flag string * time: 0 days * priority: 1

Signal characters waiting with a wait flag order. The string is an arbitrary sequence of characters or numbers, but it should match the flag specified in the wait flag order.

For example, a character may wait for a particular signal from Osswid [5499]:

> wait flag yellow 5499

This will wait for Osswid [5499] to raise a flag saying `yellow'. Osswid would issue:

> flag yellow

Which would cause the wait order to complete.

The wait flag order defaults to watching for flags from units in the player's faction. It may also watch for flags from units in another faction, a flag from a specific unit, or a flag from any unit in the game:

wait flag yellow        # wait for 'flag yellow' from a unit
                        # in our faction

wait flag yellow 5499   # wait for 5499 to order 'flag yellow'

wait flag yellow 918    # wait for any unit belonging to player
                        # 918 to order 'flag yellow'.

wait flag yellow 0      # wait for any unit in the game to give
                        # the yellow flag

Characters do not need to be in the same location to flag.

Flags are remembered for the duration of the month. If a wait flag is issued for a flag which has already been raised, the wait will immediately finish (it will take zero time).

However, flags which have been raised are not remembered between turns, so a flag raised on the 30th of month 5 will not satisfy a wait flag on the 1st of month 6.

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