recruit [days] * time: as given * priority: 3

Recruit one peasant each day for the given number of days. If days is not specified, recruiting will obtain as many peasants as possible.

Peasants must be recruited in plains, mountain or forest provinces, or in cities. Recruiting can not be done in other sublocations (such as rocky hills, forest glades, etc.)

Up to 10 peasants may be recruited per location each month. One peasant is recruited each day the recruit command is used.

The recruit order will stop or fail when no further peasants are available to be recruited.

For example, one player could recruit for up to 10 days per month in a mountain province, obtaining one peasant on each of the 10 days.

If two players in a mountain province each issued recruit 10, both would recruit five peasants (each player would get a peasant a day until all 10 had been recruited).

Recruit is an alias for `collect 10'.

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