bribe who amount [flag] * time: 7 days * priority: 3

Offer a character gold in an attempt to win their service. The Persuasion subskill Bribe noble [9515] is required to use the bribe order.

The amount must be at least 250 gold or the receiving noble will not consider it a serious offer.

Nobles with oathbound loyalty ignore bribes. They may accept the gift, but they will not renounce loyalty to their lord.

Nobles with contract loyalty will consider the bribe if it meets or exceeds their current loyalty rating. For example, a noble of loyalty contract-750 would ignore any bribe of less than 750 gold.

Nobles with fear loyalty, or nobles not sworn to any lord, will seriously consider any bribe of at least 250 gold.

If the receiving noble considers the bribe, there is a 33% chance they will renounce loyalty to their current lord, and swear fealty to the bribing character. There is also a chance that they will report the bribe or pocket it for themselves. In some cases they may even renounce loyalty to their lord, but not swear fealty to the briber, instead choosing to go off on their own.

Characters who are successfully bribed will have loyalty contract-250 to the bribing character. If flag is 1, and the bribe attempt is successful, the bribed character will stack with the briber.

Bribes will be refused by characters who have already switched lords during the month because of bribery. For example, suppose Osswid successfully bribes Feasel, and Feasel swears loyalty to Osswid. Later that turn, if Procrustes attempts to bribe Feasel, Feasel will refuse to accept the bribe.


bribe 5499 750      # Offer [5499] 750 gold to switch factions.
                    # If successful, [5499] will not stack with the
                    # briber.

bribe 3409 300 1    # Offer [3409] 300 gold to switch factions.
                    # If successful, [3409] will stack with the briber.

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