build structure "Name" [max-days] * time: varies * priority: 3

Build the indicated structure or ship. All construction tasks require at least three workers to begin. The character should acquire the required quantity of building material, unstack from beneath other characters, and issue one of the following build commands:

build inn "name of inn"
build mine "name of mine"
build temple "name of temple"
build tower "name of tower"
build castle "name of castle"
build galley "name of galley"
build roundship "name of roundship"

For example, to start building a castle, one might issue:

build castle "Castle Blood"

A new structure or ship will be created, and the builder will be placed inside. Construction proceeds until completed. Interrupted construction may be resumed by entering the uncompleted structure and reissuing the appropriate build command (build roundship, build tower, etc.)

kind        effort    material   skill         where
----        ------    --------   -----         -----
inn            300     75 wood    125          province or city
mine           500     25 wood    125 or 129   mountain or rocky hill
temple       1,000    50 stone    125          anywhere
tower        2,000   100 stone    125          anywhere
castle      10,000   500 stone    125          province or city
galley         250     50 wood    9503         ocean port
roundship      500    100 wood    9503         ocean port

Effort is in worker-days.

Construction [125] is required to erect buildings. Shipbuilding [9503], a subskill of Shipcraft [120], is required to build ships. Mines may be built either with Construction [125] or Mining [129].

The noble will cease work after the specified maximum number of days have been spent at construction, or the task is finished, whichever comes first. If a maximum number of days to spend working is not given, construction continues until the task is finished.

The first tower a player builds requires no workers, no stone, and only takes a day to build.

For more details, see Buildings and Ships.

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