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   | The Olympia Times                                      times@pbm.com |
   | September 14, 1994                                       issue g1-12 |
   |                                                                      |
   | turn 12  148 players            "Time is the fire in which we burn"  |

Questions, comments, to play: info@pbm.com

Olympia PBEM

Not the least of the torments which plague our existence is the constant pressure of time, which never lets us so much as draw breath but pursues us all like a taskmaster with a whip. It ceases to persecute only him it has delivered over to boredom.

* *

To-day I shall be strong, No more shall yield to wrong, Shall squander life no more; Days lost, I know not how, I shall retrieve them now; Now I shall keep the vow I never kept before.

* *

No minute lost Comes ever back again. Take heed and see Ye nothing do in vain.

(Shopenhauer, A.E. Housman, inscription on the London clock tower)

New VIS_EMAIL command ---------------------

A player requested the ability to have reports sent to one address, while another appeared as his email address in the player list. This can be done with the new VIS_EMAIL command. For example:

EMAIL "skrenta@shadow.com" VIS_EMAIL "skrenta@pbm.com"

Would cause reports to be sent to shadow.com, while the player list shows pbm.com as my address:

501 House of Osswid Rich Skrenta

Exploration in graveyards fixed -------------------------------

EXPLORE in graveyards will no longer turn up dead bodies buried there. That's what EXHUME is for.

Bug fixed ---------

The RESEND order was using the email address in effect at the time the original turn ran, instead of the current email address. This has been fixed.

Player-contributed press

Alliance Name Change ====================

It has recently come to our attention that, by calling our new alliance the MOO, we have led some not to take us seriously. Of course, our name reflects only our proud heritage, and any resemblance to sounds made by bovine animals is completely irrelevant.

However, in order to ensure that our words are greeted with the seriousness they deserve, we have reluctantly decided that another name change is necessary. We will hereafter be known as the Deuxieme Order of Olympians For Unimpeachable Sincerity, or DOOFUS.

The ex-Council of the Eumenides, ex-MOO.

Rumor has it that there is an island in the ocean at bz22. This island has 9 cyclops defending it. Is anyone interested in attacking the cyclops and taking the island (with all its' treasure) Ulysses(v4w)--

The Olympia Atlas is accepting contributions, and is available for download! Be the first to contribute information for other lands (Cloudlands, Hades, Faery).

In the tradition of Oleg's Map (tm), the Atlas is a compilation of geographical information useful for explorers, traders, and adventurers. Best of all, it's absolutely free!

To contribute to the Atlas, simply send turn excerpts (cut out all the incriminating parts) that contain the following information:

o) Mapping data (region & route info) o) City market reports o) City skills lists o) Inner locations

and send it to sx6@g1.pbm.com. We'll include it into the next version of the Atlas.

Contributions are needed even for areas already covered by the Atlas. Inner locations change ownership, market prices change, new buildings (castles, towers, inns, temples, mines) are constructed, etc. Information in the Atlas marked by turn number ages rapidly and needs updated frequently.

The Atlas is available by ftp from your nearest PBM ftp site (ftp.erg.sri.com in the USA, check the PBM FAQ for other sites), in the directory /pub/pbm/olympia, as atlas.X, where X is the turn of the last update.

The Atlas is also available on the PBMGames forum on CompuServe, in the fantasy games section, as atlas.oly.

The turn 11 version of the atlas is currently available at both sites.

Brought to you by the Skulking Vermin (sx6)

Dear Rabble,

In regards to your kind note of Month 3 year 2, the peaceful trend of the game will not continue forever. When the peasants become opressed by their "lords" MAFOC will come to thier rescue. As of yet this hasn't been necessary. Until then MAFOC is vacationing on Rimmon.

-Black Billy Exalted Grand High Muckity-muck, MAFOC

Mt. Olympus [bx22], mountain, in Provinia, civ-3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 12: Dogmatix [c8c] recruited three peasants. 13: Dogmatix [c8c] attacks Chateau Olympique [s85]! 13: 13: Dogmatix [c8c], with three peasants 13: 13: Chateau Olympique [s85], castle-in-progress, 87% completed, 13: accompanied by: 13: Hotspur [h9t], with 39 workers 13: 13: Hotspur [h9t] is victorious! 13: 13: Hotspur lost one worker. 13: 13: Dogmatix lost three peasants. 13: Dogmatix [c8c] was wiped out. 13:

Dogmatix, moron or thrill seeker? You make the call!


Welcome to Olympia. The Pilgrims Aid Society is a non-profit organization designed to help new nobles adjust to this strange world known as Olympia. If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas you would like to share, please contact us.

Akmall Benhalla [p3p]

Imperial City (Reuters) Friends and family gathered in the marketplace today to morn the death of one of Olympia's most powerful mages, Bastrestric ther Archymonaged [x9i]. Bastrestric died in an accidental fall into the moat of Chateau Olympique during Blossom bloom of year 2. A spokesman for the family said that the funeral had yet to be scheduled because of a delay in finding a priest to perform proper last rites. "If any priest anywhere could `USE 9304 x9i', it would be a great comfort to the family. We wish his soul to rest in peace." The family also asks that in lieu of flowers, contributions be sent to the Olympia League for Evile Geniuses.

Faux the Necromancer looked up from his books mightly pleased with himself. Now that he fully understood the lore he had obtained from those rare books that he captured, all he needed was some practice to become even more fearsome (and more pleased with himself as well). His next goal was to be finding someone to practice on.

"Hmmmm" ,thought Faux. "It must be someone in Provincia, I'm not at all keen on traveling a great distance just to find a target."

"Let's see, I could take the advice of a truly monsterous acquintance and add my power to those who will smash the AOO alliance, but I wouldn't be in charge, and I'm not sure my ego could stand it. No, that won't do."

"I could attack those rude sword rattling types who are attemping place a hammer-lock on the area North-East of the Imperial City. But that could be construed as a public service, and I will have no hints of propriety here. I will definitely need to deal with them later however. Currently, my spies report that they look pretty tough, and discretion is the better part of valor (especially for Necromancers)"

"I could to kidnap Miyuki from the Imperial City (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) On second thought, safe havens are really annoying to Necromancers and I doubt the great Atnerks will be willing to remove this one."

"I could spread a general pall of ill will and distrust. Oh yeah, I guess I'm already doing that."

"Lets see, I could crush our favorite Prince Boner the Barbecued, but that would be too easy (also repetitious). Where's the glory in that ? Besides his young mind should be easy to manipulate in order to increase the general level of mayhem (and the resulting highly useful product). I can see it now. "Look Boner! I'm really a member of AOO! Whatcha gunna do about it. No No, I'm really hiding out in the North-East and building a huge castle. Lots of land here, but you can't have any! No! No! I'm really a group of discredited Furies in the west Nyhh Nyhhhhh! No! No! I'm really Selena and I'm hiding in the Imperial City." Should be fun.

"Hmmmm, I could build an Inn, catch that Calvin guy and serve him as dinner to some demon friends. No, too much effort."

"I could lure Dr. Pain to Provincia and attack him. No, I must admit that it is never wise to attack the Doctor unless first armed with methods to change the basic structure of the universe."

"I know! this is perfect!"

With that, Faux the Necromancer sat down and penned the following:

" Necromancer seeks to ascertain the location of one Brother MooPlague [b5l] (or was that Brother MoonPlague) and his little band of anti-Necromancer cronies. Into every life, a little rain must fall. Please respond via the Times. You yourself could tell me where you are MooPlague, but if you prefer to cower, I understand."

The Necromancer

P.S. Note that as Akmall Benhalla said," You can't trust someone who uses only a "nom de plume", but then, you already knew that.

Some Reflections on the Geography of Olympia --------------------------------------------

by Herr Prof. Dr. Harumph von Persiflagh, Ph.D, DDS, DMV, etc, etc.

My esteemed colleague, Dr. Iago South, has published an interesting analysis of Olympia's geography last month, but it contains, I fear, some serious errors. First, Dr. South claims that the south coast of West Ilion lies along the Cz row, but this is contrary to the data: West Ilion extends to only about Cq, it is Krussos that reaches Cz. Perhaps this is a simple error of interchanging names and the good Professor really meant Krussos; but his further conclusion that the Camaris islands are smaller than shown on the document known as the "Rough Map" (hereinafter denoted RM) is not warranted. This is clear from the fact that the Book of Revelations (the rules) states that there are 100 rows (Aa-Dv), which means that the equator runs between Bx and By. My own research shows that RM corresponds very closely to the true map when the scale is doubled. Now, RM contains 37 rows (including the 6 labeled "unexplored"), with the Imperial City (on row By) lying on the 21st of these. This means that the equator runs immediately above the IC, and there should be 25 rows above the IC on RM, i.e., the RM must be extended 5 rows further north than it actually shows; this leaves plenty of room for the Camaris islands as depicted. On the other hand, there should be 25 rows south of the equator too, which implies that RM must be extended 8 rows further to the south. Thus, Prof. South is correct that RM is somewhat distorted, but in my opinion this is merely due to a small asymmetry in the inclusion of the polar regions.

An interesting question is what the longitudinal distortion at these polar regions will be. Recent discoveries (Olympia Times, g1-11) have proved that the world wraps around in east-west direction, which rules out the flat model of its structure. Remaining plausible models include a toroid (doughnut) shape, a cylinder, and a sphere. The latter, which is the simplest and therefore most attractive, predicts that east/west dimensions of the squares must shrink considerably as one approaches the poles, becoming zero at the limits. Perhaps these form a sort of "black hole", into which enterprising explorers will be compressed into nothingness, or even another dimension?

The recent dastardly attack on the nearly-completed castle at Mount Olympus will not go unpunished. However, "innocents" in the area will not be harmed or molested. Only those KNOWN or OBSERVED to be part of the attackers' factions will be targeted.

-- Squire Adam

To get an interesting surprise: Bird-spy on a province you're moving into, having it finish just after you've arrived there. But what does this say about the real meaning of Bird-spy? Later.

Journal Entry, Blossom Bloom, Year 2 of the Relocation - Gonzo Greybeard

A small glitch has resulted in a mere 175 of the product being produced, vice 200. We should be able to produce the remaining product by Day 4 of Thunder & Rain. Our ranks swell with those who share our vision. The land blooms, wonders are found in the forest. Life is good, the Mage foresees the future and sees prosperity for the Company. We have located some savages in the area, and will deal with them forthwith. Peaceful visitors are welcome, but those who act uncivilized will be dealt with severely. There are vast expanses of land to go around, and no need to fight over it.

East Coast Avengers:

Are you really such a powerful empire that you can claim all the land and resources within 5 provinces of Gentlewind or are you just full of Hot Air. You may be that powerful hence this unsigned message, but if all travelers ceded land to every power crazed, deranged lunatic in the game, all travel would come to a halt. If you have the characters and factions to back up your boast, how about listing them or just keep your delusions of power to yourself. The Times is already full of enough ravings and infantile dreams.

a bored Olympia Times reader

Wanted: I am willing to trade 5000 gold, 5 winged horses, a noble or two, a complete map of the cloudlands (including gates), and my vow of silence, in exchange for specific information that will lead to a location or a book that teaches artifact construction.

Kethry [p5u]

Leo's Journal Entry 2...

Study, Study, Study... Will this learning cycle never end? It seems like it is taking forever to learn the basics of Beast Mastery. Soon, we will be able to start learning the arts of trapping and training the Beasts of Olympia for Battle. Soon, the blood will pump, and the sound of battle will resound across the plains. But first, back to studying...

After careful study of the most recent atlas, I can't help but notice that western Provenia seems to have been unexplored. If there are any nobles willing to trade info on areas west/south of by06 and/or anything in Provinia between ca and cl please contact me. I would hate to cause stress to anyone in these areas who are (as the fine Nobles in Gentlewind) "looking through rose-colored bomb-sights".

Thank you, Frey [a3r]

The lean, weathered man studied the ground carefully. "Looks like they's been some'un by 'ere, some time back." He rubbed absently at the skull tattoo on his upper jaw. "Not too many, an' not too recent, it was."

His gray-clad companion nodded. "That's something we will have to consider soon. Anything closer, though?"

"Ayeh." The other man knelt and traced some vague marks in the dust. "There's a small pack a' wolves, hunts here. Mebbe half a dozen or so."

The leader smiled and turned to the rest of their party. It's original numbers had increased somewhat, skilled men all. "Break out the nets. We've got an ambush to set!"

As the other nobles began to direct the men-at-arms into place, the leader climbed a small hill that rose from the plains near their encampment. Reaching the top, he saw a small ravine beneath him. At the bottom of the ravine, two hunting birds as tall as a full-grown man tore at the carcass of an antelope. "It is time, my brothers," he called out to them. "I need your help now." One of the birds looked up at him and screeched a protest, a shrill, angry call that stung the stillness hanging over the plains. He smiled. "There will be time for that later, greedy one. Now it is time to hunt!" Again, the bird shrieked, but this time in agreement. With the sound of a distant thunder, both birds took wing in the ravine and climbed the sky above the beastmaster. Their shadows crossed the busy camp as they soared out high above the plains, beginning their hunt.

In a far distant city, two women made their way through a busy crowd. One was a mage, although it was hard to tell just how this was apparent. The second, somewhat older woman was clearly sword-skilled, although the hilt of her weapon was bound in new leather, unmarked by experience.

"He will have them ready when we get there?" the young mage asked the other noble.

"Yes. I took some new recruits to him just a week ago, and he was training some as crossbowmen. There should be a few archers ready by then, also."

The pair reached a corner of the marketplace, where a small group of soldiers were watching over their packs, and a number of large rats. "Load up," the mage lifted her own pack onto her back. "It's about time we were moving."

"Gods! The stink of this place nauseates me!" The gaunt noble was obviously disgusted with the filth and stench of the marketplace. He had skirted the center of the plaza but had been unable to avoid the mud and refuse entirely. The hem of his rich gray cloak was splattered a dingy brown. His icy blue eyes glowered angrily at the numerous painted signs hanging from one particular booth:

'1 crown for your jade idol!' '1 crown for cardamon!!' 'gold for cinnabar' 'exchange your flutes here!'

The noble chuckled to himself, "Ha! Anyone fool enough to trade good gold for such junk is likely drunk or mad!" Still, the noble had a purpose here. "Best get this over with before the fool comes to his senses." The noble stode towards the Merchant of Venice. "I'm told you're in the market for pots..."

What a mighty fortress is the Chateau Olympique! Holding fast 'gainst forces vast, with walls not yet complete. And now the keystone can be placed, the castle now secured. And then for years thy foemens fears must ever be endured.


The faction of the Varangian Freeholders (sb0) greets new players and established players alike. We offer peaceful diplomatic relations to all, but also hereby serve notice that we will defend ourselves and our allies against aggressors, as well as those who do not respect our (modest) land claims.

For further diplomatic contact, Email to: DAZCapn@aol.com - all mail and inquiries will be answered.

Sailing, sailing over the bounding main. Boy is it bounding. I'll be glad when we reach stable land and I can see something green besides myself. The captain is getting tired of having to patch arrow holes in the sail, but what are a bunch of bored archer Nobles to do at sea but practice? I hear ships can now have catapults, iron-coated sides and cannons. With ironclads here now can steamships be far off? Stay tuned.

Diary: Blossom Bloom, day 21

A sense of excitement stirs the ship. With fair weather and strong following winds, we have made excellent speed. Our final landfall must surely come by this time next month! May the gods see us through the final leg of this journey.

While being a pleasant break from a long ocean voyage, the port of Saltstone is situated in a somewhat desolate area and provides little incentive to stay for long. It does have good fishing though!

Legal sources today dismissed both sides' claims in the libel case OOW v Olympia Times. "You can't turn a soap opera into a court drama" said one media litigation consultant. It is understood that on the one hand, the Times is making ridiculous claims about a strange new concept named 'free speech'. This is a notion unknown to and therefore unrecognized by Olympian law. It is believed to have originated by subversives who want to replace the established legal maxim "Anything goes so long as the Emperor gets a cut" with "Anything goes so long as it's us that get to do it".

Meanwhile, the OOW is taking the equally fanciful line that "Anything goes so long as we get to censor it". This is indirectly allied to the OOW's other claim that "It's OK for us to behave like fascists so long as we don't let anyone else behave like fascists", popularized under the strange title of "Political Correctness".

The Emperor must clamp down on both of these heresies. Neither has any place in the modern Olympia. After all, this is the real world. Finally, since all this was started by Miyuki getting a bit on the side (legal advice, that is), the Emperor should seriously tax her nocturnal activities, via the Imperial Redistribution Service - or, failing that, invite her to the Palace for an exhaustive interview.

Contrary to popular rumor, things seem to be pretty quiet in Newleaf and Gentlewind. Not a lot of people running around here, either. An inn in Newleaf and another building out in the province. People hanging around Gentlewind quietly studying. A vacation paradise.

Too many people trying to sell pots and baskets, though.

The Rover bow wow

one night sailing on the ocean deep swinging in my hammock, i fell asleep i dreamed a dream, and i thought it true concerning romulo, and his valiant crew.

with fifty seamen he sailed away to the frozen ocean in the month of May to seek a passage around the Pole, where we poor seamen do sometimes go.

through cruel hardships they manly strove their ship on mountains of ice was drove only the eskimo in his skin canoe was the only one who made it through.

and now my burden it gives me pain for my long lost romulo i'd cross the Main ten thousand pounds i'd freely give to say on earth that my romulo do live.

with credit to the Pentangle

Companions wanted for journeys to far off lands. If your party wishes to set off for the dark unknown in order to begin your adventures away from the crowds of Provincia, contact Damon Swiftsure [j4c]. Perhaps we can band together for mutual benefit.

There is a city on the cloud, Dog goes there when the AOO sleeps, Aren't any men for him to keep, Not in the city on the cloud.

There is a place that's full of birds, There are a hundred harpies and rats, Nobody squawks or talks too loud, Not in the city on the cloud.

There is Dogmatix, c8c. Holds them and sings of Olympique, It's nice to see and it's soft to touch. He says, "My pets, we'll kill them very much..."

I know a place where no one's lost, I know a place where everyone hides, Hiding very well in a misty shroud, Up in the city on the cloud.

(Plagiarized from "Castle on the Cloud." - Les Miserables :)

Ahoy travelers!

The V.S.S. Venture [hy9w] will depart the city of Saltstone [aa0n] in southeastern Provinia (province [cf32]) for Tollus and Ossicus on the third day of Thunder & Rain. The fee is 30 gold per hundredweight. (That's only 360 gold for a party of twelve!)

The ship will sail towards the continents of Tollus and Ossicus. No final destination has been set. Passengers are welcome to make requests.

Remember to issue the WAIT FERRY HY9W order, then the BOARD HY9W order.

Contact Captain Vandervecken [z7p] for more information.

Fear and Loathing in Olympia

Feed Your Heaaad!!!!!!! Feed Your Heaaaaad!!!!!!!! Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeruuunchh!!!!!!!

The first mate #Dinsdale# had asked for "White Rabbit"....."One more time!" he yelled. "I need it again!" His eyes were full of craziness now, unable to focus. He seemed on the edge of some awful psychic orgasm...."Let it roll!" he screamed. "White Rabbit" started building again. Almost immediately he began to howl and moan. . . . .another fast run up that mountain, and thinking, this time, that he would finally get over the top. The galley was going at a 50 stroke, a boiling wake rising from her stern when she came aground. Dinsdale screamed crazily, thrashing about as he launched off the deck and sailed up, up, up, waay out over the bow.... After Dinsey was hauled up from the swamp and cleaned off he became tearfully apologetic..." Who said anything about killing the whole faction?" he mumbled. "I just wanted to carve a small E in all of your foreheads-nothing serious." He shrugged and reached for a cigarette. I menaced him with the Mace. "Get back to your cabin," I said. "Eat some potions and try to calm down. Smoke some pipeweed, drink some ale-hell, do whatever you have to do but let me get some rest." He shrugged and smiled distractedly, as if everything I'd said made perfect sense. "Hell yes," he said very earnestly. "You really need some sleep. You have to work tomorrow." He shook his head sadly and turned back toward his cabin. "God damn! What a bummer." He waved me off. "Try to get some rest," he said. "Don't let me keep you up." I nodded, and watched him shuffle back to his quarters. The Orc Oil had shifted gears on him; the next phase would probably be one of those hellishly intense introspective nightmares. Four hours or so of catatonic despair; but nothing physical, nothing dangerous. I watched the door close behind him, then I quietly slid a heavy deck chair up front of the door-knob and put the Mace can beside my alarm clock. My chambers were stangely quiet. I opened all the hatches, and fell into a deep slumber....the steady Kawuuuushhhh of surf breaking on the reef....


For the previous two weeks notices regarding by26 and Gentlewind have been posted. People have had PLENTY of time to notice, and figure it out.

Learning mining in the city is a reasonable objective, and we are not restricting it. However, in light of events on Mt. Olympus, a stricter policy is now in place.

_ANYONE_ who shows up in by26 without PRIOR contact and clearance is subject to becoming an example that this is a serious issue.

Several people have contacted us, and none have been harassed, threatened, or had money extorted. They are welcome, and even protected.

Thus, from now on, anyone unidentified in by26 should consdier themselves a target of opportunity. To avoid that status (aka harpy food), contact Kemal ibn Ibrahim [g5t].

Heinous! Most heinous! Unprovoked attack. The shot heard 'round the world. Asterix and Oleg involved. Orc complicity.

Pikemen available! Only 149 gold each! If you supply the peasant or wood they're only 110 gold. If you supply both wood and peasant then your price is 75 gold! Contact Rachet Storm at m7s.pbm.com for more details! (RCOMBER@delphi.com)

From the Captain of the Tai Lung [w3g],

We have no new data to report on the ocean this month. After so long at sea, our nobles, crew, and fighters desire some fresh meat, so we are delaying a month for some hunting and a bit of training at Faelgrar. As always, we would like to hear from other parties as to their experiences, and exchange information on ports.

GOURMANDS' CORNER by Calvin Trillion

"Do be seated," said Dr. Pain as he motioned me towards a table set in a small windowed alcove at the front of his restaurant. "And please forgive Pierre. He's never really adjusted to being a headwaiter. He still longs for the old days -- cracking peasant heads, eviscerating nobles -- you know."

"Pierre was with you in the old days?" I asked as I took my seat and looked around for a wine steward.

"Oh, yes, of course," replied Dr. Pain. "All the restaurant staff were once members of the Dark Legion. Jean Paul, our master chef, was one of our best torturers. Persuaded seven nobles to join the cause. Of course that's all behind them now."

"Yes, of course," I muttered. "Was your wine steward also a torturer?"

"What's that?" asked Dr. Pain.

I motioned to my empty wineglass.

"Oh, pardon me." He snapped his fingers and held a brief conversation with the heavy set, scarred wine steward, who soon returned with a bottle of the local Atnos port. Not the choice I would have made for a light lunch, and I made a small note on the pad I always carry when reviewing.

"So you've retired from the death and destruction business?" I asked.

"Yes, completely," Dr. Pain replied. He leaned forward with an intent look on his face. "It was Oleg who showed me the way, you know."

"No kidding," I replied, perhaps letting a shade of disbelief cross my face. "Oleg's quite ... different."

"Yes, yes," said Dr. Pain, waving away my statement. "Not everyone can look past the surface. Most people look at Oleg and see the loud mouth, the obvious signs of extensive inbreeding in his family tree, catch a whiff of the malodorous efluvium he exudes and dismiss him immediately. Few people have the wisdom to look deeper!"

"I know a few people who'd like to look deeper," I muttered. "Preferably with a sword."

Dr. Pain continued as if he hadn't heard me. "Yes, indeed. Underneath that mottled, scabby, lice-infested exterior lies a man of unbelievable wisdom and depth! The world can scarcely comprehend the the treasures there. Fortunately, I am one of the few blessed to have spent some time with the Master."

"I think you should spend some time in loony bin," I said.

Dr. Pain glared at me. "What was that?" he asked.

I became aware of the large number of heavy-set, scarred restaurant workers about the room.

"I said I think you should send for some tuna fin," I said. "Or any other appetizer of your choice."

"Appetizers? Oh, lunch. Well, you can eat while I fill you in on the Master's philosophy."

I made another note on my pad. So far Dr. Pain's Inn and Shipyard was distinctly below average in the categories of Wine and Conversation.

IMPERIAL CITY (OP) - Several major battles are rumored to have occurred last month on Mt. Olympus [bx22] resulting in the death of several prominent nobles. The battles seem to be the result of high political tensions in the region. Reports from the region indicate the that attacker "came down from the clouds". This apparently refers to attacks from the Cloudlands but the report is unconfirmed at this time. The target of the attack was several structures in the region but the status of structures and controlling factions is still unknown. Divine intervention has also been rumored. Initial rumors of "ethnic cleansing" in the region are inconclusive. This attack could simply be an isolation incident but it will likely spark additional conflicts in the near future as various factions seek revenge for the attacks. In response, the Emperor has declared a traveler's advisory throughout the area surrounding Mt. Olympus. He suggests that all nobles unable to defend themselves remain in Imperial City until further notice.

People on the edge of the big battle on Mt. Olympus last turn ought to be very leery of getting involved in the fight. Rather than two big factions coming into conflict and butting heads, it appears that this is a power struggle within one alliance, probably the so-called "Council of the Eumenides." The two controllers at the center of the battle, Tim Whalen and Carl Edman, were once very friendly and probably allied factions. Their central characters, Whalen's Dogmatix [c8c] and Edman's Bastrestric ther Archymonaged [x9i], travelled together earlier in the game (shortly after leaving the top position in Imperial City) and bartered items:

Seen here: Dogmatix [c8c], with ten pikemen, 25 soldiers, eight archers, 20 peasants, eight harpies, accompanied by: Bastrestric ther Archymonaged [x9i]

The harpies were presumably _given_ to Dogmatix by Bastrestric since they were listed as being in his possession in an earlier report, although my reports don't list the transaction. Apparently, Bast likes travelling light. At any rate, it looks like there was treachery afoot, enough to make Whalen's Dogmatix mad enough to plow through three other nobles and a castle to get at Bast, despite the gift of the harpies and whatever else. I would advise all players to keep from getting entangled in this mess- both factions are quite powerful (although Dogmatix' group won the fight) and powerful factions have a way of turning on those who have displeased them after the main event is over. If you're going to be involved with any of them, be sure what you do can't be seen or traced. Don't get trapped where you have to take sides. If you get involved, you better be happy with which side you're on: you're going to have to live with that decision for a long time.

Note: bw37 does not exist. From bw36 and from bv37, the access route to bw37 was not listed. I have tried to go south from bv37, and never get there. I know that my compass is working. I will continue to circle the area to see if access is available. If anyone else has found any non-existent provinces, please report them.

Now tell me brother, have you sinned? Are you in need of redemption? Are you a down-right pathethic excuse for a noble being? Well, then get you and your faction down to the Wanderer's fine houses of worship!

Demons exorcised! Sins forgiven! Soldiers blessed!

Are you plagued by pesky undead? Get those relatives laid to rest today!

Call now and get your own PERSONALIZED prophecy!

Just fire up your telepathy gems and visualize 1-800-WANDERER!

Do it right now! Hades is closer than you think!

The Imperial City Logging Corporation is open for business. Contact mmwang@mv.us.adobe.com if you wish to place an order for wood.

Eulogy for a Small Dog ======================

(A transcript of a speech presented by the Great Druid Getafix to the citizens of the little Gaulish village of Diuran.)

My friends, it is a painful task before me today. How can I begin to express our sorrow and our gratitude to the noble little puppy who sacrificed himself for the greater good of Provinia last month? I am sure you've read a plethora of fictitious accounts in the Olympian Enquirer with lurid headlines like "113 Peasants, 26 Beasts, 4 Nobles Killed in GaulAir Crash on Mt. Olympia" or "Rabid Dog Kills Three in Bizarre Eight-Day Reign of Terror, Lone Survivor at Chateau Olympique in Guarded Condition." It is these accounts that sell the tabloids but they fail to address the key question: What motivated little Dogmatix to abandon his quest for Weather Magic in the Cloud- lands to fly back to Mt. Olympus and attack everything in sight?

Good Citizens, you must now be told that the village elders gave Dogmatix explicit instructions before they sent him on his quest to the Clouds. These instructions were to seek out any opportunity to avenge the murderous attacks on innocent nobles during the earliest days of Olympia. Apparently Dogmatix saw such an opportunity and acted on it, all alone and far from hearth and home. As it turned out, Dogmatix was killed during his bold act, not by a vast army but by a tiny bug. But not before achieving justice for all the factions wronged by the so-called Servants of the Art by killing their head Servant, the nefarious Bastrestric ther Archymonaged.

It is said that the dog is man's best friend. Well, I hope we all agree that one little dog was all Olympia's best hero last month. We will not soon forget his brave sacrifice on that cold mountaintop. Many have wondered on the strange tale of the Eumenides related on these pages. Do they really exist? Cynics will tell you that it is simply a myth, dreamed up to scare would-be crooks from attacking the innocent. I, on the other hand, would like to think that we are *all* the Eumenides when we stand up and defend what we know in our hearts to be right. For one brief week, little Dogmatix and his band of harpies, birds and spiders *were* the fist of the Eumenides!

I would now like to read for you all a short selection from Dogmatix's favorite book:

"Shortly following those mortal events in the Camber dooryard, Cujo's remains were cremated. The ashes went out with the trash and were disposed of at the Augusta waste-treatment plant. It would perhaps not be amiss to point out that he had always tried to be a good dog. He had tried to do all the things that his MAN and his WOMAN, and most of all his BOY, had asked or expected of him. He would have died for them, if that had been required. He had never wanted to kill anybody. He had been struck by something, possibly destiny, or fate, or only a degenerative nerve disease called rabies. Free will was not a factor." - Stephen King (1977)

May Atnerks Receive and Bless His Soul

-- Getafix

The wind howled through the masts on the leaky craft, as they set off on the ill-fated journey. But the man remained cheery, reminding himself of Rule of Acquisition number 62:

The riskier the road, the greater the profit.

Wanderer checked over his shoulder. In perfect formation behind him there were his other winged steeds, each with one of the survivors of the attack on the giant lizards mounted on its back. Sure he might not be the first person into the cloudlands. But he was going to get there, and soon. He would be the first to fully explore those exotic lands. Thats if the Boss let him come on the expedition that is. Orders are orders and he had his. Still, back when he was kicking his heels in Imperial city, he never even dreamed he would one day fly on the back of a winged horse!

Chateau security reports that some drunken sot stole some winged horses and tried to crash their way into the castle. Fortunately, little damage resulted, and the misguided pilot was beheaded in the crash. Improvements in air defense have been ordered, twin AA turrets will be installed shortly.

A Sacred Grove lies to the north of the Imperial City. Many players have alreday made their way there. What lies within?

Overheard in Atnos:

Peasant 1: "Is the cooking at Dr. Pain's Inn and Shipyard as bad as they say?" Peasant 2: "Why do you think they call him Dr. Pain?"

a scene from the Fatted Boar Inn late one night

Have you heard of the exploits of Dogmatix? That amazing little dog who early in the month of Blossom Bloom chanced upon the lair of the foul sorceror Bastrestric ther Archymonaged. In the early days Baestrestric had robbed and looted nobles from several factions, sending several to their grave. Then, realizing the growing anger against his actions (surprise!), had hidden himself in Safe Haven to build his magical prowess. Only recently had he dared venture forth from Safe Haven and it was to a place that seemed almost as secure. For who would think that any would be able to threaten the Castle Olympique which cast its growing shadow over Mt. Olympus and the Imperial City.

Dogmatix, however, upon spying Bastrestric himself holed up in a tower within the castle, decided that the time had come to put aside his peaceful life, and strick out against the unsuspecting foe.

So high above the Imperial CIty on that sunny day in Blossom bloom, Dogmatix charged the castle walls with his entourage of beasts. It seemed that all was in his favor, as the foul one himself had chosen just that moment to step outside. With much clanging of blades and cries of revenge the battle commenced. After much hew and cry, and squeaks from the rats and growls from Dogmatix, Baestrestric was vanquished along with 2 others who had supported him in his work.

But, now with Baestrestric gone, some of the ferocity had left the forces of Dogmatix, and as he continued his attack on the castle proper. With his guard down, he let in that smallest of small, one tiny bug, which unkowingly was to cost him his life. As the assault continued, he found it harder and harder to hit the defenders of the castle and soon all his forces were gone and he himself lay dying. But even as the last of his energy left him, there was a smile on his face knowing that at least for now, Baestrestric had been banished and the dead nobles revenged.

And that is the story of Dogmatix, as told that evening.

So let us all have another round of the finest ale in the land for the hero and martyr Dogmatix!!

The Aolian Circle was the subject of a vicious and unprovoked attack by the mad flying mage Dogmatix last turn on Mt. Oly. He attempted to destroy Chateau Olympique and kill as many nobles as possible, executing any that he captured. Though we took grievous losses, we killed the assassin and the castle still stands and will be completed this month. Anyone with information leading to the faction or factions behind this foul plot is urged to contact the Aolian Circle, rewards will be paid according to the value of the information. Also we note the complicity of the orc Soothsayer [bc2l] in this matter, and offer 100 gold for whoever kills him, and 500 gold each for the winged horses now in his possession. He will also be subject to attack by castle garrisons, anyone defending him will be attacked as well.

We also again note that many misidentifications of ownership of nobles are being reported in the Times. Anyone attacking the persons or possessions of the Aolian Circle will be treated as an enemy and pursued with all the resources at my disposal.

Barry Eynon The Aolian Circle

Passengers bound for Tollus/Ossicus are encouraged to contact unit bp8h, in order to coordinate with those already exploring those continents, perhaps to our mutual advantage, or at least so that we may avoid conflict.