Re: Ultimate Goals in Olympia

Carl Edman (
Sun, 22 Jan 1995 23:28:22 GMT

In article <3fulmd$> (Scott Turner) writes: (Carl Edman) writes:
>What we want to do is make the routine killing of small bands of
>nobles sufficiently much hassle for the powerful armies that they
>won't do it unless they have a really good reason to.

One problem I haven't seen addressed in this discussion is the

Because a single noble can fairly quickly turn into a fairly powerful
fighting force, a ruler cannot let even single nobles of doubtful
loyalty wander around his areas. There's too much of a danger that
he'll raise a couple of peasant mobs and start taking out garrisons,
or some other such tactic.

I agree but I think that the proper solution to this problem is to
have all activities which tend to cause a great deal of general
attention to greatly increase the chance of being spotted. In
particular all activities which use up all of a finite resource should
make spotting nearly automatic. This makes a lot of sense in the
realism department. If you recruit 10 peasants in a province, you
must have gotten the attention of every single recruitable person in
the province that month which in turn implies that virtually everybody
else in the province (including other nobles) are very likely aware of
you. The same argument goes for wood-cutting, raising of peasant mobs
and the like.

Carl Edman