board ship [maximum fee] * time: 0 days * priority: 2

Pay a fee to board a ship operating as a ferry. If a maximum is specified, no more than that amount of gold will be paid as a boarding fee.

The board order requires that the ship be operating as a ferry. In other words, the ship's captain must have set a boarding fee with the fee order. Boarding fees are charged per 100 weight of the passengers. For example, if the captain's fee is 200 per 100 weight, and a stack with a total weight of 1,500 wants to board the captain's ship, the stack leader must have 3,000 gold. The fee will be deducted from the boarding stack leader's inventory and given to the captain of the ship.

The board order will fail if the ship is already overloaded, or if the ship would be overloaded if the stack boarded the ship.

Passengers waiting to board a ferry should use wait ferry. Ferry captains should sound their horn before departure with the ferry order.

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