Chapter 16: Ships

Players may build two kinds of ships in Olympia: galleys and roundships.

A galley, also known as a warship, is a slender rowed vessel. Galleys require 14 sailors as oarsmen for travel, and may carry up to 5,000 units of cargo. The oars permit the ship to be maneuvered regardless of wind conditions.

Galleys may be fitted with rams, which are used to crush the sides of enemy ships in battle.

The roundship, also known as the merchantman, is a deep, wide sailing ship, usually with one or two masts and steered with great, oar-like paddles. The large cargo space makes it well suited for trade and extended ocean travel.

With favorable winds, roundships will make better time than galleys, even when fully loaded. Roundships require a crew of eight sailors travel, and may carry up to 25,000 units of cargo.

The Shipcraft [120] skill category allows nobles to train sailors, and has sub-skills for building and sailing ships.

ship            capacity        sailors
----            --------        -------
galley             5,000           14
roundship         25,000            8

Ships may be damaged while sailing by storms, or by submerged rocks in coastal waters. Damaged ships may be repaired with the repair command. Repairing a damaged ship requires one unit of pitch [261].

The capacity of a damaged ship is a reduced in proportion to the amount of damage. A galley with 10% damage may only carry 4,500 units of cargo.

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