Re: Two long-term problems

Mark W. Oosterveld (
Thu, 29 Sep 1994 18:07:49 +0000

> The remaining top 3 ways to transfer nobles are:
> 1. terrorize/resurrection cycle
> 2. bribery
> 3. that slavery potion
> The problem with my whole loyalty system is that I don't get the
> impression that people are using it against one another. Stealing
> nobles was big business in T'Nyc and Oly I, but players in Oly II
> see the decision of whether or not to oath their nobles mostly
> in economic terms.

I don't think the game is old enough yet for this to be a factor. I believe it
will happen more, as players positions mature, and they are out of thier
starting NP quota (I still have two of my original NP's left, and have been in
since turn 0).

> 2. Apply some localized restrictions to make things tighter:
> a. Only permit a noble to be resurrected a maximum of
> 1-3 times, ever.

I really think resserection should cost an NP (and I'm sure everyone is tired
hearing me say it...) Maybe the first one would be free, but the second, third,
etc., would cost NP's...

> b. Make converts from the slavery potion die after 8
> turns.

Hmm. I had some neat plans for those slavery potions (as my allies could
probably tell you). Having the victim die in 8 turns means I'll have to
re-think those plans (mostly involving ways to trick people into drinking

> c. Increase the chance that a bribery target will
> go independent and head off on his own. Prevent
> BRIBE from being used against prisoners that you
> don't personally own.
> 3. The whole combative aspect of the loyalty system should
> be removed to comletely prevent noble transfer.
> (Probably too big to make to G1).

No! I like that aspect! As I stated earlier in this note, I think the game is
just too young for these effects to actually matter. I am sure they will in

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> Rich Skrenta <>


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