contact who * time: 0 days * priority: 0

Used by characters hidden through stealth, magic, or because of fog to inform other units of their presence.

For example, if Osswid [5501] is employing stealth skills to hide, he will not be visible to other characters. Orders issued by other units referencing [5501] will fail.

However, Osswid may desire to allow certain units to interact with him while he is hidden. If this is the case, he should issue contact orders for those units to be informed of his presence.

The contact order may also be specify a player number. In this case, every unit in the specified player's faction will be aware of the hidden unit's presence.

Contact information is maintained until the hidden unit moves. Once the unit has moved, it must issue new contact orders if other units are to continue to be able to interact with it.

The contact order is silent; it does not provide a message to the contacted player or faction.

Units belonging to the same player are always aware of each other's presence. They do not need to use contact.

Hidden units are not shown in the location report, even if their presence has been reveal through contact or seek.

Related orders: seek

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