Re: GIVE permission system

Patrick McLaughlin (
Thu, 6 Oct 1994 15:45:45 -700 (PDT)


So someone can GIVE me anything thay want and screw me up. If I feel at
risk, this simply means that I set DROP orders that dump anything that is
bulky that I don't want to carry.

So if someone heaps on Atlas a huge stack of stone, and he gets stuck,
that's his problem. He could have dumped all stone, or all stone BUT a
given amount.

It's a dirty trick, and takes advantage of the rules as they are, yes.

But it has a player controllable cure, and it seems to be a waste of
programming time to fix it on that basis alone. FWIW, I see the fact
that someone can be 9 days out of a province (or more) and still be
forced to do combat as a far grosser violation or realism... and one that
does far more harm to the game. Not to mention that there is no player
controlled cure.

I also happen to see the drive to close all the doors on slowing stacks
down -- via suicide attacks using the games most precious resource (NPs)
-- and now this, as exacerbating the perceived problem that victors have
all the advantages. This makes it impossible to slow someone down in
order to try to have vengeance catch up.

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