16.2: Making ships

Construction of ships requires a character to have the Shipbuilding [9503] skill, a subskill of Shipcraft [120].

ship               effort               material
----               ------               --------
galley          250 worker-days          50 wood
roundship       500 worker-days         100 wood

To begin construction of a ship, the shipbuilder should unstack from beneath other characters and issue one of the following build orders:

One-fifth of the lumber will immediately be deducted from the shipbuilder's inventory and put to use building the new ship. The shipbuilder and his workers will be placed inside the new ship.

At least three workers are needed to begin construction of a ship.

Until the ship is completed, it will be shown as `in progress':

Ships docked at port:
   HMS Pinafore [ih39], galley-in-progress, 28% completed, owner:
      Osswid the Constructor [5499], with five workers

The remaining construction materials are deducted from the builder's inventory as work on the ship progresses. A second fifth of the lumber is required when the ship becomes 20% complete, a third fifth when the ship becomes 40% complete, etc. Construction halts if the builder runs out of materials

For example, a noble who wanted to build a galley would need to know Shipbuilding [9503], have at least three workers, and start with at least 10 wood [77]. (40 more wood is required to bring the galley to completion).

As soon as the required number of worker-days has been invested in construction, the ship will be christened and declared seaworthy.

To resume construction of a partially completed ship, first enter the ship, then issue the either build galley or build roundship.

Ships may only be built in locations with a passable route to an ocean.

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