fish [number of fish] [days] * time: as given * priority: 3

A unit must be on a ship on the ocean in order to fish. Each day, the unit has a 50% chance of encountering fish. If fish are found, each sailor will catch one fish that day, as long as fish stocks in the ocean province last. Ocean provinces generate 50 catchable fish per month.

A unit must know the Fishing [9582] subskill of Shipcraft [120] in order to fish, and must have at least one sailor.

Only sailors may be used for fishing. Pirates will not fish.


fish         # obtain as many fish as possible
fish 25      # stop after getting 25 fish
fish 0 5     # fish for five days
fish 25 5    # stop after five days, or 25 fish, whichever
             # comes first

In all cases, fishing will cease as soon as the stocks in the ocean province have been exhausted. fish is an alias for `collect 87'.

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