Re: Ultimate Goals in Olympia

Tim Whalen (
22 Jan 1995 15:14:31 -0800

In article <3fuhq3$> (Scott Turner) writes:
>Exactly. This is why I suggested something like "NPs" that limits the
>different *roles* you can play in the game, rather than the number of
>units you can command. If you're limited to being "priests or
>shipbuilders", then you're necessarily going to have to cooperate with
>other players in (I think) some more interesting ways.
> -- Scott T.

After an initial horror at the faction specialization rules in Atlantis
2.0 I discovered that I didn't really mind the idea. Can you picture
playing Olympia while being restricted to, say, four skill/spell cate-
gories for your whole faction? Two categories? One? Or link the
categories available to the loyalty bond of the noble :

East Ilion Corporation :

Oath-2 - sailing, persuasion, stealth, weather magic
Oath-1 - sailing, persuasion, stealth
Contract - sailing, persuasion
Fear - sailing

The Chardian Inquisition :

Oath-2 - religion, combat, persuasion, scrying
Oath-1 - religion, combat, persuasion
Contract - religion, combat
Fear - religion