Re: Two long-term problems

Rich Skrenta (
Thu, 29 Sep 1994 08:45:18 -0400 (EDT)

So the plan is:

1 NP to form nobles 1-10
2 NP to form nobles 11-15
3 NP to form nobles 16-20

and SWEAR goes away, removing the biggest hole in NP transfer.

The remaining top 3 ways to transfer nobles are:

1. terrorize/resurrection cycle
2. bribery
3. that slavery potion

The problem with my whole loyalty system is that I don't get the
impression that people are using it against one another. Stealing
nobles was big business in T'Nyc and Oly I, but players in Oly II
see the decision of whether or not to oath their nobles mostly
in economic terms.

Conversely, bribery/terrorize are too easy to perform if you're
deliberately trying to give nobles to your pal before dropping.

What should be done about these remaining ways to transfer NP's?

1. They're already sufficiently annoying/difficult that
nothing needs to be done.

2. Apply some localized restrictions to make things tighter:

a. Only permit a noble to be resurrected a maximum of
1-3 times, ever.

b. Make converts from the slavery potion die after 8

c. Increase the chance that a bribery target will
go independent and head off on his own. Prevent
BRIBE from being used against prisoners that you
don't personally own.

3. The whole combative aspect of the loyalty system should
be removed to comletely prevent noble transfer.
(Probably too big to make to G1).

Rich Skrenta <>

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