Re: Two long-term problems

Brent R. Johnson (
Thu, 29 Sep 1994 10:13:11 -0400

> What should be done about these remaining ways to transfer NP's?
> 1. They're already sufficiently annoying/difficult that
> nothing needs to be done.

Uh, uh. Something needs to be done.

> 2. Apply some localized restrictions to make things tighter:
> a. Only permit a noble to be resurrected a maximum of
> 1-3 times, ever.

Please, no! What good would that do?

> b. Make converts from the slavery potion die after 8
> turns.

Nice! I like it.

> c. Increase the chance that a bribery target will
> go independent and head off on his own. Prevent
> BRIBE from being used against prisoners that you
> don't personally own.

Why not make the bribing noble pay for the newly acquired noble with
his own NP? Possibly have him transfer his NP to the victim.

> 3. The whole combative aspect of the loyalty system should
> be removed to comletely prevent noble transfer.
> (Probably too big to make to G1).

Naw. I think it can be fixed. :)

<< Brent

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