research skill * time: 7 days * priority: 3

Attempt to learn hidden sub-skills of the specified category skill. Research into any skill except Religion [150] must be performed in a tower, by the tower's owner (the first character inside the tower). Research into Religion [150] must be performed in a temple.

Research requires a nominal fee of 25 gold to pay for materials. This fee is charge regardless of whether the research yields any results.

There is a 25% chance of success for each week of research.

If successful, the new subskill will be added to the character's partially known skill list. It then must be studied in order to become fully known and usable.


1: > research 120
1: Will research Shipcraft for seven days.
7: Research uncovers a new skill:  Improve ship rigging [9999].
7: To begin learning this skill, order 'study 9999'.

Partially known skills:
   9999  Improve ship rigging, 0/7

Research will fail immediately if there are no researchable skills to learn under the category. In this case the 25 gold fee is not charged.

See Skills for more detailed information about study and research.

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