repair [days] * time: as given * priority: 3

Repair the damaged ship or building that the character is inside. Requires at least one worker [11].

                worker-days per
structure       point of damage
---------       ---------------
galley               1
roundship            1
temple               2
inn                  2
tower                2
mine                 2
castle               3

Work proceeds until the structure has been fully repaired, or the given number of days has passed. Multiple units may work at repair simultaneously.

For example, a tower with 50% damage would require 100 worker-days to fully repair. A ship with 50% damage would require 50 worker-days. A castle, 150 worker-days.

Each use of repair on a ship requires one unit of pitch [261]. One unit of pitch is sufficient for a ship repair job, no matter how many days the repair takes. Pitch may be purchased in any port city.

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