which to build their towers are invited to lodge applications, space is strictly limited.

Merlinium the grey. [i8p]