seek [who] * time: 7 days * priority: 3

Seek for a hidden character. Characters may be hidden because of fog lying over a province, or through the application of stealth or magical skills.

Hidden characters can not be interacted with by a unit unless they contact the unit first, or the unit successfully finds them with seek. The seek order will return immediately if the character is visible, or has already been found with a previous seek order.

If a character is specified, there is a 10% chance that the character will be found during each of the seven days the order is being executed.

If the who argument is not given, seek will seek for any hidden nobles present. In this case there will be a 5% chance of finding a hidden noble during each of the seven days.

If a unit found with seek moves, the contact information is lost, and the unit again becomes inaccessible.

Hidden units are not shown in the location report, even if their presence has been revealed through contact or seek.

Related orders: contact

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