Mark W. Oosterveld (moz@nic.com)
Thu, 29 Sep 1994 18:38:09 +0000

> [This appeared in the latest Olympia Times]
> Important notice of rule changes
> --------------------------------
> The following changes will be in effect as of next turn (turn 15):
> 1. Previously only a unit that directly initiated combat had
> to spend a day fighting. Stackmates of the attacker were
> not being charged a day delay too. While fixing this, I
> introduced a delay for the victim stacks also. On reflection,
> I have decided this is a bad idea. Henceforth, every member
> of an attacking stack will spend a day in the effort, but none
> of the defenders will incur a delay.

Why is a "bad thing" if targets of attacks are delayed one day? Only makes
sense to me, that being attacked should should slow you down. I supose if it
"stop"ed a move, that WOULD be bad, but making the move take a day longer,
that seems right. I know that people will use small, throw away stacks to
slow large stacks, but if your willing to sacrafice NP's to slow an enemy,
why not.

> 2. Fight to the death [9505] now lets you specify the break point
> of a unit exactly. The new syntax is USE 9505 <breakpoint>.
> old new meaning
> --- --- -------
> use 9505 0 use 9505 50 break at 50%
> use 9505 1 use 9505 0 don't break -- fight to the death
> n/a use 9505 30 break at 30%
> Note that "break at 30%" means that the side breaks when its total
> offensive plus defensive value falls to 30% of its original value.
> Every player with a unit who knows the skill [9505] should have
> received a new lore sheet for this skill in their turn report.
> If it didn't, you can request a new sheet from the scanner:
> begin <you>
> lore 9505
> end

Awsome! I love this idea! Now, time to learn 9505!

> 3. There was a flaw in the nearest graveyard computation routine.
> This problem has been corrected.
> 4. The maximum civ level a province may have is 6.

Why 6? This seems kind of low, especially since Mt. Olympus is already civ-7.

> ALSO: As of turn 17, the SWEAR command will go away.

I'm still kind of wary of this. I know SWEAR can be a "bad thing", but I also
see times when it is a "good thing".

> --
> Rich Skrenta <skrenta@pbm.com>


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