Re: Two long-term problems

C.M. Yearsley (
Thu, 29 Sep 1994 14:58:35 +0100 (BST)

> So the plan is:
> 1 NP to form nobles 1-10
> 2 NP to form nobles 11-15
> 3 NP to form nobles 16-20
> ...

Is this the first 10 nobles you've formed, if you currently
have more then 10, or is the total you've added to your faction
(by any means) is greater than 10?

> The problem with my whole loyalty system is that I don't get the
> impression that people are using it against one another. Stealing


Perhaps what's needed is to make it no harder to take nobles -
perhaps even easier - but have nasty side effects to stop it being
used as a routing means of noble transfer.

Perhaps you could tamper with the loyalty of the newly-acquired noble?
Nobles acquired with 'that potion' _must_ always have 'fear' loyalty,
bribed nobles can't have better than contract loyalty, say.

Perhaps this is too fiddly for real use. I was wondering if something
like this would make noble 'theft' more of a problem by forcibly
increasing the number of weak loyalty nobles in the game, and also
discourage noble swapping.

> b. Make converts from the slavery potion die after 8
> turns.

That's not long. Limit their loyalty, or make them weak - the potion
permanently limits their health to some very low number, say. Or
make it _slow_ death; they lose a couple of points of health every
turn, until they die. 'Curing' them only halts the process for one
month, then they continue to weaken.

> c. Increase the chance that a bribery target will
> go independent and head off on his own. Prevent
> BRIBE from being used against prisoners that you
> don't personally own.

Possibly, and yes, good idea.

> 3. The whole combative aspect of the loyalty system should
> be removed to comletely prevent noble transfer.
> (Probably too big to make to G1).

No! The system should somehow encourage this form of 'combat', whilst
discouraging transfers between friends.

Chris Yearsley

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