Re: Dead Factions

Patrick McLaughlin (
Sun, 23 Oct 1994 01:13:57 -700 (PDT)


Prisoners should not melteither. This is ground we covered after
Jambalaya quit. I was not happy them, on the wrong end of that, and I
don't feel that it would be fair in any sense to keep that that way.
This allows people to kamikazi factions and then deprive the victor of
the possibilities prisoners present.

Given the current circumstances this is arguing against the interests of
myself and allies, you'll note.

What you told me after tJambalaya quit was that prisoners would
henceforth remain in game, without a factional connection.

On Sat, 22 Oct 1994, Rich Skrenta wrote:

> > I have seen nobles melt in to the ground and vanish. I presume these
> > are factions that have quit. What happens to prisoners and dead bodies
> > when their host faction quits? The same?
> Prisoners will melt. Dead bodies don't currently, but this is an
> oversight, and one I should probably correct before next Wednesday.
> --
> Rich Skrenta <>

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