Re: GIVE permission system

Rich Skrenta (
Thu, 6 Oct 1994 18:06:48 -0400 (EDT)

> I also happen to see the drive to close all the doors on slowing stacks
> down -- via suicide attacks using the games most precious resource (NPs)
> -- and now this, as exacerbating the perceived problem that victors have
> all the advantages. This makes it impossible to slow someone down in
> order to try to have vengeance catch up.

As I said before, you're welcome to argue that attacks should cost
a day delay for everyone, but I didn't see any support for that
idea when you suggested it a day or two ago.

Exploiting bugs is not the way to get around this design choice.

As for this giving victors "all the advantages", it seems the other way
around to me, actually. Units already spend 100% of move time in the
trailing province, giving you every opportunity to attack them. It was not
always this way (Russell argued ceaselessly about how "hyperspace" movement
made it too hard to kill people).

Rich Skrenta <>

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