fly direction or destination [...] * time: varies * priority: 2

Fly in the indicated direction, or to the specified location. Refer to the move order for details about movement.

Characters must have some means of flight to be able to use fly. For instance, a sufficient number of winged horses must be available to carry the entire stack and its belongings. If the weight of the stack exceeds the flight weight capacity, the fly order will fail.

Flying traverses any link in a maximum of three days.

rated time      time to fly
 of route         across
----------      -----------
0 days          0 days
1 day           1 day
3 days          3 days
4 days          3 days
8 days          3 days

Flying animals, such as winged horses, become tired when flying over the ocean, as they have no place to land and rest. Up to fifteen days may be spent flying over the ocean. At the end of the fifteenth day, the exhausted animals will be unable to continue, and the entire stack will plunge into the sea, killing all of the stack's characters.

Any arrival at a land or ship location will allow the flying creatures to rest and regain their strength.

Multiple destinations or destinations may be given as arguments to fly. If the first fails, the next will be tried, until a passable route is found, or fly runs out of arguments.

For example, `fly n e w' would first try to fly north. If travel north was not possible for any reason, east would next be tried, then west. In this way exploring units can attempt to deal with the case of running into a hole in the map or other impassable province.

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