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   | The Olympia Times                                      times@pbm.com |
   | September 7, 1994                                        issue g1-11 |
   |                                                                      |
   | turn 11  145 players                          "In Atnerks we trust." |

Questions, comments, to play: info@pbm.com

Olympia PBEM

* * *

He looked at me with eyes I thought I was not like to find, The voice he begged for pence with brought Another man to mind.

Oh no, lad, never touch your cap; It is not my half-crown: You have it from a better chap That long ago lay down.

Turn east and over Thames to Kent And come to the sea's brim, And find his everlasting tent And touch your cap to him.

-- A.E. Housman

* * *

Player-contributed press

The Imperial City Logging Corporation is open for business. Contact mmwang@mv.us.adobe.com if you wish to place an order for wood.

Dr. Iago South, Professor of Cartography at Imperial University, Imperial City campus has made a startling discovery. His recent analysis of the rough map of Olympia (passed down from the powers that be) indicates a severe distortion allowing for additional continents to exist south of Krussos and Rimmon. "If you look at de infomation from de ships at sea," he said, "you vill notice dat de south coast of Vest Illion is around the latitude 'cz'. In order for dere to be a 'dv' latitude, as the Book of Rules says dere is, dere must be much more below Vest Illion dan ve vere led to believe. It must be more dan 20 locations to de south pole!" That is enough space to hide several more continents in the region identified as "unexplored" on the map. In addition, he said that the islands of West, South, and East Camaris may be much smaller than once though. "How do you think all that stuff could fit up dere, anyvay?" he said. It is still unknown, however, how distorted the map is from east to west.



TODAY'S COMMAND: Perform Common Tasks for Gold

For the past few months I've been trying to kick off a PCT4G spell near the end of the month and have it complete in the following month.

This has been difficult to do because we've been traveling, recruiting and fighting and I haven't been the leader. However, needing money I did a PCT4G well within the current month and another near the end of the month with the hope of this carry over effect.

Still no information on the carry over effect, but...

23: > use 9103 29: Earned 100 gold. 30: > use 9103 30: May only engage in menial tasks once per month.

Is there a market for stone? I'm thinking of starting a quarry in western Provinia if I can find enough buyers for my stone. If you're interested, please contact me with offers. Karla, s5s

Attention all Sea Captains Have a ship to sell? Send me the details and I'll find you a buyer. Want to buy a ship? Tell me what you want, and I'll see if I can provide it.

Babbling Bob [q0e] Your friendly ship broker


It's not just a job, it's a way of life. One in three nobles who work with the Pilgrims Aid Society asks, "why are you helping me?" The answer is both complicated and simple. First, the simple part: I enjoy trying to help people. It cost me nothing but time, effort, and a little E-mail charge. After that, it gets complicated. The shortest possible explanation is that someone has to make an effort to reach out to people or the land of Olympia will degenerate into a chaotic maelstrom of power mad castle crawlers.

So, if you are new to Olympia, and who isn't, I'll be happy to discuss anything from the weather to the reason we have an orc on a walk-about.

Akmall Benhalla [p3p] "He who does not sign his name, cannot be trusted."

Congratulations to the so-called council of the eumenides who has finally got into its terminally dimwitted collective thick skull that its pathetic attempts at global intimidation have been equally universally scorned.

Lords, is it necessary to sully Miyuki's character? My peasants find her delightful entertainment... She must be pleased with the added income and we, at least, are spared the sight of her hawking clay pots.



The world is round, or at least cylindrical. So say researchers aboard the S.S. Chaste Gold. The ship is currently on an exploring mission in the Balatean Sea, and pushed west to the 01 meridian last month. Superstitious sailors refused to travel further westward, fearing they would fall off the edge of the world. An on-board beastmaster then sent a remote pigeon probe to get a birds-eye view of the adjacent sea province. The returned data showed conclusively that the 00 column is bordered by the 01 column to the east and the 99 column to the west, confirming as fact what scientists had long theorized. The discovery is expected to have important ramifications in the fields of trade and travel.

Location numbering is not always sequential, and the one exception I've noticed so far is an amazing "find." Those of you who fail to explore a province because you "know" it won't contain a hidden location are just doing the rest of us a favor! -- Squire Adam

Gatekeeping 101, continued: Rumors of a gate in the Mountain Pass further suggest that gate locations are NOT random at all, but rather carefully placed in some of the most difficult locations to get to.

From "Wisdom and Proverbs of the Mongol Hordes":

Old Mongol proverb: "A true warrior will choose his friends wisely. His enemies will choose him."

Mongol definition: "DIPLOMACY: 1. Saying "Nice doggie" while loading a crossbow. 2. Telling your enemies to go to hell in a such a fashion that they look forward to the trip."

Is anyone interested in telling us about the Council of Eumenides and attaching their name? If we're to believe any of the last several weeks of Times articles, then we'd have to conclude that we're dealing with a bunch of suicidal schizophrenics here. Since chronic mental instability is rare, I find it likely that one or more of the articles is some kind of disinformation. So how about it? Who wants to tell us about who the Council is and what it's about? Whoever will take me up, post to the Times or the Olympia discussion group and attach an e-mail address.

From the Captain of the Tai Lung [w3g],

To all Interested Parties:

Some relief from constant sailing this month. We touched the northern coast of Provincia at bt35, bt34, bt33, and bt32. All were Emperor's forest, and at bt32 we docked at the city of Faelgrar. This was a welcome port call for all on board. As always, we would like to hear from other parties as to their experiences, and exchange information on ports.

Attention Travelers:

Beware the attractive descriptions of rich lands where the provinces are empty and treasure is just waiting for a Noble to pass by and pick it up. These ads are bait to provide a steady source of victims for some of the bandit factions in the game. Double check your facts before rushing into a trap. Make the bandits earn their victims and pay a dear price in time and blood.

a friendly traveler

Diary: Snowmelt, Day 14

The endless ocean was bad, but when the fog arrived, it was much worse. The slap of water against the hull now seems to sound like threatening voices murmuring on all sides. We have slowed to a crawl and a double watch keeps a sharp eye out for reefs. It is exhausting. I shall never curse the endless horizon again.

Every table at the Happy Pub was smashed last night, during a bar fight. This all started just because one customer refused to pay his tab. Rumor has it the customer in question was consuming the illegal Olympia Stout. A beer so strong that most people refer to it as a liquor. So all of you inn keepers beware, Is it worth 16% damage just to get that one tab paid?

Land ho! Land ho! Went the cry! A rush to the rail, to the top of the sails The crew ran to see the Paradise. Everyman a king, an emperor, a god They say, in this land to which we make our way! Gold like water, Silver grows on the mountains And jewels dot the hillside like flowers, or so they say! There! There! You see it there! That darkness rising like a sun from the waves. The Land of the Forge, the Birthing Nest That will eat the world, a place to rest! There! The Paradise, the Para....tis not! We turn our eyes, we sail away, tis not the Land we find today. Onward we sail with sorrow, tainting the surface of our hearts, but the dream lies deeper still!

The Raptors

Journal Entry, Snowmelt, Year 2 of the Relocation - Gonzo Greybeard

The land turns green, and the sounds of men happy at their labors fill the air. The Tower Greyhall has risen and the Inn will be completed soon. All other works procede as planned. We will be have the product ready as ordered by our friends. Everyone is happy that we have found a land that we can call our own. This looks as good as any that we have come across. If all goes well, the ACME Construction Company will have found a home to work from. With all the work to be done, I do not have time to write much. Hopefully more next entry.

__ __ / /\______________________________________________________________/ /\ \_\/ \_\/ | ##### | |# # ## ##### ###### #### | |# # # # # # | |# #### # # # ##### #### | |# # ###### # # # | |# # # # # # # # | | ##### # # # ###### #### | | | | | | Are *You* trying to piece together a map of the gateways? | | | | Do *You* have a reading on a gateway, but not enough time | | to get a full fix? | | | | Do *You* want help? | | | |<--------------------------------------------------------------->| | | | The Gatemasters are hear to help *You*. | | | | Here is how it works. We have already located three gateways | | and are rapidly pinning down another two. We want to help | | you help us. Send us in your gate readings and we will send | | you back other information we have that will help you to | | pin point the gateway. If you can pinpoint a gateway that | | we have not, then you get to become a full Gatemaster will | | access to all the gate information we have. | | | | Why do we do it this way? Well there is a large effort that | | must be made in locating gates, and we don't think it's fair | | that people free-load. So long as you are actively trying | | to locate new gateways, you will continue to get help. | | essentially people get out what they put it. We work this | | way to encourage people to put in. | | | | Interested? Send mail to q4y. | _| _| / /\______________________________________________________________/ /\ \_\/ \_\/

Amendment to Previous Notice Regarding by26 & Gentlewind

It has been pointed out that perhaps not all people understand "resources" in the same way, and that this should be made explicit to avoid anyone falling afoul of the proprietors.

Resources, as we will use the term, are those things which are not available in infinite supply. Thus, unless some prior discussion has taken place (and there have been several, and they have been _quite_ reasonable), you are firmly requested to recognize that stone, iron, gold, peasants, lumber, vermin, big vermin, really big vermin, etc. are all potentially _resources_.

Persons wishing to simply come visit Gentlewind to learn mining are welcome to do so. As before, we encourage you to contact us in advance of arrival, as unannounced visitors are looked at _first_ through rose-colored bombsights.

People wishing to use some of the local resources should first contact us for approval, as the construction team is very serious about its goals and deadlines. Screw them up and they may well decide to use the picks and axes on you....

Oh, and don't try to use the picnic grounds the harpies are mewed over, the noise and stench _will- ruin your lunch.

Kemal ibn Ibrahim [g5t]

... Outlook for year ...

mankind spreads to every island. the first ship is sunk. the first castle made. the first hero dies. the first thief is caught. the first war begins.

DON'T GET CAPTURED BY RATS --------------------------

It has come to the Emperor's attention that several nobles has been captured by rats. I is even rumored that on enoble has been captured by these beasts more than once.

Being captured in such a fashion GREATLY reduces that nobles chances of replacing the current Emperor, and also questions the capability of the noble's faction to produce a heir.

The Voice of the Emperor


I am looking for information on the ends of the world. I hear there is a western shore of Provinia, and that if you sail west from there you will fall off the planet. If anyone has fallen off please write the times and tell us about the experience.

Thank you, an Inquiring Mind

Found a lair but need a special item to attack it? You could wait for one of your nobles to learn scrying or you could contact w4t and get a vision of the item. You'll know where it is and who/what has it. Even if someone else already took it, you might be able to extract a few bucks for what you know about where the item is useful ... or you will know which booty needs to be kicked. So contact w4t@g1.pbm.com today and envision what you need.

[Price is MSRP, not including tax and license. APR is 24% with 25 down payment 20% with 50 down, 5% with payment in full. Subject to credit check, background check, hat check, hip check and a beauty. No down payment for qualified buyers. You can keep the puck.]

GOURMANDS' CORNER by Calvin Trillion

I trust my loyal readers recall that, before being cut off so rudely by my editor, I was recounting my recent trip across the Atnos Channel to visit Dr. Pain's Inn and Shipyard, and was about to share the first of several surprises I encountered there. While I fully intend to return to that topic before the close of this column, let me first digress a bit.

In last week's column I mentioned in passing the surpassing incompetency of the ferry captain who shuttled Dolphin and myself across the Atnos Channel. As you recall, he actually managed to hit the rather large and imposing Channel Island, a feat generally accepted as bad for the ferrying business. Well, no sooner had my column hit the board-covered walkways of the Imperial City than the captain himself, one Erik the Red, was in my office to defend his honor.

Erik, as most Imperial City citizens know, is the captain of the China Clipper [dk8m], one of the oldest and most respected ferry lines in Provinia. Erik has had years (well, months at least) of experience in the waters of the Atnos Channel, and is normally as reliable as a sea captain comes. (Which is to say that -- so long as you keep the gin under lock and key -- he's no more unreliable than a common footpad or burglar.) But as Erik explained to me, the night before our ill-fated trip across the Atnos Channel, Erik had had the misfortune of dining at The Fatted Boar Inn, an eating establishment (and I use that term loosely) which I've had occasion to mention before in these pages. Well, enough said on that topic! As I said to Erik, the fact that he only hit an island after one of Kosar the Inedible's famous meals spoke highly of his constitution and fortitude.

But that explanation was yet to come as I hurried down the path from Atnos Harbor to Dr. Pain's Inn and Shipyard, the ineluctable aroma of paella drawing me irrestibly forward. (Was that a hint of saffron? My tongue watered in anticipation.) Pushing open the front door to Dr. Pain's Inn I hurried past the front desk and into the dining room, where I received the first of several surprises.

I had, of course, been expecting the sort of "dining room" one normally finds in these kinds of dockside eateries -- a confused jumble of badly carved chairs, rude benches, beer-stained tables and a sawdust floor littered with the remains of shellfish and internal diseases. It was a shock then, to come nose to nose with a maitre d'hotel dressed in a tuxedo and to see beyond him an elegantly appointed dining room, replete with hand-rubbed ebony tables and white cotton tablecloths.

"Sir?" he inquired, his nose arched rather snobbishly.

"Aha! My good man," I started, "Calvin Trillion here, restaurant guide for the Imperial City Times. Show me to your best table at once!"

"Yesssss," he drawled. "You're the third Calvin Trillion we've had today. We no longer seat restaurant critics without proof of the ability to pay."

"What!" I sputtered. "This is an outrage! To ask that I, Calvin Trillion, pay for a meal! You baboon! A mere mention in my column is worth a thousand gold in publicity!"

"I'm certain," he replied with definite overtones of dryness, "that Kosar the Indistinguishable would agree with you."

"He ought to be grateful I didn't press charges of attempted murder after that meal he served," I countered, "but that's neither here nor there. Step aside at once, lest I be force to use *this* upon you." And with that I took a step back and drew forth my lobster fork, waving it about with an air of conviction. Just as I was about to lunge in for the kill, a third voice joined our conversation.

"Is there a problem, Pierre?"

Lightning-quick as always, I whirled about, my lobster fork at the ready, careful to turn so that a brass spittoon guarded my back. (As I always say, you can never be too careful when eating utensils are being brandished.) Much to my (second) surprise, coming down the stairs towards the dining room was a distinguished figure I immediately recognized as the famous -- or should that be infamous -- Dr. Pain.

(To be continued...)

(Editor's note: Please do not send entrees, baked goods or live animals to Calvin Trillion. The Times' office has no facilities for the storage of food or animals.)

The Gods of the deep have decreed that there should be a change in ocean travel. Whereas before a short-handed ship could travel up the coast in a mere 2 days (rather than 1), it seems that now this same trip takes the full measure of time decreed in the laws of sailing. Indeed, there have been rumblings that even a fully staffed ship may find its coastal speed thrice reduced; be warned!

There certainly seems to be a lot of pirate isles and cyclops islands. Has anyone taken one to see if there is treasure? How about lairs on land? Has anyone found a gate yet? Inquiring minds want to know.

The inns are all abuzz with the new rumor of an inner location in southeast Provinia containing the Font of Life. Nobles may USE the font once and recieve an extra noble point for their faction. Many factions are now rushing to the southeast to control this powerful inner location.

Pikemen available! Only 149 gold each! If you supply the peasant or wood they're only 110 gold. If you supply both wood and peasant then your price is 75 gold! Contact Rachet Storm at m7s.pbm.com for more details! (RCOMBER@delphi.com)

Leo's Journal Entry 1...

Last night I woke up in an alley, in a strange city. It was populated by many Nobles and their dependent peasants. I don't know how I came to this land, called Olympia, but I will make the best of it. The first thing that I need to do is recruit some Nobles to the Cause. From what I hear, it is suicide to leave this City without sufficient numbers. The word on the street is just to the West are teachers in the art of Beast Mastery. Although their methods seem different from my dim memories (or is it dreams?), the results are the same. It is almost like being newborn, with the need to learn all skills except the basics in fighting, but at least the Powers that brought me here, have supplied the necessary gold to pursue my life's ambition. Enough of this, it is time to recruit and learn.

The rabble would like to express their disappointment with the peaceful trend of the game. And for a game that started with such promise, too. First a little AOO mayhem, then some good blood by the ECA, and some definite whacking by the Council of the Eumenides off to the west. But things have quieted down now, much to our disappointment. The Castle on Mt. Oly has turned out to be a bust, as far as organized mayhem is concerned. Where is MAFOC when you need them?

The Rabble

Beware of the Guardian of Bacor Bay The Guardian of Bacor Bay requires a special weapon to defeat. If you plan on sailing in his area, make sure you first visit the far western coastline of Drucartan, and have already learned the skill of collecting rare foliage. The Rawlings Hunters

____________________________________________________________________________ <<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>> >> DDDDD IIII SSSS CCC OOOO VV VV EEEEEE RRRRR IIII EEEEE SSSS << << DD DDD II SS SS CC CC OO OO VV VV EE EE RR RR II EE E SS SS >> >> DD DD II SS CC OO OO VV VV EE RR RR II EE SS << << DD DD II SSSS CC OO OO VV VV EEEE RRRRR II EEEE SSSS >> >> DD DD II SS CC OO OO VVVV EE RR RR II EE SS << << DD DDD II SS SS CC CC OO OO VV EE EE RR RR II EE E SS SS >> >> DDDDD IIII SSSS CCC OOOO VV EEEEEE RR RR IIII EEEEE SSSS << <<__________________________________________________________________________>> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\ | *** NEW THIS ISSUE - MAP OF THE KNOWN GATES! *** | \________________________________________________________________/

(~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~) ) For some of you who contacted me last week regarding membership ( ( information, I apologize for not responding to your requests. ) ) Unfortunately, our incoming mail spooler overflowed, and I lost ( ( all incoming mail for a day. I got to see the subject lines before ) ) they got erased, so I know at least one person was expecting me to ( ( contact them. ) ) I apologize for the delay, my not responding was not meant as a ( ( slight, but came about due to circumstances beyond my control. All ) ) I ask is that you attempt to contact me again. ( ( ) ) - The Crimson Sage [w0l] ( (________________________________________________________________________)

============================================================================ 'Discoveries' is not available in stores. It is only available with your FREE membership in the Geographic Society. That's right, your FREE membership. All you need to do to be a Geographic Society member in good standing is to contribute every once in a while, as the sole purpose of the society is to encourage members to trade information, and to add to the store of geographic knowledge of the organization.

A sample issue of our magazine, 'Discoveries', is available on request.

Interested parties should contact the Crimson Sage, [w0l].

Faction mk8 heading for the open ocean soon Contact us to share navigational data.

* * *

Looking to buy some wood from one of you foresters out there. Please contact c1s; transaction to be at Imperial City aa0m.

Angus Enterprises wishes to say that our new "Yellow Lager" does not taste just like you-know-what. It is light and springlike, with the slightest hint of honey. All nobles showing a recent disembarkation card for Tollus will be given a free pint to dispell this libelous rumor.

The Mellow Yellow Pub [y77], outside of Yellowleaf on the scenic western coast of Tollus. Angus McAttle [b60], proprietor.

It was a dark and stormy night, and the Captain asked "Jack, tell us a story". And Jack said, "It was a DARK and STORMY night, and the woods were full of LIONS, and GIANT SPIDERS, and EAST COAST AVENGERS".

"Seems these East Coast Avengers were out searching high and lo, for what we don't know. Mostly, they seemed to be marching about, to and fro, fro and to. Besides their footprints, and empty beer cans left laying about, they didn't seem to be effecting things much."

"Maybe they are marathon runners? There are a lot of them, all running about in a pack."

Leader of Outlaw Gang Spotted on Mt. Olympia ============================================

Bastrestric ther Archymonaged, leader of the notorious gang of murderers and thieves who call themselves the 'Servants of the Aolian Circle of the Art' has been observed building himself a stronghold just ten days outside Imperial City:

Mt. Olympus [bx22], mountain, in Provinia, civ-2 ------------------------------------------------ Routes leaving Mt. Olympus: North, plain, to Royal hunting plains [bw22], 7 days East, forest, to Emperor's forest [bx23], 8 days South, to Forest [by22], 8 days West, plain, to Royal hunting plains [bx21], 7 days Up, cloud, to Cloud [bn2m], Cloudlands, impassable

Inner locations: Lair [ao9s], lair, 1 day Chateau Olympique [s85], castle-in-progress, 79% completed, owner: Hotspur [h9t], with 74 workers Trogenius [j7t], with 31 peasants Tower of the Art [q45], tower, defense 20, owner: Bastrestric ther Archymonaged [x9i], conjurer Pillar of Fire [x60], tower, defense 20

Seen here: Athelfrar [m6g], with 15 soldiers, nine crossbowmen, 11 peasants Angry peasant [es1b], angry peasants, number: 14, on guard Horde of rats [gk3t], rats, number: 8

Hotspur's recent whining in these pages about being mistakenly associated with these rogues is obviously belied by this new information. How could anyone tell which faction one of their "nobles" belongs to when they are shacked up together! If anyone plans to visit Cloudlands without being blind-sided by this bunch of cutthroats I suggest you expect the worst when travelling through bx22. Rumour has it that an ambuscade will shortly be in place so don't travel in this area unless you're prepared for villainy!

Here listed are those blackhearts who call themselves The Servants of the Aolian Circle of the Art :

Athelfrar [m6g] last seen training evil troops on Mt. Olympia Bastrestric the Bastrestric [x9i] last seen skulking on Mt. Olympia Decessim [w2f] last seen recently robbing merchants in Imperial City Ergonal [y6s] last seen a year ago, imprisoned and hopefully now dead Hotspur [h9t] last seen recently building a lair of evil on Mt. Olympia Marat [g3y] last seen recently on evil errands in Imperial City Trogenius [j7t] last seen recently slavedriving stone to Mt. Olympia ValJean [b6k] last seen a year ago sailing on the AOOko-Saki Viliz [l1n] whereabouts unknown Zeegan [x7v] whereabouts unknown

A Concerned Citizen of Provinia

IMPERIAL CITY (OP) - Sexual harassment charges were filed today in the Imperial Court by the Olympian Order of Women (OOW). The papers submitted by the group indicate that they are seeking Imperial action against several unknown factions in response to numerous articles in the Olympia Times, said by the group to be harassing and demeaning towards the women of Olympia. The articles in question have been directed primarily at Miyuki [h3p], a student at one of the city's mystical colleges while her fiance is traveling abroad. "I am not worried," said Miyuki about the articles in question. "They are from lonely little boys who do not know any better. They are jealous of my Kovaq'nu." Miyuki flatly denied the allegations in the cited articles and indicated that she had no interest in testifying in court before she returned to her studies. Roida "Lionslayer" Dakanda, the president of the OOW, has indicated that her group will press for heavy fines and "an injunction against further slanderous remarks in the Olympia Times" from any faction. Legal experts, however, feel the move is unlikely to succeed. "Recent revelations from the Great Atnerks have indicated that he frowns upon arbitrary redistributions of wealth and gratuitous censorship so it is unlikely the Imperial Court will rule in their favor," one legal expert opined. "But you never know," he added, after being prodded in the ribs by his wife.

Would the owner of the spaceship that was spotted over the Channel islands last turn please contact Gort [p4n]. I have a message for you.

As Shay Tollin laid the cornerstone of the Shrine, a smile of contentment beamed from his lined face. He was tired, but the weeks of moving the black marble from the hill had rebuilt the previously frail old man, seemingly sloughing years off his frame as it added muscles and sinew.

"That should show Sarrail how to set a cornerstone!" he thought, looking down the valley at the other temple. He chuckled at the strange emotion he was feeling, almost like jealousy. "Getting competitive in our old age, are we?" He laughed out loud at the thought that any other could compete with the Wanderer. "Perhaps a little friendly competition is what our followers need, though."

He laid the next block and the next, mumbling to himself as the stone sealed itself against its neighbor.

The wizard closed his eyes and held out his hands as he had many times before. When he opened them, there were two gold pieces in his hands.

Two!? Why until now, any time he needed gold, he had but to wish for it, and as much as he needed would appear. Apparantly, this magical store had been exhausted.

He shrugged, he'd just whip up some potions for the masses. He needed some money to pursue his magical interests...

Days later, he had made potions of hair growth and fertility, but no one was buying. The peasants would not enter his tower. It seems he would have to come to them.

He grumbled to himself as he put on his cloak to walk among the great unwashed again...

AOO and MOO?

What the hell is that supposed to be, some kind of WERE-COW?!!! Oh, geez, I have to go change my drawers now! That's just TOO funny!!! Ha ha ha ha haaaaa!

Cap'n Boner

The Merchant of Venice is looking for things to buy. He will pay for horses. He will pay for wood. He will pay for yew. He will pay for Iron. He will pay for anything else you want to sell. He will pay for Mithrel. If you have something to sell go see The Merchant of Venice in the capital city.

The Merchant of Venice is working on a deal to provide horses. If you are interested in buying horses, and can offer a price high enough to convince my supplier to accomodate your needs, then I will make the appropriate arrangements. The Merchant of Venice [x9j]

"Now, jist hol' still, there." The young sailor nervously braced himself against the rolling of the ship as he stood against the side of the forward cabin, holding a sheet of parchment. A lean, weather-worn man drew back an arrow and sighted carefully, mumbling to himself, "Now, if ya don' move a muscle, an' the ship stays a'most steady, like..."

"There you are!" A voice called out from behind, just as he released the arrow. The sailor jumped back as the arrow sank deep into the wood behind him, and the parchment vanished, carried away by an errant breeze.

"Dam' it!" the archer strode over to the arrow and jerked it free, while the slaming of a hatch told of the sailor's return to his duties below. The man in the grey cloak joined him as he checked the arrow for damage and slipped it back in his quiver.

"Improving any?"

"Belike, an'one could tell, when the ship keeps on a tossin' like this! Jist when do we git ta this 'ere place, anyhow?"

"I have just been talking with the captain about that. There have been signs that we are near a port right now, and he thinks it might be worth a short visit."

"That'd suit me jist fine!" The archer finished knotting the cover of his quiver closed and slung it by his side. "Th' sooner I git dirt under my feet, th' better, I say."

Above them, perched on the roof of the cabin, a man-size bird shifted its weight and came awake as it heard the familiar voice below. The bird leaned over the edge of the roof, and clacked its hooked beak as its gaze focused on the man below. The man in gray looked up at the bird, and it calmed. "You're not the only one, old friend," he said, but to whom wasn't clear.

Meanwhile, quite some distance away, a young mage shook her head as she entered the marketplace of the largest city on the continent, and likely of the world. It had been some weeks since she had been here, but it was still as busy as ever. She pushed her way throught the crowd, aided only slightly by the small group of soldiers with her and the large, fearless rodents following in her wake. Finally, she located a suitable spot at the edge of the market with a good view of the roads coming in.

"Clear us a little breathing space here," she turned toward one of the men- at-arms. "I'll go and see if I can find the ones we came here to deal with."

"Aye, Lady," the soldier joined his fellows in using his staff to nudge the crowd out of their chosen area, while the crossbowmen dropped their packs, and several workmen hunkered down on the dusty ground and dug out their ever present dice.

TRADE From: The Merchant of Venice To:All nobles interested in money or trade routes

I am in the Imperial City, and am setting up my trade routes. I would like to purchase reports about the market in other cities. If you are a noble in another city, and have a friend in the Imperial City, then send me your cities market report, and I will give your friend 10 gold. Of course I can only pay for the first report I receive from each city. If I receive your market report, and have already seen that cities market report, I will return to you a market report from another city. If you have no friends in the Imperial City, I can return you the market report from another city, or I can eventually pay you via the next caravan I send to your city. Or maybe I can arrange to tell you of lucrative opportinities if some present themselves. The Merchant of Venice P.S You can send your reports via carrier pigeon (Email) Please include desired method of payment, and recipients name and identification number.--

THE MERCHANT OF VENICE is character [x9j]

Are you looking for a buyer for your product? Send me a message via carrier pigeon (Email) telling me your product and a rough idea of quantity and price. I will find you a buyer.

Are you looking to buy something? Send me a message via carrier pigeon (Email) I will find you a seller.

I will connect you together, and charge a very small fee.

Let's get this economy rolling.

The Merchant of Venice [x9j]

P.S. Due to the modern convenience of carrier pigeons you don't have to be any where near me to utilize my services. Although if you are close to the Imperial City I may buy the goods from you myself if I can't find you a buyer.

Kill the body and the Head will die...

Message found in bottle floating in Atnos channel.

The Northern toll road is very soon going to be a joke. Power-mad maneuvers like that this early on won't stand the crush of so many players who won't put up with it...

A mysterious beastman with many wild companions roams the forest northeast of the Imperial City.

Does anyone know if the other cities on the map are as crowded as the Imperial City is? It's nearly impossible to recruit, buy, or sell there... Are there better prospects around?

Let it be known that from this moment forth that those of us in the Green Olympia Society (GOS) believe that all attempts at spreading the insidious institution known as CIVILIZATION is ill conceived and ultimately harmful. While it may seem quite mild and actually helpful in small doses. Civilization quickly pollutes the land, air, and waters. This causes untold health problems which we as a world are currently unprepared to deal with. For an obvious sign of harm, just watch how the population of wild creatures decreases as civ increases.

Furthermore, over time it represses the population with untold laws and regulations and limits each nobles freedom to act and travel where they will. Soon governments of the strong for the strong are formed and further restrict everyones basic rights to do what they wish to do.

We will now make every attempt to return Olympia to its pre-industrial age, where there was elbow room for all (except pot makers) by returning all buildings to there composite parts. Ashes to ashes, Dust to dust, ....and so on.

We encourage all like minded citizens of Olympia to aid us in this quest to quell this misguided desire for civilization by joining us in tearing down all structures.


Secretary of the Green Olympia Society, Attila

Remember, the bigger they are, the harder they fall!